Thought from Chipper Jones, 2022?, and Game Thread

As we all know, Freddie Freeman is locked in and he’s finally starting to receive some recognition from the national media. However, it was his snowday savior that came to his aid once again to pine for his boy for MVP.

Taking the WAR lead is HUGE for Freddie and provides less reason for the national guys to give the MVP to the latest hype, Fernando Tatis, Jr, or the newest NL superstar, Mookie Betts. The last 10 days will be telling, but I think Freddie takes his first MVP when MLB’s 2020 comes to an end.

Future Anthopoulos Signing?

You can’t deny that Justin Verlander, straight off of Tommy John surgery, would be the type of guy that Anthopoulos would target on a 1-year deal…in 2022. Tough news for one of the game’s best and it would be a great story if he comes back kickin’ ass in 2020 with a tomahawk across his chest.

Braves Lineup

While one can argue with Snitker on bullpen usage, its hard to argue his lineups and the open mindedness to make changes when palatable. Ozzie Albies moves up to the 6th spot and I’d be willing to bet that he’ll move further up as the season comes to a close.

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22 thoughts on “Thought from Chipper Jones, 2022?, and Game Thread”

  1. Just following up (really late) on the excellent thread sansho1 started. The 1973 Braves are not the only NL team to lead MLB in runs per game in the DH era. So did the 74 Dodgers and the 75 and 76 Reds. So it took 4 years of the DH before the natural advantage of the AL game asserted itself. That seems really weird to me.

    After 1976, though, only one NL team led MLB in runs per game. What team was it?

  2. This team is just so bad at scoring runs from third. As has been said here many times, this is going to torpedo us in the playoffs

  3. I’m guessing a Rockies team of the Walker/Helton era, Jonathan?

    The pre-DH AL was really sagging offensively…they had a lot of ground to make up. The league as a whole averaged under 3.5 runs per game in ’72, while the NL was around 4.2 (all numbers from memory). The ’72 Angels, Rangers, and IIRC Indians were among the worst offenses of the live ball era.

  4. @6 just such bad at bats too. Ozzie takes a half hearted swing to weakly pop up and Dansby tries to pull a pitch 6 inches off the plate. Just an awful approach by both of them

  5. @7: You’d think it was a Rockies team, but it was the 1990 Mets. 1990 was also one of the only three years in the DL era in which the most prolific team was under 4.8 runs/game. The others were the 2014 Angels and the 1989 Red Sox.

  6. Smoltz is great when talking about, e.g., that time he threw thirty knuckleballs in spring training, but kinda awful when talking about current hitters’ selfish at bats.

  7. Maybe it will work out, but I don’t really get pulling Anderson with 2 outs, no one on base, 99 pitches and after 5 and 2/3rds. It just seems like letting him pitch to one more batter would have made a lot of sense.

  8. @11

    It’s a proven fact that pitchers now explode if allowed to throw 100 pitches. Like, literally on the spot while the ball is still on the way to the plate.

  9. Yeah, great outing by Peterson but he was toast.

    Bronson Arroyo (via Bill James): “It’s become a max-effort game. Everybody thinks that you have to pump up and throw 100. But it is harder to throw strikes, and it puts strain on your body, and after a couple of years you have to have surgery. I just did what my body was able to do, pitch at the speed that I could sustain. That’s what you do to have a long career.”

  10. Nice night for ex -mvp candidate freeman
    I think the team as a whole is 0-9 or 0-10 with RISP. Terrible playoff preview.

  11. Well, there goes Shane Green’s ERA
    At least when the Mets hit a homerun into the bullpen, creepy Cgi fans didn’t start appearing from underneath the bleachers looking for the balls and fighting with the cardboard cutouts.

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