Maybe, it’s because I’m tired tonight. I almost felt like begging off on the recap. But I can’t resist watching the game and so I did. Coming off the big series with the Dodgers, I’m not sure what I expected, but this game seemed so very routine and hum drum from the beginning. Granted that I was in the car on the way home, but I couldn’t get the doggone app to work. So I missed the beginning of the game. Maybe I missed the biggest part of the excitement. From when I finally got the app to work (without causing an accident), the progression and outcome of this game felt inevitable.

I figure it goes this way: 1) The Marlins get a bunch of guys on base, maybe score a couple, 2) Braves get a bunch of guys on base and score nothing, 3) finally the Braves break through and score 5-6 runs, 4) bullpen closes the game out with some good and some frustrating performances. Does that basically give you the picture? How many times this year have the Braves followed this exact formula?  Not that it’s a bad thing, but couldn’t we have a game sometime where the Braves just go out and score a bunch and the pitchers shut the other team down and the Braves win in a walk?  I guess they have to give us some frustration so we’ll stay on the edge of our seats or something.

Fortunately, we had a few subplots to add a little bit of spice.  Tonight, for sure, was Freddie’s night.  After spending the last few games sleepwalking and striking out a lot, Freddie comes up big tonight.  He became our whole offense.  The team did a great job winning the last few games as a team without Freddie doing much.  Freddie contributed a solo shot in the 4th, another in the 5th, and a two-run single in the 7th.  4 RBI; game over.  Overall, the team was 2/12 with runners in scoring position.  Of course, one of those two was Freddie’s single.  The other was a Joyce double, also in the 7th.  I wish the Braves would convert more scoring opportunities.  Yet, somehow, we always end up with 5-6 runs.

Another subplot came from the part of the game I missed.  Another evil horrible Marlin plunked our Ronald on the first pitch.  The first pitch.  What kind of idiots are these people?  What’s worse, considering the history here, is that the Marlins’ pitcher did not get tossed and Snit did.  The umpires are stupid, too.  At any rate, fortunately, Ronald was not hurt, neither was he extra motivated in his next AB.  He did finally hit a rope in the 7th to begin the winning rally.  He was smokin’ fast out of the box and turned it into double.  Even that couldn’t come without some controversy as an earlier foul was awfully close to the line for a ground-rule double.  But a review said it was foul; I remain unconvinced.

The final subplot was our Dallas.  While watching each pitch and each batter, I thought he was not doing so well.  Yet, he kept getting DP after DP and stranding guys on base.  His bottom line looked respectable: 6IP, 6 hits, 2 walks, 1 ER, 7Ks.  If it weren’t for a solo HR from Berti, he’d have pitched a shutout.  The only other mar was a 5/7 with a walk performance from Anderson and Castro.  Castro has a .666 OPS and, for the love of Mike, we can’t get him out.  Another annoying Marlin.  The bullpen was also admirably boring giving us little frustration even though Greene gave up two hits along with his three strikeouts in the 8th.  Overall, the bullpen got 6 strikeouts in the 9 outs they had to get.

Overall, this was a game that went totally as expected and fit norms established by both teams and several players individually……  ho hum.  I guess I could really live with a lot more ho hum like this, all the way to the World Series.