Braves 1, Anti Claus Gang 3

Once again, a Wednesday. Once again, an early start. Today, flat. Perhaps it was a post trade deadline malaise.

Ultimately, the performance will define the quality of the moves. Overall, we didn’t need as many as last year. Iglesias and Grossman should both play up. Odorizzi gives us an actual additional starter which will help us out this weekend with the doubleheader in New York.

Okay, time for our Braves to decide if they are a division winner or a pretty good wild card team. These are the times that create legends like Chipper and Freddie. Who is it going to be?

As for today, Charlie is good time Charlie again. No runs, earned or unearned. 6 and 2 / 3rds. 8 k’s. ibb, ih. Duh. Then, after a single, Dylan Lee comes in and finishes 7. Then, not so good. Lee gets an out and a walk and turns it over to McHugh. Well, McHugh gave up 2 of his own, plus Lee’s walkee (inspired by Hunter’s Lessee, there, for the legal community). But really, with this team, 3 runs?

Meanwhile, we faced Zach Wheeler. 1R given up, so not a starter problem. The Phillies pen gave up no runs. What??? New man David Robertson finished the ninth and got 2 strikeouts. Raisel, the standard has been set.

We will spend 4 days in “a Hunnish sort of war.” 10 imaginary dollars to the first person who knows that quote’s context. Braves, you are a good team. Go get it done.

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  1. We’ve seen this team suck in getaway day games before. Happened before, it’ll happen again. Hope the fellas get a really good night’s sleep before heading to Queens.

    Ububba, you gonna catch a couple of the games?

  2. some positives today – Charlie was brilliant, Riley doubled, Arcia had 2 hits and HR, and Grossman doubled against a righty. At Fangraphs, the statistics say that the Braves are tied for best pitching in baseball (with HOU) and 7th best hitting. They’ve scored the 3rd most runs. 2nd most HRs.

    This team has a lot of mojo left.

  3. Rosario looks to be coming around. We’ve gotten more out of Arcia than we had any right to expect.

    OTOH, I fear RAJ is broken. He can’t get the ball in the air, and has multiple holes in his swing. I’ve been one of those who assumed he’ll figure it out, but it’s time to consider the notion that he may not—at least not this year.

  4. #2
    At this point, I have tickets for Friday night. (Which Ian Anderson will show up?)

    If I can swing it, I may go to one of the Saturday games, maybe tomorrow night. Depends on workload — this is always the busiest time of the year for me (we produce a trade show in Atlantic City, starting Monday, so lotsa last-minute prep). Also, the next few days here are gonna be super-humid & we might get some rain. We’ll see. Call it a “gametime decision.”

    I’ll be tuned in, of course, even on the trek to AC on Sunday. Would be nice to steamroll the Mets & pick up some games in one big gulp.

  5. Oddly, Sunday’s game is at 4:10 — apparently, the matchup is Strider vs. deGrom.

    What’s the over/under on Ks for that one?

  6. Dodgers are having a great year, but I was more scared of them in the playoffs over the last 2 years than I am this year. Bellinger and Muncy, and to a lesser degree, Justin Turner, are not having great years. The guy who is surprising is Gavin Lux at 2nd. He’s had a solid year and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. He played in a career high, 102 games last year and batted .242/.328/.364/.692. This year he is hitting .295/.372/.423/.795.

    Their starting pitching is definitely their strength, but I expect some regression. At 32, Tyler Anderson may be reinventing himself like Charlie Morton did, but he came out of nowhere. I’m not sure if he can sustain his current level through the end of the year. Tony Gonsolin is also having a great year, but he’s already pitched over 100 innings and his max until this year was 55. If we make it to the playoffs and get past the 1st round, I like our chances with the Dodgers – even more than last year.

  7. A little perspective from Ben Clemens at Fangraphs

    Atlanta Braves
    What They Got: Raisel Iglesias, Jake Odorizzi, Robbie Grossman
    What It Cost: Will Smith, Tucker Davidson, Jesse Chavez, prospect fliers
    Life Experience Comparison: Out of the blue, someone nearby contacts you. They have to get rid of a $2,000 TV. They’re asking for $100 and gas money.

    Hey, if someone wants to dump an All-Star closer in your lap, and someone else wants to turn your surplus and possibly-spent former closer into starting depth, why not do it? The Iglesias trade is just found money; the Angels got rid of him to save a few bucks, not because he’s anything other than an effective reliever. Even without him in the fold, Smith was losing relevance, and their rotation could use some bulk, populated as it is by young arms hitting innings limits.

    Will they miss Davidson? Maybe; he could have done a serviceable Odorizzi impression as a fifth starter. But probably not, because the Braves are pretty good at developing fifth starters, and we all know what Brian Snitker can do with a good bullpen. The Braves are competing for now and the future, and they acted like it this deadline.

    Iglesias strikes me as a prime change of scenery candidate. If you want to say he’s this year’s Rich Rod, that’s your prerogative.

  8. I mentioned the Rich Rod trade from last year and jokingly said I hope the Iglesias trade turns out better. In no way do I think there is a real comparison.

  9. Not sure why Braves didn’t go in on Drury .. Padres gave up a #15 prospect for him …and Drury already paying dividends .. went grand slam in 1st at bat for Padres … Padres may now have best team in baseball..

  10. @12 what we really need is for the guys to wake up and hit.

