This was a fun game to watch and enjoy for 5 plus innings. Then Julio passed the 100 pitch mark, in came Jessie ‘let me get at ’em’ Biddle and we were wiped all round for 6 runs and looked awful being so.

Naturally, now that it didn’t matter, our flaccid bats sprang to life with back to back homers from McCann and Joyce. Kluger smiled benignly, knowing that though Julio matched him into 5 the pitch count showed up as a real factor .. Kluber himself was still pitching to finish the seventh.

We were out of sorts in all ways.. In the first inning Ozzie and Acuna failed to grab difficult chances. BMac had a terrible time as the game progressed with their base runners running rampant and creating scoring chances the hitters behind them seemed able to grab every time in that fifth. Some guy hitting .077 who Julio had walked first time around smashed his first ML home run.

Our bats were anemic. Freddie, JD, Acuna, Swanson, didn’t hit a ball hard I can remember nor did they look like they ever would.  Kluber – was he that good?? Nick, an honorable exception, accounted for our opening 2 runs that kept us level into the fifth. I thought Julio pitched a fine, fighting game. Our boys in the band starting with Parsons who came into the messy 5th struggled but it wasn’t that bad, the damage had been done. Webb though, for some reason, looked promising. There, I’ve been suckered again.

Lindor has just been announced for the second game. If there is a second game, the weather looking pretty awful. Onward, though, onward to glory.   Bats, PLEASE WAKE UP. Awful hitting.

PS  Here’s an updated Game Sheet for the starters in the second game.,lock_state=preview,game_tab=,game=565322

Below is full detailed scorecard for game 1.,lock_state=final,game_tab=box,game=565323