I was in Cuba last week with the expectation that I’d have internet and be able to participate in our little community. Instead, we had internet for about 5 minutes in our Airbnb and spent the week hunting for it about town. Worth it.

I learned a lot about what it takes to get to the United States from Cuba. It’s a more open discussion than you might expect, especially for an extrovert with interest in geopolitics like me. I thought about all of the Cuban baseball players to play in MLB: Yunel Escobar, Jorge Soler, Aroldis Chapman, Yasiel Puig, and Yuli Gurriel. If you thought that was an interesting list chosen, it was for a purpose. Except for Soler, all of those guys, to some extent, have been involved in some varying degree of controversy while players. Mac had made a good point in discussion Escobar some years back that appropriateness is probably something really hard for Cuban players to develop coming from Cuba to the US, and after seeing the culture for a week and how foreign it really is, it created a compassion for these Cuban players that I don’t think I had fully developed before. And they do love our game down there, which is great to see.

Anyway, a third straight loss for the boys. This time, they were 2-13 with runners in scoring position, and Gold Glover winner Max Fried made a key error to allow the go ahead run to score in the 5th. Max was 4th in the NL in ERA coming in to last night’s game, so I’m simply not going to get worked up about anything that happened yesterday or over the last 3 games. The bullpen, to its credit, pitched 4 shutout innings.

But some guys are ice cold right now. Vaughn Grissom is 2-21 in the last week, his first real slump since getting here. After many declared him “fixed” by Seitzer, Robbie Grossman is 5-21 with no extra base hits. Dansby Swanson has struck out in 33% of his ABs. A team that lives on the long ball has hit 4 home runs in 5 games. We’ll have a few 3-game skids when that happens.

Oh well. Mike Soroka will probably come back soon. Ozzie Albies indeed will be back. Marcell Ozuna is firmly at the back of the bench, and rosters will expand soon, which hurts our roster less. Roster reinforcements are on the way.

One arrived yesterday. Jesse Chavez gave up 26 ER in 33.1 IP in the last 2 years for the Rangers, Cubs, and Angels. After each stint, Atlanta has picked him up, and he’s given up 17 ER in 72 IP while also being reliable and rubber-armed in the process. This game will show you something new all the time.

I’ll end this with one highlight from yesterday:

That was an amazing relay throw by Dansby. I’ve always thought the hook slide is so interesting. Half of his body is already past the plate, but the catcher can still get the tag in before he scores. Most odd.