DOOOOOOMED. Yeah, it kinda seems that way. Maybe Charlie Morton shouldn’t have gone back out to throw that extra inning last fall. You know, a broken toe probably killed Dizzy Dean’s pitching career. Who had Fried 1, Wright 2, Elder 3, and who the hell knows for 4 and 5, 3 weeks into the season. I bet that action at Caesar’s would have gotten you 100 to 1.

Well Jesse Chavez kept us alive after Morton had first inning (bad), 2nd inning (worse) and 3rd inning (worst). Travis Demeritte helped out Chavez by getting a runner at 3rd. Maybe Travis will be a fairly decent Major Leaguer for a while. This Braves team needs some decent ones.

An Olson walk, Riley single, and D’Arnaud single got one back and left it 3 to 1 Cubs.

Then, the arm firm of McHugh, Minter, Woods, and Jansen kept the juveniles at bay. So, just like Lloyd Christmas, “you mean, we’ve got a chance?”

The Braves continued in Hibernation Mode (aren’t the Cubs supposed to learn how to do that?) and started off the 8th in fine form with strikeouts from Ozuna and D’Arnaud. Well, then you know the run expectancy is competing with Lloyd for a shot at Lauren Holly. However, Dickerson and DuVall single (what!!!). Then Demeritte walks (there is that guy again). Then Dansby Swanson singles (WHAT!!!!) [Like is that the unlikeliest rally you could dream up for April 2022?] and 2 runs score to tie it.

But then, just as there are things in this game that surprise to the positive, so they can surprise to the negative. It is just one game. And if the run is over, if anybody on this site won’t pick up a drink tab for Tyler Matzek for the rest of his life for what he has ALREADY done, then you, sir, are a certified jerk. However, the unlikely thing of Matzek being hittable happened. Giving up 3 in the top of 10 rarely leads to a win for the home team.

Barves or Braves? Your play today might go a long way toward establishing that. Ronald, Ronald, where for art thou Ronald? It is the East and the Mets are hot as the sun.