It always seems like good results follow outings that have the number 0 in the walks category. Max Fried‘s curveball started out as filthy as I’ve ever seen it, but he seemed to lose it in the 2nd and 3rd innings. Fortunately for us, Varsity knows how to battle and battle he did, pitching 6 innings of 1 run, 4 hit baseball with, of course, 0 walks. Getting this Braves team through 6 with a lead should prove to be the winning recipe at least 80% of the time, and last night, Will Smith, Tyler Matzek, and Kenley Jansen proved this theory, pitching 3 innings of no hit and no walk baseball.

And while all 4 pitchers deserve credit for the win, last night belonged to Travis Demeritte, who made the catch of the year for the Braves…

…and decided last night was a good night to hit his first HR as a Brave.

I’ve been a big fan of “Trap” for a long time and, like Cristian Pache, felt he just needed a real shot. We will see if Eddie Rosario‘s injury gives Demeritte the chance to prove his worth. However, I’ll fully admit that I might be playing favorites here as Adam Duvall‘s game altering catch turned DP likely is a play that made a higher impact.

Braves ace Kyle Wright takes the stage tonight against Drew Frowny. I’d wager we see happy faces at the end of tonight’s ballgame.