An Ode on a Stomach Turn, Braves 2, Government Conspiratorialists 3

Manfred Men just bite.

Crapped out like a poop,

Another bummer Wednesday night.

Manfred Men just bit.

Crapped out like a poop,

Another bummer Wednesday night.

Manfred Men just bite.

Crapped out like a poop,

Another bummer Wednesday night.

Jake O pitching you’re going to take a licking,

but the offense hid during the bullpen’s stid

Kept it close, with a dose

Of Jesse Chavez with the glasses close.

Like a boulder, on their shoulder

The Braves bats hibernate.

And no Manfred Man can score.

9 men reaching and 2 men scoring,

leaves division hopes crushed to the ground;

leaves division hopes crushed to the ground.

Manfred Men just bite.

Crapped out like a poop,

Another bummer Wednesday night.

Some Showalter lister is their Manager Mister

Is he able to show what it takes?

And MLB’s old farts were checking out the weather charts

to see if it is safe for Nielsen.

And Little Alex Call came around and made his haul

A Manfred Man come in to score.

Manfred Men just bite.

Crapped out like a poop,

Another bummer Wednesday night.

Braves got down, but gotta make it, Friday night.

31 thoughts on “An Ode on a Stomach Turn, Braves 2, Government Conspiratorialists 3”

  1. Alex from the prior thread is right. Last night was on the offense (and defense to a lesser extent). I was there. Odorizzi was terrible but he only gave up two (one unearned on Rosario’s sloppy play), but the bullpen was fantastic. You could see the change immediately after Jesse came in. Probably should have used Jesse as an opener. I have never been to a game with such uninspired players – gNats playing out the string and Braves must have been looking ahead and at the scoreboard which was positive until the last couple of innings. The only bright spot was seeing the crowd reaction when Dansby scored in the 8th – must have been 50% Braves fans there. Speaking of which, Contreras stood out as maybe the only guy not just going through the motions and he only played DH and two ABs. He managed the rundown perfectly to let Dansby get to second and eventually score the tying run.

    Riley has picked a bad time to go into a huge slump. I think having MoneyMike in the lower part of the batting order evens it out a lot and makes the offense more effective.

    I think we should remember that the Mets play better against good teams and the Braves play better against lesser teams and home field has mattered a lot between the Mets and Braves. I’m hopeful that the Braves can pull this out.

  2. The Atlanta Braves will face the best pitchers they have seen
    Miami’s starting pitchers are probably baseball’s best
    Bullpen not so much
    Mets starters and relievers are excellent
    A 4 and 2 record would be quite an accomplishment
    But not enough I fear

  3. I have been extremely optimistic about the Braves winning the division for about a month now. The way things were trending I would have given us a 60% chance to win the division. Unfortunately, I’m no longer optimistic after last night. I think the most likely outcome is a tie with the Mets winning based on tiebreaker rules. Hopefully I’m wrong but I still think we have a reasonable path to the World Series through the wildcard.

  4. We had to beat the Mets two out of three to have any hope at all. Now, winning two out of three would have us slightly behind because the of the tiebreaker. But a sweep will solve all the porblems. So let’s sweep. (Strategery!)

  5. Aye to sweep here as well. It’s unanimous!

    Having said that, two out of three leaves a not insignificant chance. But in that scenario, a sweep of the Fish will be very helpful.

  6. I’m voting that we request the Jacob DeGrom that pitched against the Athletics on Sept 24. He pitched 4 innings, gave up 5 runs, allowed 6 hits, a homerun and 4 walks. Scherzer’s start against the Athletics was pretty darn good. The last time he gave up more than 1 run in a start was August 22 against the Yankees. However, he’s only pitched 7 full innings once over that time span. I’m voting for a bullpen implosion that day.

    If those 2 things happen, a sweep is well within our grasp.

  7. Hey, a 5-game winning streak & the division is clinched — easy peasy.

    In the first 2 games, especially, the Mets’ softest spot (relatively speaking) will be their middle relievers. Gotta match their starters & make ’em work, scratch out what we can & get after the set-up guys like Seth Lugo & Drew Smith. The 6th & 7th innings may be key here. We’ll probably see Adam Ottavino, who’s been murder on righties, but roughed up by lefties (for his career, but especially so this season).

