Mets 4, Braves DOOOOOOOMED

If you wanted to explain what it was like to root for the first-half Atlanta Braves to someone who only learned about baseball after the 2021 All-Star Break, last night’s game was a perfect example: random players like Ehire Adrianza, Guillermo Heredia, and Orlando Arcia; a starting pitcher who couldn’t find the plate half the time and barely went five innings; a mediocre bullpen; and a loss in a winnable game against the team that was universally crowned in the offseason as the 2021 NL East division winners.

But, as Jon Bois said in his terrific Seattle Mariners documentary: Who cares?

Last night’s taxi squad was the team that Alex Anthopoulos upgraded with four outfielders, a backup catcher, and a middle reliever, and transformed overnight into the division champion. Albies and Riley were really the only regulars, unless you want to count Ynoa, whose postseason audition was iffy. So was Spencer Strider’s, though I think the Dúnadan’s roster hopes already were only the faintest glimmer. Ai! laurië lantar lassi súrinen.

Well, the Braves won’t win 90. But they could win the World Series. The next couple of games are about as meaningful as a player’s answer to a sideline reporter’s question about how good winning made them feel. Get some sleep, eat a nice big breakfast, and get ready for ROCKTOBER!

(I don’t know if you’re familiar with Circle, the eccentric and hyper-prolific Finnish band that blends metal with krautrock and prog, and spins off side projects like Feynman particles. In November, they’ll release a record with the English freak folkie Richard Dawson, and I AM PUMPED.)

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  1. Despite having lived in the NY Metro area for almost 40 years and hanging out in some insalubrious environments for a Braves fan, I have actually met only four Mets fans in my life. And one of those I met in Junior High in Atlanta; he was a NYC-area expatriate at the time. We made a bet this year on the head-to-head Braves-Mets record. I now need two wins and am happy, but chagrined, to see the Braves putting uncompetitive teams on the field for this final series. But I am now in a no-lose situation. If the Braves lose one or both of the next two, I’ll know why and will understand. And if they win with this lineup, well, they call them the lolMets for a reason.

  2. I don’t think either Strider or Lee hurt their chances to make the playoff roster. If Santana is on the IL and can’t make the first game of the playoffs or so then someone has to fill. The bigger question is how many pitchers you go with. On the position player side, you have to wonder whether they would keep three catchers or wait with one for an injury. And you have to wonder what the advantage to keeping Arcia is. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind seeing Pache and Langeliers as defensive supplements.

    That being said it seems like we’ll take at least 13 pitchers. I would project 3 true starters and 10 relievers including Ynoa and Smyly as long relief (or bullpen gamers). The other eight might as well be 4 LH and 4 RH. The LH would be Smith, Matzek, Minter, and ?. That last LH would be either Lee or Newcomb. I think I know which one I’d choose. The RH would be (excluding Santana) Chavez, Jackson, Martin, and Rich Rod. That leaves Webb and Strider out. Between the two I think I’d prefer to see Strider over Webb if they go to a 14th pitcher.

    Back to position players, you have the starting eight. Then add Joc, Adrianza, Contreras, and Heredia. That’s 12 if you go with 14 pitchers and there’s one spot available if you go with 13 pitchers. The choices for that spot come down to Arcia, a 3rd catcher, or someone else at AAA. Would it be better to have Strider than Arcia or a 3rd catcher? Good question….. One might consider Pache over Heredia, but that is a bit of a stretch.

  3. It’s been two days, and I’m still thinking about Luke Jackson doing some sort of inverted breaststroke on top of the alcohol-soaked clubhouse floor covering.

  4. Who is Dúnadan? I don’t get the reference. I’m a dummy who doesn’t read the classics and can’t remember them from when I was forced to read them in college. Modern music references also go over my head.

    I think Ynoa will make the postseason roster, I don’t think that is in question. He might be more reliever than starter but he makes the team.

    I liked what I saw from Strider. Pretty impressive stuff, but the majors are on another level. Loved that Charlie immediately went up to him and started talking to him after that inning. Great leader. I liked that other kid too. He throws strikes and looked pretty dominant. Does he have a chance at the roster? What about Smyly? Interesting choices coming up.

