Although the word mayhem is used frequently today, it is rarely according to its original and accurate meaning. At English Common Law, mayhem was an intentional assault resulting in the permanent loss of a bodily part (Sound close, tfloyd?). So usually when you hear the word or see it in print, it is used more to mean something akin to chaos. Last night 2 Major League Baseball Teams continued to experience a seemingly medieval scope of human injury and loss. But for the Braves it was a night complained of by the famous philosopher, Sir Richard Pryor of Peoria: “You can kick my ass, but don’t be hollering at me, too.”

Taijuan Walker started for the Mets. He was good. One hit given up to Max Fried. 3 innings pitched. Then, the dreaded tightness in the side (oblique?) caused his removal. this was after 4 projected regular Mets starters were already out with various injuries. That makes you wonder if Steve Cohen is going to have to spend more time and money fixing that medical / training catastrophe.

Well, Taijuan Walker was replaced by Sean Reid-Foley. He was probably the game’s MVP. 3 clean innings.

Max Fried was good through 6. He went out to start 7 and gave up a double. Max was having an issue with his left (throwing) hand. News out was a cramp. Jacob Webb came in and gave up a double to James McCann which brought the game’s first run. Then, after getting 2 outs with 2 walks and loading the bases, Webb covered the title theme. 94 mph fastball to the center of Kevin Pillar’s face. (keeping score, that is 3 injuries to that point in this game).

Well the Braves gave up 1 more in the 8th. Then, in the bottom half, Austin Riley hit an oppo shot to put one on the board. At the end of the night he was at OPS .819, second among Braves regulars.

If IWOTM, then it must have been OTB(arves). (plural for barf.)