Again, trying to be productive at work and following in the margins on GameCast.This is a game that if you finish one game out (of playoffs, of division, of home field), you probably don’t want to remember.

We expected good pitching on both side with Max Fried v. Corbin Burnes. Then, when the Braves break a nothing – nothing tie in a 3rd inning 4 run explosion, I felt pretty good. With 2 outs Acuna HBP’d. Next Olson singled. Then Austin Riley homered. Lo and behold Marcel crushed the beer joint with another home run Woo-EEE.

In the 4th the Brew Crew got back 2 on some kind of old rally stuff. Walk (fielder’s choice), single, single, single. No extra base hits.

Then they cut the lead to one in the 6th.

Fried turned a 4 – 3 game over to the bull pen. Strider showed off and struck out 3 batters on 11 pitches. So far, so good.

Then, James West got the Braves through the 8th. Meanwhlle, remember the bats had been in hibernation mode since inning 3.

As the 9th inning I was thinking about how Atlanta National League Baseball Club, Inc. should truly love Curacao. Such has been the greatest beneficiary of baseball talent from the island paradise. Well, Kenley Jansen didn’t complete the mood. It shows in the box score as a BS. Yeah, that’s close. Walking Jace Peterson? Really? Then 2 outs, but then Kolten Wong hits a triple. Huh? So, funny ghost runner baseball begins.

Ghost runner Acuna scored after Olson walked and Riley hit a ground ball with Wong promptly threw away to let Acuna score. So, at least the Braves were going to put up a fight. But nothing else in that inning.

Then, how does the home half of the 10th go. Not too good. O’ Day let them get one back (the ghost runner) and Chavez was called in to stop the bleeding and get the third out.

So, the Braves again fought in the 11th. D’Arnaud scored the ghost runner with a single, but then 3 straight outs. Then, Chavez came out and threw up a home run ball to Hiura that, again, scored the ghost runner, also.

If I might be the jinx on Wednesday games, I would gladly defer to someone else. Last week I failed in my duties as I was under time crunch trying to finish work before going out of town for daughter’s master’s graduation. I was thinking about it on the way to the office, but then jumped right into work and it never occurred to me again until Ryan tagged me with an e-mail around 1:30.