On the one hand, blah. On the other hand, eh.

Yeah, I could put more effort into recapping this game, which I tuned into a few innings ago and so saw precisely none of the action. The positives: the bullpen put up three more scoreless frames, and Dansby got a single and a double. The negatives: Jesus Luzardo lived up to all his prospect potential and then some, and utterly dominated the offense.

But, really: this game, I’m going to give the team the biggest pass in the world. They just came off an emotional high and played a virtually flawless series against one of the best teams in the league with major playoff considerations on the line. And then, instead of getting a Monday day off, they had to travel to hurricane-soaked South Florida and play a game against the dregs of the league. I’m not surprised their adrenaline crashed, and I’m not surprised that a very talented pitcher had a very good day. And Bryce Elder… again, eh. This happens.

I’ve spent the whole day refreshing mlb.com to see if there are any new MLB Tonight videos talking about last night in particular or our team in general.

I like this one: Mad Dog Chris Russo shouting at Al Leiter about how hopeless the Mets are.

“Great big game pitcher, Al — don’t make excuses. You had a ten-game lead in June, you got DeGrom-Scherzer, all you need to do is win one lousy team against the team in Atlanta, and you get swept, and with it, Wild Card. That is a disaster! Help me out.”

Look, losses aren’t fun. But of all 60 of the losses we’ve had all year, this is the one I mind the least. Treat it like the off day it almost was, brush it off, go get ’em tomorrow.