Natinals 11, Braves Ugh

Angel Hernandez behind home plate, second half Huascar on the mound, and the Braves treated the Nationals’ rookie injury replacement like the second coming of Brandon Duckworth. I refuse to draw any conclusions from this game; I refuse to dignify it with a recap.

Instead, I’ll quote extensively from the lyrics to “Rockit” by the Gorillaz:

I’m walking to the something
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
I’m drinking too much blah blah
Blah blah blah blah blah blah
(Fall out)
I’m feeling really blah blah, I want to blah blah blah
And in the end it means I blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
(The end)

31 thoughts on “Natinals 11, Braves Ugh”

  1. In my judgment, the problem is they’re carrying not enough pitchers, and too many belly itchers.

  2. To be fair, we can’t really measure what belly itchers bring to clubhouse chemistry.

  3. How long until the “wait until the weather warms up” stories? Unfortunately, they were denied the normal “wait until we get home” stories…. the flip side of those are the “road warrior” stories.

  4. @6 some of our guys look lost against both fastballs and breaking stuff. Just not in the groove yet I guess.

  5. Even without a full arsenal of excuses, our homers on the desk and in the booth are still close to mid-season form ! After the Reds series Frenchy was “encouraged by the offense…” Hmmm… Runs per game 3.75, differential -4, & countless men left on base. All against a team with a power ranking of 26/30 coming in.

  6. @8: And don’t forget all those near-warning track cans-of-corn that would have been 10 rows into the seats in a month. #WaitforWarmWeatherThatMysteriouslyAffects OnlyTheBraves

  7. Huscar had no idea where his pitchers were going .. he was just slinging it … Davidson’s stuff is just not major league type stuff … guess we will wait to see if Elder can get ready … hopefully Anderson s issues were mechanical … and he can get back on track .. Huscar is a bullpen guy .. period .. and Dansby, Albies , Rosario and Duvall all struggling early .. especially Dansby and Rosario .. and Albies back to swinging at 1st pitches all the time .. last night they were getting them selves out .. hopefully we aint seeing he real Rosario .. or he is gonna be in a platoon

  8. @10 I agree with your thoughts on Ynoa and he had no confidence in anything last night. I think this is why many of us would have preferred another starter but it never materialized.

    In terms of the offense, Dansby is pulling off of everything and isn’t seeing the ball at all. Rosario is just not squaring anything up and while he may angle toward a platoon, who would that be with? One of our top notch DH options? Please no… Ozzie will figure it out and he has been probably affected the most by bad strike calls on pitches that were out of the zone when he has been patient.

    Aside from Olson, Riley, TDA and kind of Ozuna it has been pretty bleak.

  9. Braves have created themselves a conundrum. The MILB players on the 40-man cannot yet be recalled and there’s apparently a need for 2 fresh arms, which means that 2 players will have to be DFA’d.

    Dylan Lee, Travis Demeritte, Alan Rangel, Chadwick Tromp, and Sean Newcomb are now on hug watch.

    There’s a chance that the Braves could open up a spot by sending William Woods to the 60-day IL.

  10. Looks like Elder is coming up and Tromp is DFA’d. Davidson and Contreras going down so need one more player. Speculation is another pitcher (maybe Lee or Webb?). If Elder sticks, he will be SP #6.

    Why can’t we take a shot on Upton at DH? Let him take the RH DH position instead of either Contreras or Arcia.

  11. Damn.

    Have just had to listen to the beautiful Alanna Rizzo(no relation to Russo) interview one of the Cleveland announcers about a rookie there who nobody expected to debut in the Show this spring but did.

    O.K. So? Last night he faced 89 pitches…

    Is this a record?
    Are you aware of what our guys were doing last night in this area?
    Is it too late to swing a trade? Something like Dansby, straight swap.

    His name is Steven Kwan. Be nice to him.

  12. @11 ..true no real platoon options .. bench is thin and weak ..Contreras needs to do down .. Arcia not giving us much .. Id go get Gosselin .. too much emphasis being put on power ( ex. Contreras ) .. having guys that put ball in play is important .. we miss Adrianza bad … Heredia is just a cheerleader .. and Dickerson is awful ..cant hot or play field ..he has had his chances .. time for a youngster named Harris .. well not yet maybe .. guess he needs more at bats … but there has to be a free agent out there better than what we have been putting out there .Ozuna is a adventure in LF .. please hurry Acuna .. hurry … then Ozuna can be DH everyday .. put Rosario in LF , Duval in CF and Acuna in RF … not the best defensive but if they hit we can live with it … look for Elder to stick as back end rotation guy .. please .

  13. Cherchez La Femme.

    Re Dansby. He’s so awful right now – but he still makes a point of giving autographs to a sizable bunch of kids at the dugout rail, every game. Which gives me hope.

    You will be aware of his long term squeeze, an attractive young lady who holds down a place in the US Soccer team. That’s where the problem will lie. More pressure. Invite her to batting practice, to meet Snit, have him explain the problem to her, the three of them talking. She’ll have a suggestion or two likely. Fresh minds, you know.

  14. I agree with everyone. It’s been 5 full games and we have a losing record. Let’s do another rebuild! (-;

  15. I think the Braves either forgot or didn’t realize they couldn’t call anyone up not on the 40 man yet. If Snitker had to do it again I bet he would not have used Davidson last night.

    Interesting that Duvall stays in center with Heredia giving Rosario the night off in right. They must think more of Duvall defensively in center than Heredia.

    Apparently we are going a man short tonight since both Davidson and Contreras went to Gwinnett with only Elder getting promoted. Adding another non 40 man guy such as Brach would require another DFA or 60 day IL player.

  16. If the Braves’ DH is consistently hitting in the 9th spot, there is something seriously wrong with the roster construction.

  17. @23 there are lots of pitchers at Gwinnett already on the 40-man such as Lee and Webb and Muller and Tarnok and Woods and Touki and Wilson. Any one of them could be called up.

  18. 26 — No. All the best writers yesterday wrote that they were all optioned as of April 7 and can’t come up until the 17th.

  19. The North Atlanta They Ain’t Worth Spit Organization is now in session.

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