Braves at Nationals, April 7th

Well, it’s been less than good and the Braves do not get a break as Drew Smyly will be facing off with one of the best in the game, Max Scherzer. Here’s today’s Braves lineup:

In other news, the Braves are finally free of Chad Sobotka as they made a move to acquire some infield depth:

While Arcia could be with the club soon, it was surprising to see this follow-up tweet:

Who is Orlando Arcia?

Ranked as high as 12 on Baseball Prospectus’s Top 100 list, Orlando Arcia has had a disappointing career to date. The glove is solid, but the bat has never fully come around. However, the bat is trending in the right direction and hopefully Kevin Seitzer can help him level up. As of now, the most positive thing about his bat is he’s been equally productive against LH and RH pitching and that definitely has value off the bench. He does have a minor league option (and the Braves used it) and one more year of team control.

Let’s get it on.

Author: Ryan Cothran

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36 thoughts on “Braves at Nationals, April 7th”

  1. Per request, there is now a page dedicated to talking politics. That means, and no disrespect intended, that this part of the blog is 100% free of discussing politics even if it’s a bit of a crossover in baseball.

    I’ll allow someone to say, “If you want to talk about the MLB moving the ASG out of Atlanta, let’s discuss over at the politics page.

    It’ll be linked to the top at all times, but here it is if you’d like to bookmark it.

  2. Rumours of the death of the Braves have been greatly exaggerated

    I may also have dug out the Bringer of Rain shirt today

  3. Smyly giving up bombs to Trey Turner? Good to see he’s already learned the Braves Way.

  4. I see that Drew Smyly got in his time machine to discuss pitching with 2020 Will Smith.

  5. Here is one of those situations where Snit might try to get one more inning out of Smyly to save the pinch hitter when it could cost him

    Edit- Riley and Pache saved that

  6. Smyly has put together a very nice first start as a Brave: 6 IP, 4 H, 2 ER, 1 BB, 8 K.

  7. @13 those are numbers way better than the normal Atlanta quality start…that’s a real quality start by definition

  8. @14 You bet, and I’m looking for him to be solid and dependable like that all season. He got stung with some unearned runs, but he went toe to toe with Scherzer today. This is AA’s ace card this year.

  9. Super smart pitching by Matzek to walk Kieboom and Robles to pitch to Turner. You aren’t the wild thing and Turner isn’t Parkman

  10. Not sure how Tomlin managed to escape. I looked away after the 2-0 count. lol

  11. I did not expect us to get out of that. It shows how little I paid attention to spring training (and the offseason other than the big-ticket items, for that matter) that I was like, “We still have Josh Tomlin around to throw into these game-breaking situations for absolutely no reason?!?!”

  12. Trae Turner is on hard-kari watch after watching that 2-0 pitch go by and popping up a hanging curve.

  13. “We still have Josh Tomlin around to throw into these game-breaking situations for absolutely no reason?!?!”

    I had that same reaction when I saw him the other day. But it does show how thin we are from the right side.

  14. What happened? I got two separate texts that said Pache homered to give us the lead

  15. I wonder what teams’ winning percentage is in games in which they hit 4 HR. .950?

  16. @22–yes, what happened?! I was in a zoom meeting and sneaking peeks at the app and I could have sworn it said he homered. Then when I looked back it said he struck out.

  17. So 0-4 isn’t the end of the season. But 0-20 would be. That means the tipping point record lies somewhere in between.

    My question to you:
    If this team reaches __ games below .500, all is lost.

  18. Sample size, but 6 of 8 lineup regulars are hitting .200 or less. That makes it challenging to win.

  19. @31

    Realistically, 0-8. And it’s possible. No offense unless the ball is going over the fence, and the bullpen is a tire fire. These four games have been brutal to watch.

  20. I’ve got some good news, everybody — I live in Washington, so I was blacked out and didn’t watch the game, so my recap will spare us from any messy details.

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