Braves Opening Day Game Thread


It’s here, Braves Journalers! The day the journey to back-to-back World Champs commences. Before we get into the real news of the day, we have some exciting news to share!


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Now, let’s get to the real business of the day!

Braves Opening Day Roster: Pitchers

  1. Ian Anderson
  2. Tucker Davidson
  3. Max Fried
  4. Kenley Jansen
  5. Tyler Matzek
  6. A.J. Minter
  7. Colin McHugh
  8. Charlie Morton
  9. Sean Newcomb
  10. Darren O’Day
  11. Will Smith
  12. Spencer Strider
  13. Tyler Thornburg
  14. Kyle Wright
  15. Huascar Ynoa

Breakdown: 15 pitchers? Holy smokes! It sure does look like Brian Snitker plans to piggyback some of his starters to keep everyone fresh. My guess is Morton, Fried, and Anderson can each go 5 with Wright, Tucker, Ynoa, and Strider piggyback to fill the 4th and 5th rotation spots. With 14 straight out the gate and a shortened spring, it’s important to protect the investments early and ease them into the year.

Braves Opening Day Roster: Catchers

  1. Travis d’Arnaud
  2. Manny Pina
  3. William Contreras

Breakdown: It was rumored that Contreras would make the roster if no more moves occurred and the rumor rings true. My guess is we’ll see a platoon (of sorts) out of the DH to begin the year where Dickerson starts against LHP and Contreras starts against LHP.

Braves Opening Day Roster: Infielders

  1. Ozzie Albies
  2. Orlando Arcia
  3. Matt Olson
  4. Dansby Swanson
  5. Austin Riley

Breakdown: No surprises here, but a lot of pressure lies on the regulars to stay healthy and in the lineup as there’s not much to speak of in AAA.

Braves Opening Day Roster: Outfielders

  1. Alex Dickerson
  2. Guillermo Heredia
  3. Adam Duvall
  4. Marcell Ozuna
  5. Eddie Rosario

Breakdown: Well…they’re not going to be good defensively, but they’ll hit and should be versatile enough in the lineup to be above average until Ronald Acuña Jr. comes back. Heredia will likely continue his role as a late inning defensive replacement, which would move Duvall to one of the corners, removing one of Ozuna, Dickerson, or Rosario. For me, it doesn’t really matter who it is and I suspect it’ll be the one that is furthest away from seeing an AB the next inning.

Prediction Time

I haven’t the foggiest what the prize will be yet, but I’ll make sure that whoever wins will get something that’s, at the least, fun.

  1. Overall Record
  2. Highest Brave in CY voting
  3. Highest Braves in MVP voting
  4. Distance in Playoffs

Let’s get it, people!

Author: Ryan Cothran

Ryan is the site editor and manager of Braves Journal. Follow him on Twitter.

72 thoughts on “Braves Opening Day Game Thread”

  1. 161-1 (They’ll drop tonight’s opener since I will be in attendance. )


    Acuna, Jr

    WS in 3, as Ronald gets so hot he ruptures the spacetime continuum.

  2. Will be using all 3 sponsors from the link on the site! Great stuff.

    WS in 0 — the AL winner doesn’t even try for fear of embarrassment

  3. One more word about Freeman:

    Chipper was not the most popular fella with some. I seem to remember him writing he had some disagreements with some Atlanta Braves, though I could be mistaken. I know he got in a fight with someone in high school. But my hunch is that if Chipper left Atlanta during the middle of his career, somebody would have said something. Chipper preserved his legacy by never having a gap in his Brave allegiance, minor leagues all the way to the front office. He had not done so, he might have gotten the Freeman treatment in some capacity. Just my hunch.

  4. LINEUP:

    Rosario, RF
    Olson, 1B
    Riley, 3B
    Ozuna, LF
    Albies, 2B
    Duvall, CF
    d’Arnaud, C
    Dickerson, DH
    Swanson, SS

    I like that.

  5. You can color me not particularly gobsmacked that Ronald and Freddie weren’t exactly the best of friends. The working relationship seemed to be OK…and even if it wasn’t, Freddie won out last year when Ronald wasn’t there and we won a World Series. And he’s gone now, meaning there won’t be any further friction between the two. So whatever. I see this as a triumphant return of our good friend Shrug Emoji.

  6. @4, that article tracks with the 45-second video that Nathan posted in the last thread, but neither mentions anything about Freeman not caring when Acuna got hit or some of the other things in the baseball gifs tweet in that thread. I remember reports that Freeman told Snitker something like, “somebody’s got to do something” after Acuna didn’t run out a HR-oops-it-hit-the-wall once or twice in 2019, & it’s not surprising that they got on each others’ nerves. Shrug emoji does seem like the most appropriate reaction.

  7. In case you enjoyed the simplified version of supporting Braves Journal, here’s a Twitter thread that has ALL THE LINKS!

  8. I just realized I have opening day recap. Pressure! I’m not really stretched out, so I don’t know how many innings I can do. At least I’m pretty sure I’ll take the right exit off the Perimeter, though.

  9. 100% agree with @13. I’m kind of shocked they haven’t already signed to K Records.

  10. Just saw a fan wearing a Josh Collmenter jersey. Now THAT deserves a special mention.

  11. What’s better than Chipper? How about Timothy Miller with the National Anthem and an F-16 flyover. Think I am about to get hypothermia.

  12. What did they expect from the Reds manager in that little interview ? “Last year we were a mediocre team in one of the least competitive divisions in baseball, but in the offseason we traded every position player that could play for our opposing team. So the new look is bad at baseball, I guess.”

  13. Heredia needs to be in CF and Duval in LF .. Ozuna DH .. that Dickerson guy is awful ..

  14. Listening to him, you have to like him. I’m a new fan of Votto’s. Doesn’t hurt to have Ozzie as a foil.

  15. Wow, that 3-1 strike call to Dickerson was terrible. And then followed up with a blast to RF caught at the wall. Breaks are not going the Braves’ way in the early going. (Also the home plate ump is generally bad at ball/strike recognition).

    Also also – Ozzie is such a charming little dude.

  16. Snitker basically just said that Bobby can’t really talk anymore. That’s sad.

  17. @55. Yeah, that was a fairly awkward moment in the interview that I interpreted the same way. Like you said…very sad.

  18. The shift really helped us during the playoffs. Tonight, the Reds are getting a lot of dinky hits against the shift.

  19. I took a class with Joey Votto a few years ago. Most people didn’t recognize him (he introduced himself as “Joe”). Very funny, deadpan guy. Much respect.

  20. Reds reliever is wild and Albies and D ‘Arnaud swing early in count .. way to use your brain boys

  21. Somebody tell McHugh when you serve up a hanging breaking pitch it gets hit a long ways by major leagers … if you gonna throw soft you better hit the corners not serve on a platter .

  22. Well, bright spot found among several not so bright spots. Strider looked absolutely unhittable.

  23. Why in hell is Ozuna hitting cleanup?? He is a 6 hole hitter in my lineup .
    Heredia till Acuna back


    Acuna, Albies, Olsen, Riley, Rosario, Duvall, Ozuna, D’ around, Swanson

  24. I realize it’s just the first game, but this new Sunday Night Baseball booth is, uh…not off to a great start.

  25. I missed the predictions because, you know, sleep…


    In Max we Trust

    Olson (full disclosure, have parted with real hard cash at 25/1)

    NLCS loss to Dodgers in 7 (full reverse jinx mode applied)

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