Below 0.500 Again: Reds 6, Braves 3

I don’t know if anybody heard about this, but apparently the Braves are defending World Series champs. Pretty cool huh? But until that asteroid finally ends all life on earth, or alternatively, Scott Boras is put in charge of our nuclear deterrent, every championship is followed by a new season in which you start tied for last place. Yeah, I know, you’re also tied for first place, but we’ve lost ground to every opponent.

Max Fried looked great, then not so great, then great again. I’m willing to predict his 7.94 ERA will decline. He’ll be fine. Collin McHugh may one day be fine, but he’ll have to cut down on the 3 run homers to Brandon Drury. Spencer Strider had two perfect innings, and Tyler Thornburg had one.

The offense was BABIP unlucky, with the exception of the ball Austin Riley BIPed about 425 feet. I’m not even close to worried yet, and I’m a worrier.

If last season taught us anything, it’s that it’s possible to goof around for four months before you get serious. I predict that that trick won’t work twice in a row. Let’s get back to 0.500 a little sooner this year.


Karl Ravech, David Cone and Eduardo Perez are not particularly good. Perez talks too much, Ravech is a little short on attention span, and Cone brings nothing. I suspect they’re better than Chip, though, unless he’s improved a lot. But hey — it’s a new season, and I’m going to call Chip a respected veteran until he proves otherwise…. probably the next time I hear him.

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36 thoughts on “Below 0.500 Again: Reds 6, Braves 3”

  1. How about that Strider! Maybe he should be first up instead of McHugh. Maybe we’d still be playing. Also, Riley looked good even on the AB he didn’t get a hit on. He looked very disciplined at the plate.

    When they talked about exit velocity, it became even more of a BABIP disparity. I think the Reds averaged something like 8o MPH or less and the Braves were well over 90 MPH – most of those rinky dink hits were in the 60s. We gave up only one walk and one HBP and had 5 in our favor.

    If we get swept in our initial series at least it won’t be by the Phillies.

    On the other hand, Dansby, woof. Dansby, TdA, and Duvall – 9 Ks in 11 ABs.

  2. Good morning, woke up at 4AM and at least got to watch Riley and Strider. So for me, we won 2-0. Go get them tomorrow. Go Braves!

  3. Timo wins the overseas true fan award for Game 1

    As commented on previous thread, I was asleep

    Turns out that there’s lies, damned lies and box scores with regards to Max yesterday

    Not doomed yet

  4. This is way worse than anything Chip Caray has ever done. This was the enthusiasm level for Jason Heyward’s rookie season Opening Day home run, and Shohei’s ball didn’t even hit the warning track.

  5. Depending on how the next few months go, the Braves may be wise to try to lock up Riley on something around a $15MM AAV. The core of Acuna-Riley-Olson-Albies could be special.

  6. The ball Olson hit in the 6th was an absolute rocket, but straight at the shift. It was hit so hard that Johnathan India, in medium right field, had to dive to get it.

  7. What are y’all’s picks for today? Dansby had an awful game at the plate yesterday, but I think he’s homering today. I’m thinking Duvall and Olson homer as well. Braves come out swingin’ after yesterday’s disappointing offensive performance and put up at least 7 runs.

  8. I’m looking for 10+ runs from the Braves at least 1 time during this series. They hit too well last night to be held to 3 runs and I think hitting is ahead of pitching right now. Hopefully we’ll break out tonight.

  9. @17 For real…at least someone that doesn’t need a cutoff man from medium depth left field to throw it to second base.

  10. I thought the reason Contreras was on the team was to DH vs LHP. If he’s not going to do that then he needs to be playing everyday in Gwinnett.

  11. I will admit confusion on why Ozuna has been in the field theses two games and not the DH.

  12. Really, Chip? “Fractured his fingers on a slide in Boston and was lost for the year”? Is that really what we’re going with?

  13. Anybody know why Shewmake left the game in the 2nd inning in the Stripers game a little bit ago?

  14. @25 – I don’t know. Maybe we realized our only backup infielder is our DH tonight?

  15. Damn it, Chip. I’m trying to do the breading for my chicken parm and you made me knock a bowl onto the floor with your call of Dansby’s fly ball to left.

    Why is Chip still here, anyway?

  16. @27

    For the record, that ball is into the stands by 20 feet in July. I thought it was gone, too.

  17. smith looked good.

    the updated mlb app for Android basically sucks. the widget is slow to update, and where you used to be able to have one widget that you could scroll through all the scores, but now you need a separate widget for each team, the navigation interface sucks, whenever you back out of a highlight it takes you back to the gameday tab instead of keeping you in the video tab so you can keep checking out the highlights.

    the only upside so far is that since I didn’t enable location services when I updated it’s letting me watch the game tonight even though I’m in Cincinnati so that’s mildly useful.

  18. @30

    Very good. Started having some mild trouble in his last two innings, but he got out of it in the fifth (well, he allowed a run on a sac fly) and the bullpen screwed him in the sixth. Was unhittable for four innings.

  19. Ozuna almost contrived a way to drop that can of corn. If we could get him out of the field, that would be lovely.

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