OK, I’m very cranky tonight. Tonight’s matchup of Folty vs. Archer portended to be a slugfest since both of them pretty much suck these days. Every time Archer pitches, he proves more and more why it’s darn lucky the Braves didn’t trade for him. Folty is no better than, and, yes, I’m going to say it, no better than having Gausman on the mound – an injured Gausman at that. So I keep hearing all the teeth gnashing after Gausman gave up 2 ERs in 4 innings (4 runs overall) but Folty gave up 4 ERs in 5 innings. I’m glad to see folks being at least as critical of Folty as Gausman.  Of course, Archer was worse than both of them combined.

So enough of talking about all the depressing pitching. The Braves hit 5 HRs in the first 6 innings (four in the 2nd alone). BMac had two of them including the big 3-run shot into the ChopHouse. Through 6 innings, the Braves had 8 hits and 5 HRs. Yikes. The only bad part of it is that I missed the 2nd inning because I had to go from my office to the car and couldn’t get the game up until they were showing the replay of Ozzie’s shot. At least I got to see BMac’s 3-run job.

While the Braves were slammin’ and jammin’ on Archer, the Pirates were dinkin’ and dunkin’ on Folty (7 hits, 1 2B).  Folty helped things along with 4 walks.  Just an overall stomach turning performance to watch.  Kevin Newman, the Pirates leadoff hitter, led the charge with 3 hits, 1 SB, and 2 runs scored.  AJ Minter looked pretty good as Minter 2.0, but was unceremoniously Grybo’d in one of the most difficult ways possible as with two outs, Swarzak came in and gave up a RBI triple to Bryan Reynolds to make the game 7-5 Braves.

Swarzak saved himself by getting the last out in the 8th and got a save for his trouble.  After that, the Gods had pity on us all and sent a rain storm hard enough to cancel the 9th inning.  Touki is looking like this year’s vulture.  Braves win but it was thunderous (bats), rainy, and leaky (pitching).  Thank goodness for another Tuesday win, but it sure felt like a Tuesday-type win.