Like Kris Kristofferson said “Monday morning, coming down.” Or maybe it was the Bangles: “Just another manic Monday.” Maybe because it was because it was the moon’s day what we have experienced lunacy.

Who is this alien being impersonating Freddie Freeman and how did that being shape shift so effectively?

Did Matt Joyce decide he needed to return to his decline phase?

Is Nick the Neck Markakis actually this bad or is the bone still sore and the muscles still weak?

How is it that 90% of the “inches” plays are going to the Cardinals? Really, like we don’t already know.

So, Braves lost in the 10th off of a walk off sacrifice fly from the bat of Yadier “Overrated” Molina. We finished with Teheran on the mound. Special shout out to Josh Tomlin for 1 and one third perfect. RAJ was close to perfect, as were Ozzie and Dans. Everybody else was not too good.

The key thing was not getting more runs in the 6th and 7th. Opportunities must not be wasted. Runner at third, no outs, in a playoff game, and you must score.

Wednesday is Hump Day. Braves can decide who gets to do the Humping.