Guys and gals, I cannot emphasize enough how excited I am that Braves Journal now has its own podcast. Three Flags Flying is a podcast that represents the unity of 3 Braves blogs: Braves Journal, Outfield Fly Rule, and Talking Chop.

Kris Willis is the site manager from Talking Chop and has a long history in providing solid content through TC and Peachtree Hoops.

Brent Blackwell is the co-founder of Outfield Fly Rule and is a deeply researched analyst in anything he does, and has been providing quality pieces over at OFR for years.

Mission of 3 Flags Flying

Our mission for the podcast is to create a 30-45 minute podcast that comes equipped with 3 segments each week:

  • Focus on the Braves MLB team
  • Focus on the Braves MiLB team
  • Focus on Braves History

Our 1st episode was merely an introductory to get registered on the various podcast sites. However, episode 2 is up and running and is a reflection of what the podcast will feature going forward.

How can you help?

First off, Braves Journal has some of the most knowledgeable fans found on any site and in tackling Braves history each week, we are going to need help in providing our listeners with quality segments. This first week, I was able to pull from a piece told by my father-in-law and it’s one of my favorite baseball stories of all-time. However, I’m not going to be as fortunate each week, so if you’d be interested in writing a piece that we could share on the podcast, please send me an email.

Lastly, the best way you could support the podcast is to give it a listen (and a good review:). We are available on many outlets (Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, etc.), but here’s a link that will make it easy this go-around:

Thanks for reading…and listening.

Long Live Braves Journal!