I wanted to start out with something clever, because our group of writers are all very good and witty, but the team is just uninspiring right now. In fact, in the time I should have spent writing this recap, I found myself watching Rick and Morty clips, because that’s how I feel right now. I feel like AA is Rick Sanchez, and we are all his Morty. Bowman is Jerry. Of course, he is Jerry.

So about last night’s game. I didn’t watch the first five innings of it. Soroka was pitching really well from what I’ve heard. He apparently didn’t have his best stuff, but from what I saw he was doing the things you expect from a top of the rotation guy. In the sixth inning, he had runners on first and second and was a couple of outs from getting out of the inning. No problem. A grounder to third later, and they were out of the inning on a double play.

I hung with the telecast until the 8th inning when I really needed to go to bed. In the span of time that I watched, I saw Arizona rob the Braves of two home runs and a base hit on excellent, but unlucky for the Braves, defensive plays. Shrug.

The team is just two games under .500, and so far they have managed to fail on all cylinders. When the starting pitching clunks, they lose by nine. When the starting pitching is good and the bats are effective, the bullpen clunks and we lose by one. When the starting and relief pitching are both good, the bats are no where to be found and we lose. The rest of the time is just baseball.

Let’s go back to Alex Anthopolous, though. Where is this team at? It’s May 10th, and the team is four games back in the standings. I anticipate this team will go on a tear. I also expect we will make a deal some time in the next seven weeks. Why in the next seven weeks? Mostly because I don’t think we can wait for eight weeks to do something if we’re serious about being in contention this year.

I think there’s a solid probability of the Braves signing Kimbrel, but I don’t expect that will be the cornerstone deal that the team will make this year. I’m also not pretending that this cornerstone deal will definitely be great. It will be something.

I’ll leave you all, my fellow brothers in misery, with one last shining quote.

“I didn’t fail. I just forgot to win.”- Rick Sanchez