Once again, a Wednesday. Once again, an early start. Today, flat. Perhaps it was a post trade deadline malaise.

Ultimately, the performance will define the quality of the moves. Overall, we didn’t need as many as last year. Iglesias and Grossman should both play up. Odorizzi gives us an actual additional starter which will help us out this weekend with the doubleheader in New York.

Okay, time for our Braves to decide if they are a division winner or a pretty good wild card team. These are the times that create legends like Chipper and Freddie. Who is it going to be?

As for today, Charlie is good time Charlie again. No runs, earned or unearned. 6 and 2 / 3rds. 8 k’s. ibb, ih. Duh. Then, after a single, Dylan Lee comes in and finishes 7. Then, not so good. Lee gets an out and a walk and turns it over to McHugh. Well, McHugh gave up 2 of his own, plus Lee’s walkee (inspired by Hunter’s Lessee, there, for the legal community). But really, with this team, 3 runs?

Meanwhile, we faced Zach Wheeler. 1R given up, so not a starter problem. The Phillies pen gave up no runs. What??? New man David Robertson finished the ninth and got 2 strikeouts. Raisel, the standard has been set.

We will spend 4 days in “a Hunnish sort of war.” 10 imaginary dollars to the first person who knows that quote’s context. Braves, you are a good team. Go get it done.