1 game back. 1 game back. 1 game back. This is a heck of a race. As many have highlighted, Atlanta has a slight advantage in the remaining schedule. Strider, Wright, and Fried lined up to start the final series against New York turns that into a defacto playoff match-up. 162 game season is long, but this is really good.

Charlie Morton has also been really good, all things considered. On June 11th, Charlie Morton had a 5.67 ERA in 12 starts, and he looked a little toast. Actually, like a whole loaf of bread worth of toast. But since, Charlie’s had a 3.16 ERA in 17 starts. He’s pitched into the 7th in 8 of those starts as well. If we win the division, Charlie Morton will have helped. He’s got a 2.2 bWAR, so even without accounting for the leadership he provides for this young staff, I’d say he was worth bringing back. With that said, I hope it’s his last year. Let’s ride him off into the sunset with another “big ass ring”, as Snit calls them.

You gotta bring this guy back:

I think it’s pretty clear Dansby is the leader of this team at this point, and he leads the team in fWAR by a significant margin (5.8 fWAR to second-place Austin Riley’s 5.3). He also added an opposite field home run last night. Let’s figure it out, AA, Dansby, and Excel.

Travis d’Arnaud provided the other two runs on a two-run homer. d’Arnaud is 5th amongst catchers in fWAR in only 385 PAs. He’s 4th amongst Atlanta position players in fWAR. He’s been one of the best players on the team when he’s on the field, a 6.3 fWAR pace across 162 games.

Yeah, that’s about right. Kenley Jansen came in and decided everyone needed a last bit of excitement before bed. Whatever. We won. Again. After starting the season 23-27, we are 70-28, a seven-hundred-and-freaking-fourteen winning percentage.

Run it back.