Braves @ Dodgers, Game 3 Thread

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Author: Ryan Cothran

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177 thoughts on “Braves @ Dodgers, Game 3 Thread”

  1. Agree with tfloyd, that video is gold. Thanks for sharing, Ryan.
    Marc, you staying awake for the game with kid no. 2? or was it no. 1?

  2. I hope it’s not Atlanta, but with the intensity of the first 2 games, we are due for a letdown game for the pitching staff. My guess is we’ll see a lot of runs scored in at least one of the 3 games in LA and if we go back to Atlanta they will be nailbiters again.

  3. I would’ve sworn that Albies drive was going to drop….unfortunate but unsurprising momentum change.

  4. Not exactly the start we were looking for. When that ball came out of Morton’s hand my first thought was that it would be crushed.

  5. Well, it’s not like ANYONE thought we would go up 3-0.
    I’m out. Wake me if they win. Let’s see if I am the jinx. (And yes, I realize this is the exact same situation as game 2)

  6. @9 He loves himself some Dodgers.

    I heard on MLB radio today that the only people who want to see a Braves/Red Sox series are the fans of those 2 teams. I think the national media fail to understand that most fan bases detest the Dodgers. I won’t watch a Dodger/Astro series.

  7. There’s aggressive baserunning, and there’s dumbarse baserunning. We got both, I guess. No guarantee we score even if he stays at second though. Oh well. It’s early. Gonna need to score more than 3 to win anyways.

  8. You can’t do much better after four walks and a homer than 2-0. Fewer innings like that, please.

  9. @26 I actually think it’s literally the minimum possible after four walks and a homer? four walks guarantee a run, homer guarantees a run. That’s a nice bit of context.

  10. The biggest issue that I can see is that the Braves did a really good job through the first few games of outscoring the Dodgers. Until we can do that, we’re going to have a tough time winning this ballgame.

  11. We got that going for us, which is nice.

  12. Hey, I just got away from a work obligation and tuned in. Sounds like it could have been worse. Much better than last year’s game three, anyway.

  13. Umpire has not made terrible calls but he is definitely favoring the pitcher. Unfortunately as wild as Morton has been, it hasn’t helped him much.

  14. If I remember right, the Braves set an MLB postseason record by giving up ten runs in the first inning of game 5 of the 2019 NLDS, then broke that record the very next year with the eleven runs in the first inning of game 3 of the 2020 NLCS.

  15. @18, what’s so detestable about these Dodgers? Is it mainly that they’re so successful? All I can think of is the alleged international rule-breaking/criminality, and the lack of any action on those allegations may mean there’s not much there. I certainly disliked Tommy Lasorda, but he’s been gone for a long time. Even if the fans are still the arrive-in-the-3rd-inning-leave-in-the-7th ones who were famous long ago, that seems more to be pitied/ignored than detested. Yes they have a ton of money, but they use it well and develop their own players and make smart decisions.

    The writers making Waffle House putdowns, though…

  16. @37 The money is what makes them detestable. Their payroll is 100M more than the Braves, who aren’t even a poor franchise.

    I never disliked Lasorda.

  17. Yeah, inconsistent. Worked out for us now (on a terrible Ball/Strike call.) Tied up.

    EDIT – And Swanson keeps Morton in the game!

  18. I think Eddie’s still Eddie! Shame to see Freddie fly out. Game day error.

  19. Wash should’ve sent Duvall home to make it 4-2 (he might’ve been faked out by the fact that Adrianza was on deck at the time), but that walk erases that mistake.

  20. I’m pretty sure that when Wash held the runner on Swanson’s hit that Wash did not see that the call squirted into left field—may have been shielded. Obviously Duvall would have scored had he gone home.

  21. This is the second time we’ve chased a starter and kept ours in this postseason. I don’t want to jinx it, so…

  22. They were yak yakking on the radio today about how Walker will likely go 8 and shut down the Braves. Blah, Blah, Blah….so much for that.

