My 2 to 5% Nordic ancestry (no DNA test, just by family genealogy) has never inclined me to study in detail the Nordic pantheon. Nor has Marvel’s reuse and twisted use of the characters therein. Nevertheless, I know that yesterday, the traditional 4th day of the week, was named in honor of him ordinarily known as Wodin. This is my first year of Wednesday recaps and most have seemed like recraps. Part of that is that Wednesday usually has the second highest NUMBER of day games (and 2022 Braves need to wear shades and brighten their daytime playing future). Thursday may have the second highest PERCENTAGE, but there are a lot of “off” Thursdays. Not many “off” Wednesdays.

The title references the reverence that the creative geniuses in that major economic hub have for the 2 letters “et” frequently followed by “s.” Jets. Nets. Mets. Maybe the simplicity of the 4 letter word is necessary for their denizens. Also, there is a remarkable affinity for words with 4 letters there.

Jake “Odor Is He” kind of wears this one on his back. Two solo homers in inning one. Another 2 run homer in inning 2. Meanwhile, the Braves faced Mad Max Scherzer. As Hoyt would say “Not too good!” And, in the 3rd, the Braves broke through. The promise of the inning was dimmed in that with runners 2nd and 3rd, Dansby got a sac fly for 1. Then, Riley was struck out on a BAD 3rd strike call and Snitker remembered his “Booby Cox Rule # __” and got himself tossed to keep Riley from getting tossed. Yay for Snit.

Well, the Odor stayed around to start the 6th. Single, double (run). So, Weiss (I guess) went to the Death Star. The Death Star has seemed like the attacks by rebel forces were causing some kinks in the world destroying ray. Well, last night it looked like the Death Star was back fully functional. 3 straight outs to end that problem.

After Yates gave up a solo homer to Starling Marte to make it 6 to 1, the Mets win probability was probably 98%. But, Scherzer hit the wall in the bottom half. strike out, walk, single, walk, pulled Scherzer with one out and the bases loaded. Adam Ottavino came in and that worked out fine for the Braves. Vaughn Grissom hit the ground ball they were looking for, but then he was called out at first only to be overturned. So, one was in. Then, to rub salt in the Mets’ wound, Grissom stole second. (I have a feeling the Mets fans are really not going to like Grissom). Then, “pretty good pick up” Robbie Grossman homered so it is 6 to 5. And, after that, Weiss, (Snitker illegally) or somebody took a little too much license with “saving relief arms.

Most of the time I agree with the “it is just 1 game out of 162” thing. But when it is head to head with somebody in front of you in your division by a few games and a chance to get rid of one of those, it isn’t quite “World Series managing” time, but it is at least half way to there. Dylan Lee got through the 8th. Pepper Sprout let them get 3 in the 9th. Why was Pepper Sprout pitching there? This offense has been on fire, and they came back in the bottom and got 2. So, if Pepper Sprout or somebody had put up a zero in 9, we would have won a game started by Scherzer against Odor Is He that we trailed 6 to 1 going into the bottom of 7. Hmm?

Need the win today to be able to cut the lead. Over the past week and a half, yesterday pythag had us out by a half game (this morning, by 1.5, rather than 4.5 “real” games.) And, that is based solely on runs. Mets are 9-2 in extra innings and Braves are 4-5. Unless a team has a noticeably bad bullpen, that should be very close to actual winning percentage. So, with a slightly below mediocre first month in the actual standings, we see we can and should take these guys.