Building a Braves Playoff Roster and Game Thread

If the Braves beat the Marlins tonight and the Phillies lose at least 1 game in their doubleheader, the Braves will have clinched the division for the 3rd straight year. With eyes on the prize, which is a World Series victory, let’s take a look at what a Braves Playoff Roster might look like in a 3-game series.

Braves Playoff Roster: Position Players

This seems fairly straightforward, with the exception being 2 players. It’s my belief that the Braves are going to want Travis d’Arnaud‘s bat in every game, even when Tyler Flowers is catching. With that thought in mind, the Braves likely carry a 3rd catcher in case of an emergency. Since the Braves only need 3 starting pitchers, it’s easy to find the roster space.

Catchers: Tyler Flowers, Travis d’Arnaud, Willian Contreras

Infielders: Freddie Freeman, Ozzie Albies, Dansby Swanson, Austin Riley

Outfielders: Ronald Acuna Jr., Adam Duvall, Marcell Ozuna

Bench: Nick Markakis, Ender Inciarte, Adeiny Hechavarria, Johan Camargo

Thoughts: With the team in need of less starting pitching, the Braves can really go a little bit crazy with their bench/bullpen to prepare for all scenarios. In all likelihood, they won’t be used but if needed, there’s a backup for every position. Cristian Pache could very well be added to this list should the Braves choose to utilize a spot for a speedster over an extra pitcher (or Camargo). Camargo feels like the guy that will come back for now, but it very well could be someone like Pablo Sandoval should the commissioner allow it. Remember last year that a trip to AAA before the playoffs did Camargo a lot of good.

Braves Playoff Roster: Pitchers

Starters: Max Fried, Ian Anderson, Kyle Wright

Relievers : Josh Tomlin, Huascar Ynoa, Grant Dayton, Darren O’Day, Jacob Webb, Tyler Matzek, A.J. Minter, Shane Greene, Chris Martin, Will Smith, Mark Melancon

Thoughts: Luke Jackson could be added to this group, but for now, I feel the Braves will add Camargo for the short series. Everyone else feels like a shoo-in. Luke comes back if Braves advance.

Braves Roster Updates

While the jury is out as to who sticks around after this year, the Braves at least got an extra year of control out of some guys which is good for either scenario, keeping or trading.

Tonight’s Braves Lineup

Author: Ryan Cothran

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32 thoughts on “Building a Braves Playoff Roster and Game Thread”

  1. Nats 5-0 up on the Phillies after 3.

    Harper struck out, hit into a DP with bases loaded, made error in outfield which scored an extra run

  2. From the prior thread about Rays’ quality starts — they’ve been the most radical practitioners of the “opener” strategy the last couple of years. No idea if they’re still doing it as much, but the organizational approach seems to dismiss the idea of the quality start entirely.

    I’m guessing it must be Rick Mahler in response to the trivia question. He and the Braves’ staff back then pitched to contact so severely that they turned Glenn Hubbard into a proto-defensive metrics god.

  3. Yeah, I never would’ve guessed No. 2 on the “Maddux” list (sorry to spoil it, but since the feat is informally named after him, it’s pretty obvious he’s one of the two) in a million years. Glavine is tied for third with Bob Tewksbury, who I also wouldn’t have guessed in a million years.

    Of course, part of it is that I didn’t start following baseball until the early 90s, so while I’ve certainly heard of those two guys and even saw them pitch a couple times, they’re just not on my radar at all.

  4. #2
    It’s not Rick Mahler (who I saw pitch way too much in my life), and off the top of my head, I’d say that this guy (who I also saw pitch way too much in my life) was a little better than Mahler. (Career ERA+ 96 vs 105, career ERA 3.99 vs 3.74).

    But funny enough, this guy has the exact same career WAR as Mahler (20.2).

  5. Bob Tewksbury led the NL with a BB/9 of 0.8 in 1992 and 1993, with 20 bases on balls each year (with over 200 IP, obviously).
    Maddux did lead the league in that category 9 times in his career. The most remarkable season in that regard was 1997, when he also had a BB/9 of 0.8. He almost had more wins than walks on the season. He walked 20 and won 19 games.

  6. @8, that is a great joke!

    Typical wall-scraper out of Marcell Ozuna. Holy moly.

  7. Bryse is getting through pretty well so far, though I fear the second time through the order may be a different matter.

  8. Ozzie! This lineup is so deep and dangerous if he’s back on track.

    I think I’ve got the trivia question answer.

  9. Ryan, you’ve got 28 players on your postseason roster. I thought we had determined it was only 26?

  10. He still has only 1 offspeed pitch for a strike. Going with just the 2 fastballs won’t work in the long term

  11. 3-2 with 1 out is such an automatic send for Snitker it’s almost hilarious the broadcast trio is even asking about it. He loves the 3-2-1 send pretty much no matter what.

  12. I’m gonna miss Marcel..well, on offense, at least.

    Never thought I would say this, but why remove B.Wilson? Stupid unsexy Tomlin.

  13. That’s a somewhat chintzy move on his part with less than a week left IMO. Unless there’s some specific issue that we’re not aware of, anyway.

  14. @29. He’ll certainly get a multi yr deal after this. If the Braves think the NL will have the DH in ’22 I wouldn’t mind giving him a 3 or even 4 yr contract. If he’s going to hit anything close to this I certainly can live with seeing him in the OF regularly one more season. You have to think Pache will be playing in CF at some point next year and he can cover up some of Ozuna’s deficiencies better than Ender.
    Edit: Webb is pitching his way onto the postseason roster

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