Well, once again I am recapping from the state of “I didn’t see a damn bit of it.” I have been at work accomplishing a little toward trying to meet professional responsibilities and generate revenue. I did keep GameCast and the preceding thread open most of the time. So, it would not be accurate to address me as Alicia Silverstone (despite my sudden interest in pearls as an accessory) because I do at least have a clue.

The first clue is my cousin Ian is back. When you strike people out, don’t give up walks, and don’t give up homeruns, you usually finish fairly well. Yes, he was wobbling in the 5th, but 5 innings, no runs, no walks, 3 hits and 6 K’s is postseason ace territory (where Ian resided last year). The WHIP was barely over .5 Yeah, that’s good, real good.

For much of the game, the Braves offense struggled. Finally when a little wiggle started moving in the bottom of the 5th, Snit decided this is the appropriate part of the season for pearls. He threw those pearls before the swine of Mule Hockey. And, with 2 on, Joc Pederson put Milwaukee’s post season hopes on life support. It was Earl Weaver’s favorite baseball play, the 3 run homer. And on this day, 3 runs looked like a mountain.

Yes, Duvall had done a monumentally stupid base running blunder in the second. He went on a short fly ball for 2nd, but didn’t pull up after he drew the throw. So, he made an out before the runner on third could score. Like, really?

But the relief cops provided some of its name required production. The professional impersonator for Jesse Chavez continues to pitch somewhee between good and excellent almost every time out. Good thing it is not REALLY Jesse Chavez. Then, Deathstar did his thing with only a double. Luke Jackson must be a Molly Hatchett fan, because once again he flirted with disaster, but ended up allowing no runs. And then the Fresh Prince was actually kind of fresh as in a WHIP of 0.

My concern in this post season was the bullpen. So, far, that is zero runs for 3 games and 8 plus innings. If that continues, it could be a fun fall for the diehards of BATRA fandom.