    Hope Charlie can settle down for a couple more innings.

  23. I actually think Morton got Betts on that pick off throw, but they didn’t challenge. Take the gift and then the game.

  24. @73 – Ha! Chips concurs. And I agree. Barring a huge inning, run Morton out one more time.

    @75 – It was an egregious call and certainly changed the complexion of the inning. He could have been out of it with the call that didn’t go his way. And instead all hell broke loose. Umpires should not have that kind of impact upon the game. I’m not complaining terribly (indeed, Mr. Gregg gave us our own) but…let it be on the field.

  25. Oh, but Darling reminds us all that “the Braves don’t win here at Dodger Stadium.” He can get bent.

  26. I’m used to contrary commentators from watching pro wrestling. Darling can say whatever he wants.

    3-run lead is enough room for Will Smith!

  27. Ron Darling was a Mets pitcher and is their color commentator. It should be no surprise that he doesn’t seem like to like the Braves.

  28. Charlie Morton is the real deal. That is one of the most impressive performances by a starting pitcher I’ve ever seen. Given that first inning, how many other pitchers would have been able to go five yielding nothing further?

  29. 96 pitches. Do we try to get another inning on a short leash? Morton is up 2nd.

    EDIT – He’s getting the hand shakes. He’s out.

  30. As bad as those first few hitters went for Morton…this went as well as it could have possibly went.

  31. @90 He’s a Mets announcer. He is blatantly favoring the Dodgers because that is who the networks want to win AND he is a mutt.

    I would rather listen to a Dodger favoring Darling than dippy Chip.

  32. Playing games when right fielders can’t see the ball doesn’t favor either team (as we’ve seen in the last two innings) but it’s not the sort of conditions an important baseball game should be played in.

  33. Do the dodgers have any arms left? Seems like they switch pitchers every time you turn around.

  34. I’ve been hoping our getting to their bullpen so deeply so reliably will come home to roost at some point…maybe this is it.

  35. I may be taking too much glee in watching AJ dismiss the corpse of Albert Pujols like that..

  36. I remember Albert Pujols. He was a great hitter. This old guy wearing his uniform is overmatched.

  37. @106 – You are. The man was a HoF player before he ever left St. Louis. That said…nice to see the narrative desired thwarted.

    And I think D’Arnaud is gassed. He’s caught every game so far this postseason. He’s getting tired again and I don’t blame him.

  38. If they win tonight I would not be opposed to starting Contreras tomorrow, especially since it is supposed to be a bullpen game.

  39. @95, looks like they have 3-4 relievers left. Treinen, Graterol, Jansen, and maybe Gonsolin, who started 13 of 15 games in the regular season but didn’t average many innings, so maybe he was an opener. Only two position players – Austin Barnes and Matt Beaty, if the NLCS roster I found is correct.

  40. Someone in this thread also heard Darling say openly he wanted Pujols to hit a homer. And some here think he isn’t biased? Come on.

  41. Do we really have a bullpen now?? It was the missing piece! Damn!

    @113 – Would have been a nice narrative for his career. I don’t think that’s indicative of the announcer’s bias. Would have just been a good story if Pujols wasn’t a shell these days.

  42. @116 You see all kinds of people on twitter talking about how biased he has been in this series.

  43. I’m starting to think that the Dodgers’ problem in this series is that they are carrying 25 pitchers and Seager.

  44. @120 – I have the good fortune never to look at that web platform. ;)

    If Freddie is back on…we may have some good days ahead of us!

  45. Liked a question I saw (paraphrased) on the FanGraphs chat: Who stays around for more innings, Dodger starters or Dodger fans?

  46. The ground ball to Riley that was barely foul will be the moment where Jackson, always on the edge, finally began falling off the cliff.

  47. Like I said ……I didn’t like that matchup. That sucked.

    Come on Snit!! What are you waiting on

  48. Why do I have this sense of dread about this entire series now?

    I can’t take having the rug pulled out from under me again.