    Acuña- down year, swing is messed up
    Olson- says he has not felt right all year
    Rosario- blind, just now apparently starting to wake
    Ozuna- sometimes infuriating, but he is still hitting the ball hard
    Albies- not good before the injury; wildcard when he returns
    Swanson- good but streaky as heck
    Tda and contreras- good power, not great obp

    It is a down year offensively for all teams, and to their credit, the braves are near the top offensively. Just seems like everyone except Swanson, Riley and Contreras could/should be doing better.

  11. That’s an interesting quote from Olson, where are you seeing that?

  12. I go with wild card team. All the miracles were used last year. Good moves were made when you consider what was given up. But no B+ players acquired. Maybe two B-. Time will tell.
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  13. I choose to enjoy the suspense of the “will they/won’t they” win it all.

    Only Yankee fans demand winning as a foregone conclusion.

  14. #16
    Which is what makes Yankee fans all the more miserable when they don’t win their last game.

    IMO, if you can’t enjoy a season where your team isn’t holding a title trophy at the end, you’re just another boring frontrunner. Why bother to even pay attention? You’re just primed for disappointment. There are joys in every sport — it’s up to you to find them. Why let sports make you miserable?

    FWIW, there are realistic Yankee fans, sure, but there are also plenty who are like Kentucky basketball fans… no joy unless they win a title. And if they don’t, the fingers start pointing — and cue the laughter…

    But yeah, it’s that unknowing quality about sports that can make it fun, and last year was the small miracle that always seemed to elude us.

  15. Here’s to hoping that the Iglesias trade doesnt turn out to be another Ozuna situation .. a guy at the end of prime who declines each year with a big contract .. we have and will continue look for ways to move Ozuna and hoping after this year we arent in same situation with Iglesias … he is a power guy from the right side that we have been needing in late innings and probably will get 1st shot at closing next year since Jansen contract is done and could possibly retire .

  16. @13 ,,I agree … Acuna looks so uncomfortable in how he stands and holds bat .. he is either not will ing to listen to those who wanna help or ???? but he has changed nothing .. where he stands in batters box, to how his stance is or how he holds bat .. I say stand off plate more and try to drive ball to right .. and if its inside you have ability to pull .. with a more comfortable stance and if he would bring his bat down more perpendicular to the ground ..aggravating seeing him stand like that …

  17. “Last year was the small miracle that always seemed to elude us.”

    I know Rob has talked about this, but it’s interesting how dramatically different it is to be a Braves fan who first fell in love with the team during the ’90s, compared to the experience of being a Braves fan who first fell in love with the team in the ’60s and ’70s.

    In the 17 years since we lost to the Astros in 2005, I’ve had to rediscover what it means to be a Braves fan, which in many ways involved discovering what I love about it for the first time: the way it connects me to a home I left many years ago, the way it connects me to the people I first met on this blog two decades ago, the way I can experience the deep pleasure of generations, watching young players who grew up wanting to be just like the players I loved when I was young.

    Watching this team these last couple of years has been such a blast.

    Oh, and Ronald will be fine.

  18. @14 – I think that was briefly mentioned during yesterday’s broadcast. Haven’t seen anything else about it.

  19. @21 Great points Alex. I became a Braves fab in the late 80’s and it has been mostly a great run during my “fandom”. Even the rebuild was interesting because we were able to watch young players grow and develop and turn into some of what we have today. I would hate losing that perspective like Yankees fans have.

  20. @22 yes, it was mentioned on the broadcast during yesterday’s game. Hasn’t felt right at the plat all year apparently.

  21. Thanks for responding on my part,Timo and Big D.
    Yeah, hasn’t felt right at the plate this year. Don’t know if that was something Alex A. said to the booth at some point.

    I mean, it’s a good problem to have if not feeling right can still get you .250 with 20 homers. Maybe hope for untapped potential in the future.

  22. I love listening to you guys.

    Twenty years now, AAR? Seems like yesterday.

    Ububba, hmm: good words. Wish I had written them.

  23. I expected Acuna to struggle this year, so it’s not fair to be all disappointed…but damn…he looks so bad. I wonder how coachable he’ll turn out to be? I’d wager he’s never needed much.

  24. @29 noted. 1-4 would be 6.5 back, and 2-3 would be 4.5 back, which seems like a push. I’ll take we win the series.

  25. Maybe stop walking Lindor

    Geez…this isn’t angling well

    Seems like we play every game in NY

  26. Playing for the wild card. Real bad time for Wright to turn into a pumpkin.

  27. @35 starting to seem like that. We seem to really struggle against decent pitchers, especially with RAJ and Ozuna under performing

  28. I can’t decide what’s more irritating, the funeral dirge on here (like, if you’re right that the Mets are about to put a stranglehold on the division, we’ll know by Sunday, at which point you can say it. In the meantime, can we stop acting like it’s out of the question that we take three of the next four? Yeesh!) or Chip saying “lotta baseball left” every two minutes.

    UPDATE: Ronald returns!!!

  29. Ok. Get Kyle out of there and hope we can hold from here.

    I was more concerned for the fly out to end the sixth than I was Naquin’s. Ball is flying weird. Time for us to hit some more jacks of our own.

  30. The stage was too big for Wright .. and when you 2 thru 5 hitters go 0 -14 so far you don’t win games …. has the money affected Riley .. he looks like he is pressing now ..

  31. What the hell Arcia … 3-0 …your bat should not even be near the strike zone …sometimes we too stupid to play this game ..

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