    I hope they don’t lose the next two games. I also don’t see the need for total B squad lineups other than Adrianza needs to start the next 2 games. The entire team will have 4 days off. I think it sets a bad precedent to go into the postseason on a losing streak. I have seen a few great Braves teams go into the postseason flat for this very reason. Let’s BEAT the Mets and go to Milwaukee strong!!

  5. Love to beat the Mets as much as anyone… But, sorry, I am disengaged from Bravo-land until it matters again… like next week.

    Go Dogs

  6. I don’t know Circle the Finnish group, but i do remember fondly The Cyrkle, whose song “Red Rubber Ball” was a hit when I was in 6th grade.

  7. @2 Langeliers isn’t on the 40 man roster. A lot of times teams will carry a speedy base stealer type on the roster. I don’t think the Braves have anyone like that, unless they would use Pache in that role (plus as defensive replacement). I am guessing Arcia makes it if they don’t call up Pache.

  8. Cindy, I am so glad you asked! In The Lord of the Rings, “Dúnadan” is Bilbo Baggins’s nickname for Aragorn, who is also known as Strider.

  9. @8 They just promoted two guys to the 40-man for possible postseason roles, why not three? Wouldn’t you rather have Langeliers on the 40-man roster than Chadwick Tromp?

  10. Cindy, another nickname for Aragorn/Strider is “Longshanks” which someone mentioned in the previous thread. Any comments about our Strider in a language that looks vaguely Scandinavian/Icelandic are probably LoTR references too. If he sticks on the team, be prepared for lots of comments like, “All those who wander are not lost, but those who walk often get the loss.”

  11. Watching Zamir White of the Dawgs churn his knees for a touchdown after he’s had two ACL surgeries makes me optimistic about Ronald’s recovery.

    See, ububba, I can follow the Dawgs and continue to obsess about the Braves. Speaking of UGA, is this the best defense they have ever fielded?

  12. @12,
    By NFL talent, it isn’t close. Jim Nagy(long time scout, director of Senior Bowl) pegs 8 true senior defensive draft picks. Late 90’s had Richard Seymour, Boss and Champ Bailey, Marcus Stroud.
    But that doesn’t account for depth. There are probably at least 20 draft picks on total defense.
    Also, they are better schematically and effort/execution,
    Elite. That’s Kirby’s word.

  13. Looking at Georgia playing “top 10 teams” Clemson and Arkansas reminds me that it’s best to identify strength of schedule based on their end of year rankings. I’m in London, and I rode 30 minutes in the tube to some random bar that had college football to watch Dawgs/Hogs, and I seem to have put more effort into that game than Arkansas did. At least make it a game, Hogs. How bad is Jimbo’s A&M squad if this sorry Arkansas offense was able to outscore them?

    Does anyone know of a free, trusted VPN?

  14. @9 I do recall Bilbo Baggins but I really don’t remember the other characters.

    @10 I MUCH prefer Langeliers over someone named Chadwick Tromp. I think he is there is for an emergency situation. I doubt the Braves want to start the clock on Langeliers yet.

    Why is arcia hitting 2nd?

  15. I’m here at the game the game tonight. There are some empty seats but the atmosphere is a lot of fun. We are pretty high up on the 3rd base side. I see the shift on TV a lot but didn’t realize that there is basically no 3rd baseman against left handed hitters and no 2nd baseman against righties anymore.

  16. Smoltz is such a stick in the mud. Kid hits a home run and he is whining about him being excited. I truly can’t stand him.

    @16 he started wearing a string of pearls when he plays…..started yesterday.

  17. @16 @18 Joc reportedly said chains were too heavy so he started wearing pearls. He’s either got some “surfer dude” in him or “spaceman”.

  18. @19 Surfer dude. He’s a Cali boy. Probably feels very out of place in the deep South. I couldn’t remember why he said he switched to pearls….he is definitely a free spirit.

  19. He just likes to complain. He knows what he’s talking about with regards to bunting. He and his cohorts were all good bunters. No need for Minter to know how to do it…..I was happy he didn’t get hurt.