  49. Damn I thought Jackson would get another high one past Bellinger. Here we go again. Game on!

    EDIT – None of them negative waves, Braves Journal!

  50. I hadn’t posted while following on gameday, so as not to jinx it, but this happened.

    That’s 2 straight bad appearances by Luke.

    Easy to say now, but I would’ve gone Matzek a second inning after he looked great. He would’ve gotten rest tomorrow anyway.

    Real nice letting the corpse of Bellinger beat us.

  51. That was actually a good pitch by Jackson—fastball chin high. I was afraid he would hang a slider. How was Bellinger expecting that?

  52. I really thought Jackson shouldn’t have pitched to Bellinger. I’d have rather seen Chavez or even Smith to get 4 outs.

    Edit: you can’t expect Mookie to play dead forever.

    This is now a replay in reverse of game 1.

  53. I was thinking they shouldn’t pitch to Betts, but then Seager was coming up.

    @146 I probably would have gone to Smith for Bellinger too….but he could have given up a granny…..I dunno.

    This game has started to suck…….especially with the homer announcers.

  54. I will remind this website that we are up two games to none as of this game. Not tied yet (and the game is not over.) Negative energy sucks so…let’s not give any more.

  55. This is why we really needed to tack on some runs in the last couple of innings. At least we have the right guys up.

  56. @150 Right on. Only down by 1. Game still within reach.

    Will Smith instruction manual says to use only in clean inning. WHIP too high.

  57. I don’t have a problem with the managing. Asking your closer to get 5 outs is a tall ask, and Luke wasn’t getting knocked around.

  58. Gonna need a miracle game tomorrow by Smyly or Ynoa the like of Bryse Wilsons last year for me to feel any better.

  59. It’s frustrating that, should the media narrative hold up as they so want it to, we will lose the series at home.

  60. Already consoling myself thinking that the red sox or astros would have demolished us anyway. Sad, but the braves themselves are responsible for the emotional scars that cause this.

    Luke= Wohlers
    Horrid pitch calling too. Use your GD best pitch, idiot!

  61. You guys are so dramatic. A 2-2 split over the next four means the Braves go to the World Series.

    Another chance tomorrow.

  62. @162–thank you. We’re still up 2-1. Anything can happen. We got some breaks in the first two games; they did this time. October baseball is pretty terrific.

    I still don’t see how Bellinger hit that ball out. It was a very good pitch—it’s not like he hung a slider or grooved a heater down the middle.

  63. @160 OMG!! We are up 2 games to 1. Today sucked but get over it.

    I would have probably taken Luke out of the game because he was super shaky. Even if you don’t use Smith, go with someone else with a different look….maybe Martin. Smyly was the only other lefty on the bench….and I think he is pitching tomorrow with Ynoa. But, who knows, that could have been a mistake too.

  64. They offered up the series today and we politely said no thanks. What can you really say? Just don’t let one loss be bigger than it is. Flush it and come back tomorrow with some fury.

  65. I have already decided to not watch/stream a single mlb game next year unless the braves go all the way this year. I will not be watching that asshats HR over 9000 times in every commercial break during the season.

  66. @165 – Maybe you aren’t implying what it sounds like to me, but if anyone thinks the Braves will lose this series because of the ghosts of the past and we just can’t win the big games, that is a gigantic boatload of crap. (the comments at 160 are not worthy of commenting on they are so ridiculous). Winning or losing the NLCS this year will have absolutely nothing to do with what has happened in the playoffs before. We are playing the team with the 2nd best record in the NL and they disposed of two darn good teams to get here. Their payroll is outrageous. Many people on this blog and elsewhere thought we should be sellers at the trade deadline and you could make a good case for it.

    If we lose the next 3 games and this series or if we win the whole thing, or anything in between, I’ll be proud of this team. Snitker doesn’t seem to be the analytics guy but he’s embraced them and is doing a really good job of managing the team, even though I don’t always agree with him (I’m probably not as smart as I think I am). Washington is amazing. There’s an excitement within this team and about this team that has grown in the last few months that is contagious and is what makes baseball fun. We had 2 walkoff wins in the first 2 games while our team leader struck out 7 of 8 times.

