It’s that time, ladies and gents. The Braves will face off against Trevor Bauer in Game 1 of Wild Card Series. Max Fried will toe the rubber and looking to make the Braves 1-0. A few notes:

This would imply that Luke Jackson has not made the squad and that makes me happy. I feel like this also means that Tyler Flowers will likely catch 1 game and Travis d’Arnaud will DH one game (likely tomorrow). Speaking of happy….

If we are to believe that being provided a playoff jersey means that one has made the playoff team, Cristian Pache has made the club! Exciting! I guess it could also be that he just made the taxi squad, but with 15 position players, it seems plausible.

It’s a new year…and hopefully a new outcome. Oddly, I’m more confident in this team and their chances than I’ve been in over a decade. Get it, boys!