Well, it had to happen. Not exactly “had to” as in you add heat with oxygen to hydrocarbons and you get fire. But eventually, the bats had to get a little better.

Ian Anderson didn’t read his fashion magazine last night. he definitely wasn’t his “best self.” But, 5 and a third giving up only 1 will usually win a game. The 5 hits and 4 walks to 1 strikeout were just meaningless components. We know better. Another round of that will put 5 on the board in less than 5.

Then, Colin McHugh, the man after Nicola Tesla’s heart (alternating current, get it?), came in and cleaned it up with only one of Anderson’s leftovers getting in.

But, the offense had just emerged (hopefully) from a season long hibernation mode. That is right. By the time Ian turned it over to McHugh it was 7 to 0. When 8 out of 9 batters reach base safely, then it is impossible to score less than 5 runs. But the Braves got 2 more than that. Surprisingly, the offensive star of the first month, Olson, made out 1 and out 2, then Riley made out 3 (after getting first on a hustle infield hit overturned on review). I am now reminding you people I told you when I saw Austin in Kissimmee in a previous decade that he was pretty good.

Minter followed McHugh and got 3 straight outs in 8. Then O’Day took the 9th and gave up one solo homer (up 9 to 1, throw strikes. If Josh Gibson hits it to Pittsburgh, so be it) but otherwise, O’Day nailed it.

Coming in, 2 out of 4 seemed o.k. After winning Monday the chance to pick up some games captivated us. After the putrified flesh of Tuesday, getting out with a split seems o.k.

These Mets may be for real. The hole is surprisingly big for this early. Maybe Steve Cohen has run the “lolMets” out of there. But, that was an awfully strong curse for all of these years and I believe that these Braves will be breathing down the Mets back by late June.