I thought this would happen…back at the end of June.

Then I thought it would happen again…back at the end of July.

When the Braves got heavy with the lefties, I kind of thought the time had passed and, in September, I pivoted to the RH candidates:

Now that it’s finally happened, I can say with full authority that I am very happy for Dylan Lee who genuinely seems like a good dude. He’s been stellar at Gwinnett this year with a 1.58 ERA, but that’s not even the best part. He’s always around the strike zone, yet contact of any magnitude is hard to come by. Also, when it comes to scouting MILB pitchers, I’ve been looking less and less at ERA and more at K/BB ratio. Dylan Lee is putting up 2019 Chris Martin numbers with a K-rate at 10.2, a walk rate at 1.2 and a K/BB ratio of 8.67 strikeouts for every walk.

To me, the stuff plays. He’s got a mid-90s fastball, a mid-80s changeup, and a curveball that plays in the upper 70s. All of his pitches are quality, but the command is where he makes his outs. Here’s my friends that run Outfield Fly Rule, Andy and Matt’s assessment:

And Dylan Lee, with the commish’s permission, is playoff eligible.

The Transactions

For those not in the know, Touki Toussaint‘s father passed away. Orlando Arcia‘s time up is probably short-lived and I’m also not sure we see Touki again this season. I can’t imagine he’ll be on the playoff roster. Kyle Wright, on the other hand, has earned another look at the MLB roster so that’s something to keep an eye on.