Goldilocks 3, Little Bears 1

It always seems like good results follow outings that have the number 0 in the walks category. Max Fried‘s curveball started out as filthy as I’ve ever seen it, but he seemed to lose it in the 2nd and 3rd innings. Fortunately for us, Varsity knows how to battle and battle he did, pitching 6 innings of 1 run, 4 hit baseball with, of course, 0 walks. Getting this Braves team through 6 with a lead should prove to be the winning recipe at least 80% of the time, and last night, Will Smith, Tyler Matzek, and Kenley Jansen proved this theory, pitching 3 innings of no hit and no walk baseball.

And while all 4 pitchers deserve credit for the win, last night belonged to Travis Demeritte, who made the catch of the year for the Braves…

…and decided last night was a good night to hit his first HR as a Brave.

I’ve been a big fan of “Trap” for a long time and, like Cristian Pache, felt he just needed a real shot. We will see if Eddie Rosario‘s injury gives Demeritte the chance to prove his worth. However, I’ll fully admit that I might be playing favorites here as Adam Duvall‘s game altering catch turned DP likely is a play that made a higher impact.

Braves ace Kyle Wright takes the stage tonight against Drew Frowny. I’d wager we see happy faces at the end of tonight’s ballgame.

Author: Ryan Cothran

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49 thoughts on “Goldilocks 3, Little Bears 1”

  1. Love the recap, thanks Ryan. Big night for Wright and there is no way, we are not hitting Smyly hard. First Dansby HR tonight.

  2. @4 Exactly. ;) He’s going to have his best performance against us…. because because.

  3. Ha. Not this time, fellas! We lit up Glavine the first couple of times we faced him as a Met. Yes i know, this is Smyly we’re talking about.

  4. Quiz question posed by Mets crew during Cards/ Mets game this afternoon (Cards won 10-5)

    What was the name of a Cards starting pitcher , of Native American heritage, who once got the Braves brass to agree, for one game only, to not allow the tomahawk chop?

    And thus it happened. When, we weren’t told. The things you learn. Anyone?

    He got the final out today. No, you can’t.

  5. Was it Ryan Heisey?

    UPDATE: Whoops, Ryan Helsley. Combined him in my mind with Chris Heisey.

  6. This is like only the 5th fame i’ve got to catch part of this year, but man i’ve already seen a bunch of balls fall in front of this outfield. I dob’t think it’s the ball.

  7. I tuned in late. Obviously Charlie’s outing was pretty bad. Was the problem his command?

  8. We suck .. these guys undisciplined. Morton is erratic . Can’t find himself .. we making their staff look like Cy young winners

  9. Seems like more than command. I wonder if this year’s ball is affecting curveball heavy guys like Morton and McHugh.

  10. We look lost at the plate. Maybe we should employ some of the offensive tactics as the Marlins and Cubs that Chip fawns over. The offense has much bigger issues than just missing RAJ

  11. Look, I can’t even blame Riley for that. Sometimes the hard slider with the late break beats you.

  12. Not that it mattered there but I am surprised Heredia didn’t go into left field after Ozuna struck out

  13. “You can live with the baserunner, but it’s giving up the run, obviously, that’s the hard part.”

    Chip. What’re we doin’ here, Chip. That’s offensively useless.

  14. Not sure why we didn’t put Wisdom on after it was 3-1 to set up the double play. It just seems like we started the season on cruise control

  15. @30: Yep. Classic.

    Combine that with his insistence that the extra inning strategy is “fascinating.” Except that it isn’t, because NOBODY bunts the runner over in the top of the 10th. (For those who think for two seconds, it’s a bad idea because you know that the home team is going to start with a Manfred Man, so reducing the possibility of a multirun inning for an out is a bad idea.)

  16. Albies and Ozuna would swing at a pitch if pitcher threw it too the on deck circle …poorest plate discipline I’ve ever seen ..

  17. These guys are satisfied with what happened last year … no fire in them …. better get Acuna up here for a spark before it’s too late and we are 10 games back …..we are well on our way .. can’t believe we’ve lost 2 to Reds and 1 to Cubs so far …. really

  18. Morton fixed Wright and is now pitching like the pre-’22 Wright version. He’ll turn it around.
    Salinas struck out 12 in 4 innings (4BB) the other day. That’s now 43K in 18.2 IP.

  19. @36 agreed. I thought going on the road and getting away from the pomp and circumstance of the “2021 World Champion” celebration would get them refocused but I guess not. The plate discipline is awful and while I understand it is a long season, we can’t get buried. The Mets are the Mets but so far they look pretty solid.

  20. “Manfred Man” is a good name for that. I like that.

    This team basically played exactly like this for three and a half months last year, and it was plum excruciating. Now, however, I find it less so, and the best explanation I can come up with is taken from one of the texts in Indeterminacy by John Cage:

    “Before studying Zen, men are men and mountains are mountains. While studying Zen, things become confused. After studying Zen, men are men and mountains are mountains.”

    After telling this, Dr. Suzuki was asked, “What’s the difference between before and after?” He said, “No difference, only the feet are a little bit off the ground.”

  21. @36 … see I told ya so .. they had to get Acuna back asap for a spark before being down 10 games

  22. Manfred Man and A-Dick.

    Thanks for reminding me why I come here all the time. Hilarious.

  23. @38 .. yes Mets look solid .. and Degrom is coming back .. their pitching is top notch .. and they added Marte and a coupe others .. they look to be the team to beat right now for sure ..but they have been known to choke at times … Braves have to get Fried and Morton straight and Duvall and Swanson .. and please hitting coach ..sit Albies and Ozuna down and show them video of the pitches that they are swinging at .. really .. Albies ie he doesnt make a out on 1st swing always in a 0-2 hole every at bat … pitchers know that and will throw off the plate .. and know that he will chase …

  24. @45 True story

    We truly lengthen the lineup now and hopefully will shift Ozuna to DH (eventually) and have Demeritte play left field. RAJ and Demeritte is a huge upgrade in the outfield as compared to the Rosario/Ozuna tandem in the corners.

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