  20. I think Smoltz’s suggestion that the DH be tied to the starting pitcher is a good one. Hadn’t heard it before. I think it makes an excellent compromise between the AL and NL games.

  21. @15, read the books – they’re better than the movies. Lots of good phrases and use of language.

  22. @26: I think the reason I like it is that pretty much the only pitchers who bat are starting pitchers anyway. So you eliminate all their at-bats and you get back NL-style pitcher replacement strategy with regards to pinch hitters and double switches in the later innings in both leagues.

    The obvious downside is that a pure hitter who you start at DH won’t last any longer than the starting pitcher does. So it eliminates the “dedicated DH” Edgar Martinez type. But to an old-school guy like me, that’s a feature, not a bug.

  23. @32 I really dislike double switches ……especially with Snitker as manager. There is just no way they would agree to that anyway. I like the DH. I’m not young either.

  24. As if there was any doubt that Webb and Rodriguez were to be used for mop-up duty only.

    That said, they’re still having a better Saturday night than Urban Meyer surely is.

  25. I think Webb is really talented but he gets rattled too easily.

    Good job Webb. You got a save!

    I wouldn’t put RR on the postseason roster.

  26. Am I really the resident Tolkien expert here?

    Dunadan is the singular of Dunadain, which is the formal name for a collection of roaming warrior-scouts, informally called the Rangers, who are descended from the ancient and destroyed human civilization of Numenor. Numenoreans have a variety of advantages over garden variety humans, including extraordinary long life. Aragorn, nicknamed Strider (!), one of the main characters of Lord of the Rings, is a member of the Dunadain. He is, notably, over seventy years old during the events of Lord of the Rings.

  27. I’m speechless. I’m not sure I could recommend any of our relief corps based upon tonight. Except maybe Chavez and Smyly.

  28. @37 Sorry, just not my thing. I am an expert on crystal and depression glass.

    Corbin Burnes just left the Dodgers game with the trainer after giving up 3 runs in 2 innings.

  29. If we want total chaos, a division tie in the NL West and a four-way tie for the AL Wild Card are very possible depending how tomorrow goes.

  30. @43, same. I think we all would. Not sure if I want to see a Dodgers vs Giants game 163, then have the Dodgers lose in the wild-card game, or they just lose the division to the Giants tomorrow. A game 163 would certainly benefit St. Louis. But it’s all immaterial if we don’t beat the Brewers.

    But I am certainly rooting for a 4-way tie in the AL Wild Card. That would be fun!

  31. #12
    They’re pretty good, especially (as mentioned) the front 7 — and Jordan Davis & Jalen Carter are more than pretty good. If there’s a weak link, relatively speaking, it’ll be the inexperienced cornerbacks. They will be tested before the season ends.

    Best ever? Let’s see them play a balanced offense that has a formidable passing game; but I’m not sure we’re going to see one until Game 13. As of now, they’re squashing everyone to bits. But that’s all one can ask for at the moment.

    Today was not a fair fight. Roster vs. roster, top to bottom? Not close. Let’s just say I gave the points.

  32. Best ever? Let’s see them play a balanced offense that has a formidable passing game; but I’m not sure we’re going to see one until Game 13. As of now, they’re squashing everyone to bits. But that’s all one can ask for at the moment.

    Florida definitely has its work cut out for it if they want to show Georgia a formidable passing game. Florida is basically Georgia 2020 where its best QB is medically cleared to play but inexplicably missing from the action with no good reason cited by the HC. It’s maddening how Florida can play its best games against Bama and Georgia and be completely missing in games against the worst LSU team in a decade (2020) and Kentucky (2018, 2021). We can score 13 points and lose to Kentucky but remain confident we can at least put 30+ on the best Georgia team in 30 years, and that’s rooted in fact based on Mullen’s tenure. But Mullen is in year 4 inheriting a much worse program than Kirby did, and he’s in year 6. So we have time, I’d say.

    A Braves/Dawgs fan and Braves/Gator fan might be entering into the wilderness of being good but not great if the Braves, Dawgs, and Gators end this year without hoisting a trophy.

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