Taking a Ton of Bucks to Get a Buxton


The Braves, well…at least the fans, are reaching desperate times. With less than a dozen games left before the trade deadline, panic might begin to spin in the disco. While we all know that the real problem is the bullpen, the offense needs work as well. For whatever reason, the Braves just can’t put together strings of hits and it’s become apparent that they really need a bat…or 2.

The Braves are leading the league in attendance. The Battery is popping and business should be booming. The Twins are a hot button topic across MLB as they’re expected to sell and sell big. Their 3 biggest names that could be dealt this deadline are Byron Buxton, Jose Berrios, and Josh Donaldson. Because I feel as though their values are weighed fairly accurately via the trade simulator, I will provide those numbers.

  • Jose Berrios: $40.8 MM
  • Byron Buxton: $25.3MM
  • Josh Donaldson: $-19.7MM

While I do believe these are accurate numbers, I’m going to add a 1.5x tax to both Berrios and Buxton as they’re both top-tier talent for the trade deadline.

  • Berrios: $61.2 MM
  • Buxton: $37.95 MM

If the Braves wanted to grab Buxton or Berrios, it’ll cost a ton. However, what if the Braves just wanted to acquire one while also taking on Donaldson’s salary? Let’s take a look.

Acquiring Some Twins

Even with Donaldson’s negative value due to inability to stay on the field, the Twins ask could be over $40MM worth in players if they were to package him with Jose Berrios. While there’s a little variance here, that cost would essentially be 2 of the following players:

If the Braves were to go the other route and try to grab Byron Buxton, the deal would likely only be for one of the players listed above, but would definitely come with a few sweeteners. The list (likely incomplete) of sweeteners:

What if they tried to acquire all 3? That would be about $80MM in value so take 3 from the first list and 2 from the 2nd.

For me personally? Shoot…Byron Buxton is from Georgia. Bring some rain and get some fire in Josh Donaldson back in this clubhouse. My personal trade:

Now imagine this lineup:

  1. Byron Buxton (CF)
  2. Freddie Freeman
  3. Josh Donaldson
  4. Ozzie Albies
  5. Austin Riley (LF)
  6. Joc Pederson (RF)
  7. Dansby Swanson
  8. Catcher

Yeah…go get them, AA.

Author: Ryan Cothran

Ryan is the site editor and manager of Braves Journal. Follow him on Twitter.

33 thoughts on “Taking a Ton of Bucks to Get a Buxton”

  1. I would take any and all of the above. An outfield of Riley, Joc and Buxton with Donaldson at third would do nicely.

  2. Yeah, Buxton’s durability makes Josh Donaldson look like Freddie Freeman. But the dude can play. Like I always say — it ain’t my money. Go get ’em!

  3. Glad to see you back, Smitty. Tfloyd and Rob were speaking ill of you.

    Looks like a deal to me. Go for it, AA.

    Mad Dog said the Braves are dead on the radio today. He also said Wheeler would dominate the Braves tonight. My words, not his, but the message was the same. I’d hate for that obnoxious big mouth to be right, so …


  4. I love your personal trade offer of picking up Buxton and the bringer of rain. I honestly don’t think Pache will hit enough. I like Elder but think he will wind up as a BP arm and Arcia and Jackson are throw ins. I’d do that deal in a heart beat.

  5. Sooooooo the plan is not to re-sign Freddie then? Liberty won’t pay for all of that. Twins wouldn’t do it anyway.

  6. @7 With his defense Pache doesn’t need to be a great hitter. If he’s a league average hitter he is a star. I think he will be fine.

  7. I thought it was very interesting that the Rays, a true World Series contender, traded a major league player simply because it was from an area of strength. It’s really not often that contending teams will trade off big league pieces, no?

  8. Froderick is some kinda locked in.

    If we don’t re-sign him, it will be a day that will live in infamy.

  9. Nick Green Watch: “I could look at that sunset all day and all night.”
    No, Nick. You couldn’t.

  10. Jonathan, I told many people today the whole idea around “this is where I came in”. We all agreed that our conception of entertainment has greatly changed.

    One conversation that ensued is what your young self would have thought about today’s world: you can literally load up almost anything on demand from your couch… in 4K. And when you go to the movies, there’s IMAX 3D that will blow your mind. Could you have even dreamed this up when you were a kid? Maybe not.

    I’m still quite young, and I often like to dream about what life will be like when I’m your age. One thing I believe to my core is that people will regularly live into the 100’s — if not deep into the 100’s — by the time I’m 100. I joke that I have every intention of living to 120, but I’m really not joking. I think in my lifetime international travel will be almost instantaneous, you will be able to “experience” a movie as if you’re inside the actual filming itself, and almost every piece of your body — ligaments, tendons, muscles, organs — will be replaceable with ease.

    I’m also crazy.

  11. Just a suggestion: if we must change our team’s name, and if the new name cannot be Hammers; then can we please be named Clowns?

    The team could dispense red rubber noses and clown shoes, maybe seltzer bottles, on give away nights.

  12. Perhaps pie in the face contests during seventh inning stretches?

    Or maybe we could just play baseball again some day.

  13. You can’t hit Riley behind Freeman .. Albies has to hit behind Freeman … they pitch around Freeman with Riley on deck..

  14. @14: My young self had no clue about what would happen in entertainment. Nor does my current self have any insightful predictions about, say, three years from now. The only thing that hasn’t improved immensely is Braves television play-by-play announcing. Oh, and I kinda miss 8 track tapes. (jk)

    PS: not to be overly pedantic (oh hell… we’re losing… why not?) a photograph of a sunset is not a sunset.

  15. I’m in Philly and we’re staying at the team hotel. So far I met FF5 and my daughter met Bryce Wilson.

    They seem nice but I’m old enough to be their father and it’s very weird.

  16. We can’t survive with Almonte and Arcia and Heredia all playing OF .. now Peterson has cooled. Adrianza can’t but a hit .. Riley and Swanson are high and low .. Freeman and Albies can’t carry this team .. they need offense .. will AA do it .. ?? Or sit till too late ?? I say the latter .. he will sit and watch Mets and Phils improve at deadline while he is afraid to pull trigger

  17. @22 It is strange to see the parents of players and realize you are likely several years older than them……scary.

  18. Mets have the better lineup and relief pitchers .. so they add a starter they will pull away … Braves playing for 2nd which gets you a low draft pic next year …tank it rest of year .. get ya a top 10 pic …

  19. @23 Why waste prospects on this season? This team is battered and bruised. They don’t have the pitching for the playoffs even if they made it.

    I think AA will buy a couple of non rental players that will at least allow this team to be competitive so they can fill The Battery the rest of the season. That’s the goal. This isn’t a good team and they won’t get better until they get healthy.

  20. Why try to finish 2nd and loose ground in draft order .. if they aint out to win .. tank it .. who cares if you can’t win it .. get some good positions in draft ..

  21. They have missed on so many top draft pics and signings .. Wright, Waters , Pache , Wilson

  22. @30 Huh?? Pache was just ranked #11 on Keith Law’s updated Top 50 prospect list, which includes the recently drafted players. Both Pache and Waters are top 25 MLB prospects. Pache had a grand total of 72 mlb plate appearances. It’s hard to believe he is being written off already. Wilson was a 4th round high school pitcher who made the majors. That is big win. If they just get him off of the AAA shuttle and move him to middle relief he will be fine. That moving back and forth has got to be hard on young pitchers. Wright was a bad pick.

    The Wren regime was lousy at drafting but Ozzie and Ronnie were big hits on the international side. Drafting picked up when Coppy took over. AA’s drafts have looked great so far. Patience.

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