Braves Pound Pirates 20-1. No, seriously, they scored 20

By far the best part of that game is it was what we should’ve had last year. When the Braves busted open a pinata full of runs against the Marlins last year in a 29-9 win, it was in front of an empty ballpark. There was nobody in the stands to enjoy the sheer ridiculousness of what was happening. It’s always so much better when you can see the looks on people’s faces while something mind-blowing is happening. 

Tonight, we were given exactly what the 2020 season took away from us. 

The Braves beat the Pirates 20-1, and that really was the score. They hit two grand slams, and it somehow accounted for less than half of the runs in the game. They scored in every inning except the third. Eight different players recorded an RBI and nine had a hit. Ian Anderson was great even though he didn’t need to be. 

And most of all, people actually got to see it in person. 


  • Twenty runs! Twenty! For the second consecutive season, in fact.
  • The Braves became the first team in baseball history to hit seven home runs in a game with two grand slams. Any time you can do something that nobody has done in a sport that’s 150 years old, it’s pretty special. 
  • Marcell Ozuna had a really good at-bat for his home run.He worked the count to 2-2, fouled off a pair of two-strike pitches, then golfed a curveball over the left field wall. It’s slow progress for him right now, but hopefully that gets him going.
  • Austin Riley now has a .310 batting average and a .914 (!!) OPS after tonight. Everything came together for him at exactly the right time and it’s paying dividends. Lineup construction comments after a game where you scored three touchdowns are a bit dumb, but he might find himself in the top third of the lineup sooner than later.
  • The Braves have hit seven grand slams this season now, and they’ve come from seven different players. The only way this could be funnier is if Freddie Freeman still didn’t have one in his career and he was just watching everyone else hit one seemingly every week. 
  • The Braves are averaging 20 runs per game with Kevan Smith in the lineup this season. He’s the X-factor.
  • When you give Ian Anderson 20 runs of support, he’s pretty tough to beat. He could’ve worked with two tonight though the way he was throwing. 
  • Josh Tomlin caught a comebacker and doubled off a runner, because of course he did. Everything went right tonight, and that’s putting it lightly. 
  • Dansby Swanson has homered in back-to-back games. Is this that three week stretch of the season where he becomes the Bullet Bill from Mario Kart and goes nuts before inevitably getting blueshelled back into a slump as soon as it ends? It looks like he might be having that kind of stretch.
  • The bullpen did not cough up a 20-run lead. At least we know there’s a limit.
  • Somebody somewhere got very mad about how much the Braves were swinging with a double-digit lead in the eighth inning. I don’t know who, but someone somewhere did, and that’s a good thing. Forget the unwritten rules, hit dingers.
  • There were 11 baseballs hit at least 103 MPH off the bat in this game, and all of them were off Atlanta bats. That’ll play.
  • The Braves erased their -19 run differential in one night. The win-loss record might not be back to .500, but the pythagorean win-loss record is now.


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Former Brave Of The Day: 

I feel like giving it to Chasen Shreve would just be mean, so I’ll give it to Alex Wood. Six innings of two-run baseball against the Dodgers is a great performance, even if he did end up on the wrong side of a 2-1 decision. 

Quote Of The Game: 

“At home they call me big Al, and I hit dingers.”

Tomorrow’s Goal: 

Make it a game of blackjack and score 21 this time.

36 thoughts on “Braves Pound Pirates 20-1. No, seriously, they scored 20”

  1. Thanks Alan.

    Only negative is that Josh Tomlin wasn’t able to get the three inning save in a 20-run blowout. But I’m glad Webb got a low-stress inning, even if he did get dinked and dunked.

  2. Boy, Riley is one streaky son of a gun. But the longer he goes, the more likely it gets that he might be able to be a major league hitter. Maybe he’s Adam LaRoche. But that would be actually be a whole lot better than I thought – and a whole lot better than a lot of people gave him credit for being capable of.

  3. In the piece that I discussed Austin Riley and the high BABIP, It might’ve been taken that I was down on Riley. That was not the case. What I wanted to see is the power to come and the BABIP to naturally regress back to reasonable. The power is coming hard and fast but the BABIP is soaring (at .409 now). That will come down but this power surge is so awesome and his bat path is in a very healthy state.

  4. It seems like Riley’s work with Chipper is paying off.

    Bryse Wilson is starting tonight.