    Also, keep in mind that they Mets don’t really have a lefty specialist type (formerly the LOOGY). David Peterson & Joely Rodriguez are the only LHPs on their roster & they’re never really brought in to face the other team’s lefty power hitter in a big spot. (Good for Harris, Olson & maybe Rosario?)

    However… remember, in the Mets’ mind, it’s crucial that they get at least one win in ATL, so don’t be shocked to see Diaz pitch 2 innings if they have a tight lead after 7 in any game. What we don’t want, of course, is deGrom or Scherzer just handing the ball to Diaz.

    That guy had a great nickname.

  8. @20: Those of us whose late high school and early college days spanned the worst imaginable era in popular American music find very little that came out of the mid-70s as “great,” but YMMV.

  9. I’m pretty sure I don’t jeast.

    One can of course find great music in any era, but the Wikipedia page on Disco, which labels 1974-1977 as “Rise to Mainstream” and 1977-1979 as “Pop Preeminence” is pretty much what I’m talking about, and it is execrable. What is even worse is the corruption that the disco sound did to otherwise admirable musicians like all of Motown, the Bee Gees, The Eagles and even Barbra Streisand. The Chicago White Sox have done very little right in my lifetime, but July 12, 1979 is a seminal day in both baseball and music history.

  10. The seventies were much, much, much more than disco. Tune in WMNF Saturday and witness such Please

  11. Of course they were. That was clearly implied by my statement that you can find great music in any era. But could you avoid disco and the disco influence during that period and find yourself in the center of popular culture? I maintain you could not. I’m not hearing you defend disco… so we agree? Or maybe I jeast.

  12. I didn’t live through the era so I can’t argue with you about its inescapability. But in retrospect, there was a lot of great music that came out in that era — Blood on the Tracks, Mothership Connection, and Horses came out in 1975; Songs in the Key of Life in 1976; Exodus by Bob Marley in 1976; and in 1977, you had The Ramones Leave Home AND Rocket to Russia, the first two albums by Cheap Trick as well as the first two solo albums by Iggy Pop, plus the debuts from The Damned, the Dead Boys, Elvis Costello, the Sex Pistols, the Talking Heads, Television, and Wire. And that’s just the stuff that’s labeled correctly in my iTunes!

  13. And I owned many of those albums. (Remember when people owned albums?) And more besides with nary a disco influence. Plus there was fantastic jazz, and prog rock (which I know is unfashionable today, but I still like it) and Springsteen and… well tons of other stuff. But the dominant culture was firmly, irredeemably disco. And its influence on others who wasted five years producing bad albums to sell disco albums, including the Bee Gees, ELO, the Eagles, almost all of Motown…. mainstream groups who wasted their creative time chasing a zeitgeist that was never worth chasing.

  14. Wish You Were Here, Another Green World, Expensive Shit, Physical Graffiti, Tonight’s The Night, The Hissing of Summer Lawns, Radio-activity, Sabotage

    Ya’ll were spoiled.

  15. Wow I wonder if disco was and is still renting to big a space in your head You should have ignored it

    Marlins on a grand slam beat the Brewers
    Dolphins lose as expected

  16. While this…

    mainstream groups who wasted their creative time chasing a zeitgeist that was never worth chasing

    …seems like it can fit in any era, there is disco I’d stick up for. Idk why but “I Feel Love” is what’s popping into my head. I like some of those Bee Gees songs too. And I wouldn’t describe what Bowie or legions of post-punk bands did with disco-derived ideas as a waste either.

  17. Folks: to bring this back to where it started up above, there was a reason Dan Ford was known as “Disco Dan” and not “Dead Kennedys Dan.” (And it’s not just the the fact that the Dead Kennedys didn’t record until 1980.) My own favorite album of 1974 (at the time) was Apostrophe, an album I flat wore out. My point wasn’t really about music at all, but about popular culture, and I ain’t budging.

    But here it is, 6 am, and I’m too nervous about the game tonight to sleep. So I’m posting a game thread, and trying to move the conversation from Do The Hustle to a guy who actually hustles.

    Armageddon Game Thread, And A Tribute To Michael Harris II

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