The Braves kick off a 3-game series against NL East foe, the Phillies. Here are the pitching matchups for the week:

  1. Drew Smyly vs. Aaron Nola
  2. Tucker Davidson vs. Zach Eflin
  3. Ian Anderson vs. Zack Wheeler

Braves Gain Extra Year of Control for Orlando Arcia

Boggy of Knockahoma Nation is a great resource for all things roster related and he told me that June 7th was the day that Braves could call up Arcia and gain an extra year of control. Looks like they can keep him around in 2022 if they choose to do so.

Scott Kingery Outrighted

It’s only relevant to the Braves as they’re playing the Phillies, but Kingery, halfway through his 6 year extension, was outrighted to AAA after he went unclaimed (and rightly so) through waivers. He’s getting paid $4MM this year, $6MM in 2022, and $8MM in 2023.

4 Braves Make MLB Network’s Top 25 Under 25

Look, MLB Network is a clown show and Harold Reynolds is the main mime. And while I agree on the 4 guys they got right, the order is just all wrong. They’ve not revealed the Top-5, so Ronald Acuna Jr. is just assumed. Here are the rankings:

Seriously…Austin Riley at 13, but Ozzie Albies at 17? Talk about recency bias. Ian Anderson, while not in this graphic, was named 10th and that’s pretty impressive considering the players he’s outranking. My guess is Acuna lands in the 2nd spot behind MLB loverboy Fernando Tatis Jr.

Braves Lineup

Drew Smyly pitching to a hot hitting team in a hitter friendly park. What could go wrong?