On December 22, 1999, Braves One Year Wanker Reggie Sanders was traded by the San Diego Padres with Wally Joyner and Quilvio Veras to the Atlanta Braves for Bret Boone, Ryan Klesko and Jason Shiell.

Braves One Year Wanker, Reggie Sanders: Dissecting the Trade

Firstly, if anyone were to dig up my thoughts on the matter at the time you will find I was thoroughly positive at the time. While I didn’t fancy seeing Joyner in the long side of a first base platoon (I don’t remember any of us foreseeing the Big Cat‘s revival from the cancer scare), the rest of this trade looked absolutely marvelous for the Braves — Veras was a plus defender with good on base skills and 2 seasons of arbitration control remaining while Sanders was coming off a 4 WAR campaign and a 903 OPS in Jack Murphy stadium in San Diego (where that was really hard to do). I really wanted to be rid of Boone and while I regretted giving up on Klesko, he had just gotten expensive and really couldn’t play defense even at 1st base.

Braves One Year Wanker, Reggie Sanders: Why We Hate Him

Reggie had a 2 hit game on Apr 14th, 2000 and then would go hitless for the next 2 weeks. His batting average would remain under the Mendoza Line until September. He hit his first homer of the season on June 4th. In all, over 377 plate appearances he managed just a 705 OPS most of which were in a semi platoon where he faced mostly lefties while BJ Surhoff got the righties. 11 taters and 36 rbi’s are not what anyone wants from a left fielder not named Sam Rice.

Come the playoffs, it somehow got worse. In the 3 game sweep at the hands of the Cardinal devil-magic, Sanders managed no hits and only 2 walks. He was a free agent afterwards and signed with Snakes where at least he was an integral part of the team that defeated the Yankees in the World series.

Why Reggie Sanders is the best of our Wankers

Make no mistake, Reggie put up one of the most craptastic seasons of any player during the playoff run. However, to his credit, he never once tried to deflect blame to others, never got upset by the media questions, never once acted as anything other than a model teammate. The Braves actually put in a competitive bid to keep him in Atlanta but he decided a fresh start would be best for his career and then put in several more quality seasons out in the desert. He retained close ties with Bobby and would return to the team during the Wren regime as a scout and special assistant to the GM. In other words, a great guy… but a one-year wanker!

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