    We are still up 2 games to 1 and there are at least 26 teams that would trade places with us right now. Sorry for the rant, but this defeatist attitude is crazy and is the fallback for way too many people.

  67. The only way this goes away is if we win the series. We did exactly the same thing to them at home so why should we expect any different? I thought a three-run lead would hold up but not this time.

  68. @169 I will give credit where it is due, I am one who wanted to sell after the Acuña injury. AA, Snitker, the analytics people and the players who stepped up all deserve A LOT of credit. Winning the division and making it this far in the playoffs has been gravy in a season that probably no one expected to have so many things go wrong.

    I wish the braves would make me shut up for once by winning it all, but 30 years of choking (winning 95 singlehandedly by Glavine and Justice and avoiding truly becoming the buffalo bills) have created these coping mechanisms in me and many others. Your hope and optimism is as ridiculous as my negativity and defeatism since there has been no basis for the former in most of our lives. Please let me be wrong already, braves!

    Anyhow, love y’all , still.

  69. @169 Bravo!!!

    I may complain about things and say I would do things differently…..but this “woe is me” attitude in the playoffs every single year is old. I love this team and I will always watch them. btw, I found one of my old diaries and one of the pages said something like, “if the Braves can just win 3 of their next 6 games they won’t finish in last place” I was HAPPY about it. Can you imagine?

  70. I don’t think I’m overly positive or negative. I’m just saying there is no relationship between 2021 Braves players and the 1993 Braves. I was getting a little optimistic and even thinking a sweep when we were up 5 to 2, but lo and behold, reality set in. The Dodgers didn’t win 110+ games by batting a bunch of Rafael Belliards and pitching Dan Kolbs. Right now I would give us a 55 to 60 % chance of winning the series. One win in LA will make those chances go way up. As far as the World Series, as hot as the Red Sox bats are, I’m not overly optimistic, but the Braves will put up a good fight if they make it that far.

  71. @173 “I was getting a little optimistic and even thinking a sweep when we were up 5 to 2” – That’s where we differ, I was just flabbergasted and waiting to see how it was all going to go wrong.
    I remember being optimistic after Bryse Wilsons heroics last year. 3-1 just killed me.

    As for this game, typical crap luck for Luke Jackson on the first hit, a bad shift from Dansby caused the second hit and not a DP, and for all the mentions of Bellinger going out of the zone to get one, the ball was barely 6 inches above the strike zone, in a place he could get his arms extended (and nearly the same location as the fastball he had missed).

    You had a better chance with a low and in slider, or a fastball high, but closer to the batter. Or put it at his eye level, make him really work for it like Gattis against Strasburg. Just unfortunate, but that’s baseball.

    Oh, and tell me someone else heard Darling screaming YES!…….YES! in the background of the HR call. Nice unbiased broadcasting, as usual.

    And look, Eovaldi might come in to finish the red sox game . Nice out of the box managing there, and it is not even a must win situation for them.

  72. There will be plenty of time for everyone to pull the old, warmed-over Atlanta Sports Curse pablum out if we lose this series. Why in the hell everyone is always so quick to do it when nothing’s been decided is totally beyond me. It’s not like it’s an original take that should get you any kind of Twitter cred whatsoever. But lord…we run ourselves out of a rally in the first inning of Game 1 of the NLDS and people were already declaring that series over. It’s just ridiculous. Have the decency to sit there and stew in your stultifying negativity without bothering the rest of us until the series is actually over. Jesus!

    And no, this isn’t directed at any one person in particular, or even folks on this board in particular. Though if you embody it, feel free to take my advice.

  73. @174 The putting in Eovaldi in the 9th thing didn’t work out too well, womp womp.
    Guess we have a series in the AL.
    The ump is terrible btw, is like they are being bad on purpose to dare mlb into trying robo umps.

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