Braves vs. Rockies Game Thread

Today, after seeking advice from my Braves Journal peers and writing team via email, I’ve come to a decision to remove blazon from the site. Personal insults are never cool here, but until they go too far, we have always practiced patience, allowing things to settle before acting. Unfortunately, the words “Proud Boy or Nazi”, which was used by blazon to describe me here and on email, are more than hurtful. They are degrading words that serve only one purpose.

I don’t want to discuss this further. It saddens me deeply to remove anyone from this wonderful site as it’s my first time in having to do so. I’ll continue to practice patience and seek guidance from our plethora of wise individuals in all decisions concerning Braves Journal. Thanks to all that helped me process.

William Contreras NEEDS more PT

William Contreras has 71 plate appearances. In those PAs, he’s collected 8 walks, 7 singles, 5 doubles, and 7 HRs. His triple slash line sits at .302/.380/.714 (YOU KIDDING ME?). In the 18 games that Contreras has earned a start, the Braves have a record of 11-7. In those 18 games, he was responsible for 17 runs, nearly a run per game. The one game he played OF, he looked atrocious, but no more atrocious than Marcell Ozuna does EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. It’s time for Brian Snitker to find a spot for Contreras in the every day lineup.

Only 2 Braves Prospects Make Baseball America’s Top 100

I’m not saying they’re wrong. They’re probably right that the Braves only have 2 guys in their system currently worthy of being in the Top-100. Michael Harris made HUGE strides this year and BA rewarded him by moving him up 19 spots to the #18 overall prospect. I’m a firm believer that BA made this call not because of the bat, but because they (like me) have changed their mind on Harris and believe that he can be a true above average defensive CFer with, at the least, a league average bat.

The 2nd Braves player donning the list was Spencer Strider, who continues to be severely underrated, coming in as the 99th best prospect in baseball according to BA. However, I’m going to change the “BA” to “BS” because there’s no way, especially now that he’s in the rotation, that there are 98 prospects in front of Strider. The dude is carrying a 3.45 ERA with a 3.38 K/BB ratio. His FIP is 1.89. His xFIP is 2.66. He deserves a better ranking, but I’m guessing they’re hesitant to move him up because he’s essentially been just a reliever in the bigs thus far. If he stays in the rotation the rest of the year, he’ll not be a rookie in 2023, so his prospect status wouldn’t matter anymore (not that it really does now either). However, if I were ranking Strider, he’d definitely be in the top-50.

Tonight’s Game Will Be Streamed on Apple TV+

I know this is frustrating for some, but I’ve found the Apple TV broadcast a refreshing break from the cliche machine that is Chip Caray. To watch for free, all you have to do is have an Apple ID. Click on the image above and you’ll be in there like swimwear.

Braves Lineup

Ozzie Albies, who’s driving the struggle bus with co-pilot Adam Duvall, gets a night off. My dream of getting William Contreras regular AB’s will have to be postponed one more day. At least Marcell Ozuna isn’t running around in the grass tonight.

Author: Ryan Cothran

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38 thoughts on “Braves vs. Rockies Game Thread”

  1. Ryan… you make the hard decisions while the rest of us just waterski in your wake. We may be a little poetry- and soccer-challenged for a while, but I think that’s a small price to pay for civility. And I’m not particularly civilized!

  2. Agreed, JonathanF.

    And now I have to ask: can you get Bill Eadwards to recap more games for us? He brought such a refreshing perspective!

  3. I think that’s a case of the guy who fired him didn’t feel like firing himself.

  4. I feel better about saying, “Arsenal sucks,” all those years ago. I’m sure we can make up for the poetry

  5. I liked Arsenal back in the day. Manipulator was a pretty solid EP.

    As for who can and cannot comment in this here blog/bar, thank you Ryan, for everything you do.

  6. The poetry was lousy but paled in comparison to the egomania, condescension and insults. Ryan, thank you for making the hard but necessary choice and moreso your tireless work here which we readers indulge ourselves in, and in your career educating the innocent malleable minds which all of society benefits from. May your decisions be simple choices between good and better henceforth.

  7. We’ve already blown our chance to get ahead tonight. We could’ve had a big inning if Ronald had stayed on 3rd. It’s gonna be on Max to throw a shutout. At least The Michael is hitting over .300 now.

  8. I understand we’re paying Ozuna a lot of money but does he have to bat 3rd????

  9. There’s aggressive on the basepaths, and there’s dumb. Definitely been more of the latter this year.

  10. I’m able to watch the game on my phone, but have had zero luck getting it to work on my PC in either Chrome or Firefox. Anyone else have that problem?

  11. Ozuna is so useless. Can’t field, can’t hit. Didn’t we release Quilvio Veras for the same reasons?

  12. @17 no. A delayed steal after Dansby stole second. We could have had second and third and no outs.

    What a waste of a marvelous performance by Max.

  13. It’s crazy that the 1st 3 batters in our lineup are 6 for 12 and except for the 1st, we haven’t been close to scoring

  14. Apple-TV thinks Duvall is 51% to reach base on a 1-0 count with a runner on first. That…seems unlikely.

  15. If not for a complete lack of discipline it should have been bases loaded for Harris with one out. But hey, just Ozzie being Ozzie

  16. I would complain about that ball call up and away to Cron, but Bard did throw a fastball middle-middle and get it called a ball.

  17. In contrast to the guy who hit Acuna a couple games ago, this pitcher immediately walked out back of the mound, futzed around there, then stood off to the side while things got figured out.

    ugh ugh ugh, we need more than one here


    hard contact on a pitch that was probably a ball; we needed a hit and he went out and got one

  19. At least Ozzie swung at ball four twice before striking out. Javy Baez here we come

  20. Ozzie has swung at ball 4 twice and he’s only had two ABs. Between him and Ozuna striking out twice with RISP, they are the biggest sucking sounds tonight.

    @20 Threw to second and then back to home to get Acuna.

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