  5. William Contreras has already been worth half a win of WAR. And Guillermo Heredia has been worth 0.8 WAR. That’ll work

  6. ladies and Gentlemen,
    Now that we all witness a Hitting Clinc. Hopefully the Braves will play with Consistency and The Real will to win Because winning isn’t Everything it’s the Only Thing as has been said By Vince Lombardi who a winning Coach if The Green Bay Packers . Once Players like Freedy Freman Marcel OZUNA stop swinging on the first pitch during their time at Bat. They will be more successful.. plus They need More Pitchers like IAN Anderson . They have Shane Green Slowly getting the Rust off his pitching . In. Addition SIROKA will be back. Sooner than the middle of July. It’s my hope they will starting Pitchers who pitch into. The 8th Inming Consistently. MLB has had 5 Pitchers pitch no hitters . The last time The Braves had a No-hitter was Kent Merker. I.would love 💘. To see Tommy Glavine Take Over. The pitching Coach position. Or John.Smoltz who has had Tommy John Surgery. And knows What to do for a Effective Recovery . That is what is Wrong With Mike Siroka. There is no reason or Excuse he is Still suffering from his Season ending leg problem and arm issues. That is up to the pitching coach .which has. Failed to do. Plus When.the Relief Pitchers are in. Why does it take so long replace them once they Relinqish 1 Run.or more before both Brian Snitiker to decide before they blow a 2-3 Run lead especially in the 7th or 8th Inning’s especially critical because the Offense can’t always dig them out of Trouble . It’s has been a Fact The Braves Are struggling to keep a lead past the 7th Inning during the Last 15 Games. They are On the extra lower half of The MLB ..look at The Rankings of The past 6 weeks. It’s Time to get the problems resolved before it will be harder to restore their presence at the National League Eastern Division. They have recently acquired a short stop. From the Milwaukee Brewers who should be given a chance to play If Dansby Swanson is not consistent. as Far As Webb has displayed. It’s time For him To be Transferred to the Tripple AA AFFILIATE . In summation up to May 21st of May they aren’t Metting their Goal. There shouldn’t be any reason that the Team is playing far Below their Capabilities.
    Bill Edwards EDITOR OF THE PALM COAST 🌴Tribune. Boyton Beach FLORIDA ⛱.

  7. Historical night. Only one win.
    Would Acuna be more valuable batting somewhere else in the lineup? If so, who bats leadoff?

  8. Here is a Fact That happened On Friday May 21st. sides Yankees producing a Tripple Play against the Chicago White Sox and a Player on the Cincinnati Reds hitting 3 Home Runs Consecutively . It’s The Anniversary of Bob Horner hitting 4 Home Runs Consecutively during the Same game in.Addition why was it not mentioned that no Team in the History of the M.L.B to hit 7 Home Runs and 2 Grand slams both from the Top of The up and Bottom of the lineup..although it was mentioned that The Braves did tie A M.L.B record during the 2020 season and When the Braves Beat the same team The Pittsburgh Pirates in 1957 13-2 with 7 Home Runs during the Jonny Saine days. Bill Edwards Editor of The Palm Coast Tribune Boyton Beach FLORIDA ⛱.

  9. Bill, if you are reading this, who hit the last grand slam for the Braves last night?

  10. @7 – Agreed, it would be good to have pitchers pitch into the 8th inning consistently.

  11. I’ve been pretty cynical related to the 3 or 4 game cycle of winning streaks followed by losing streaks. However, it appears that our starting pitching has settled down to some consistency. If last night’s performance propels individual hitters like Albies and Ozuna to some consistency we can get by with a very mediocre bullpen.

  12. @15 You will also give the bullpen far fewer opportunities to blow the game when a functioning offense and rotation create significantly less close games. We’d have a good bullpen if we didn’t need a good bullpen nearly as often as we have.

  13. It was not the first pitch of the game, Chip. It was the 12th pitch of the game.

  14. Chip also said earlier that we’re inching ever closer to the .500 mark. Unless you count last night as that inch, I’m not sure we’ve made overall progress toward .500 since we got swept in the opening series of the season. We’ve won one in a row and 2 out of the last 3, but we’re still 3 games below .500.
    Now, I’m pretty optimistic that they’ll get over .500 soon and stay there, but I wish they’d finally win 5 out of 6 without losing the next 3 or 4.

  15. @20 I believe if contreras OPS stays around 800 for the season, TDA would have to take a lower offer to stay in ATL. 4-5 million? Contingent on him showing something with the bat when he recovers.

    I would probably pass on him…..gotta figure Alex Jackson can’t be this bad permanently in a backup role, right?

  16. Leo Mazzone…articulate…witty…excellent vocabulary.

    and a good friend too apparently, regularly stops by.

  17. I wish they wouldn’t let Mitch Keller off the hook. No way he should be pitching into 5.

  18. What a great interview. Why in the heck is Leo not still coaching????

    How big a lead do we have to have to not fear the bullpen?

  19. Leo and Bob…obvious distaste of advanced metrics, a cloud on the game…unspoken but clear.

  20. One of a hundred advantages of having a big crowd…

    your starting pitcher taken out after a worthy 6 plus innings gets a warm, standing ovation…

    guys, gals, kids…all on their feet…alive again.

  21. New Braves Custom…

    hit a homer, panda will give you a hug and then a lift up..

    today…Ozzie reverses roles, does all the lifting…STRONG

  22. Acuna 3K’s 4 LOB…one early rocket…have no idea if i should be concerned.. would be happier were the homer at the back end though…why?

  23. There are many things in life to be concerned about, but Ronald is not one of them.

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