The Pirates aren’t a good baseball team. They’re 32-53, the second-worst mark in the Senior Circuit and third-worst in baseball. Their run differential of -105 is also second-worst in the NL and third-worst in the majors. They are in fifth place this year, the same place they finished the last two years; they were in fourth place the two years previous, and haven’t finished above fourth since a third-place finish in 2016.

It has been a long time since Andrew McCutchen led the team to three straight Wild Card appearances from 2013-2015.

Of course, the team has not actually finished in first place since 1992.

This, this is the team that has beaten the Braves twice in a row, has silenced the Braves’ bats so thoroughly that the Braves offense has mustered a total of 11 hits and two runs over two pathetic games.

Blame the bullpen all you want. I’m blaming the bats.