What a day. Vin Scully passed away, Atlanta adds an elite closer at the trade deadline, and we hammer a division rival 13-1. So much going on!

Vin Scully announced his last game on September 25th, 2016. So his official retirement only lasted a little less than 6 years before this death. I guess if you don’t want much of a retirement, you don’t have to take one. But while much will be said about his incredible life and career, I found it interesting that he did what he loved so close to the end of his life. “If you enjoy your work, you’ll never work a day in your life,” the saying goes.

Well, so long Jesse Chavez and Tucker Davidson. It was going to be really hard for Davidson to get a spot in Atlanta any time soon, and Jesse Chavez is simply not a guy worth holding onto if a trade emerges. I do find it interesting that Sean Newcomb turned into Jesse Chavez who then turned into half of a trade for Raisel Iglesias. I’d say that worked out well. 

That’s a lot. But this is another indication that the Braves are intent on spending like a top market team. Between Jake Odorizzi and Iglesias, and even dumping Will Smith’s salary, Atlanta took on a lot of additional payroll at the deadline. With an expiring TV deal, the Battery & Truist Park printing money, and potentially a new owner on the horizon, this is probably the most positive upward trajectory for the franchise since Ted Turner decided to let other people run the team and instead just write massive checks and sit in the boxes. 

Oh, the game. Spencer Strider sets another career high in strike outs. Braves score 13 runs. Marcell Ozuna and Eddie Rosario have great days at the plate. Jackson Stephens has another great relief outing. Sounds like another day at the office.

I had thought that Stephens would be the guy to leave when Tyler Yates is ready, but I think Ryan has convinced me otherwise.

He’s definitely some big shit out of the pen, as the saying goes. I guess we have too many really good relievers. What shall we do?

On a less exciting note, it appears Michael Harris II has come back to earth a little. For the month of July, this rascal only hit .222/.278/.422 (.701 OPS) in 97 PAs. But he’s still playing great defense, and he was perfect in 7 stolen base attempts. That’s all anyone needs from him: league average offense, great defense, and great speed. If he wants to be one of the best center fielders in baseball, well, we’ll take that too.

Because we might have the best third baseman in baseball. 

26 extra base hits in one month. 

Let’s win the division.