I don’t know if anybody heard about this, but apparently the Braves are defending World Series champs. Pretty cool huh? But until that asteroid finally ends all life on earth, or alternatively, Scott Boras is put in charge of our nuclear deterrent, every championship is followed by a new season in which you start tied for last place. Yeah, I know, you’re also tied for first place, but we’ve lost ground to every opponent.

Max Fried looked great, then not so great, then great again. I’m willing to predict his 7.94 ERA will decline. He’ll be fine. Collin McHugh may one day be fine, but he’ll have to cut down on the 3 run homers to Brandon Drury. Spencer Strider had two perfect innings, and Tyler Thornburg had one.

The offense was BABIP unlucky, with the exception of the ball Austin Riley BIPed about 425 feet. I’m not even close to worried yet, and I’m a worrier.

If last season taught us anything, it’s that it’s possible to goof around for four months before you get serious. I predict that that trick won’t work twice in a row. Let’s get back to 0.500 a little sooner this year.


Karl Ravech, David Cone and Eduardo Perez are not particularly good. Perez talks too much, Ravech is a little short on attention span, and Cone brings nothing. I suspect they’re better than Chip, though, unless he’s improved a lot. But hey — it’s a new season, and I’m going to call Chip a respected veteran until he proves otherwise…. probably the next time I hear him.