Braves 8, Rockies 6

Much was made about the Braves not getting a bigger bat for right field than Nick Markakis or for the catching spot than Brian McCann and Tyler Flowers. Between a huge improvement from Dansby Swanson so far, Nick essentially repeating his performance from 2018, Ronald Acuna doing his best Hank Aaron impression, and Ozzie Albies hitting like he did at the beginning of last year, there’s nothing really wrong with the offense.

And for the first four inning, it looked like there may not be much wrong with the rotation. Julio Teheran was breezing through the Rockies lineup the first four innings, pitching clean frames. But in the 5th, he gave up 6 runs, forcing Luke Jackson into the game. So the line for Julio Teheran was quite abysmal: 5 IP, 6 ER, 3 BB, 5 H, 6 K’s. But it was just the one inning that led to all the runs, so it continues to be difficult to make a determination on who 2019 Julio Teheran is. Same with Luke Jackson. After giving up 4 runs on Opening Day, he has gone 4.2 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 7 K. I still don’t agree with him in high-leverage situations — I think he’s a perfectly fine long reliever in a good bullpen — but hey, it’s working right now.

And just like you’d expect with how the pen has performed to date, they pitched 4 scoreless innings in Denver, Colorado with A.J. Minter earning the save.

On the farm, Kolby Allard pitched 5.2 scoreless innings. Max Fried vs. German Marquez tonight @ 8:40.

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  1. I just spent about 20 minutes catching up on threads I missed since Friday, and I am filled with immense regret.

    Go Braves!

  2. It’s no coincidence that neither the Dixie Chicks nor Toby Keith have posted here in years. Rules are rules.

  3. I think Teheran’s outing perfectly exemplifies the majority of starting pitchers in this era. Pitch a handful of dominating innings, get roughed up in or around the 5th, and be done for the night. Whether he gave up 1-run, 3-runs, or 6-runs they were going to yank him probably. Otherwise, he had a very solid outing and looked sharp until the 5th when it just got away from him. He’s look really good in all his starts.

  4. @3 I know what point you’re trying to make, but if you knew me, you’d know you’re proving my point.

  5. Yeah, that happens to me a lot, too, whenever Sam posts.

    Oh my. Does someone need a safe space before their snowflake melts?

  6. Whatever may or may not be articulated about the “no politics” rule and whether or not there is anything that a reasonable person may consider to be political that will be allowed, stop with the “snowflakes” routine. I don’t need to tell you why that word is extremely offensive, even if you’re trying to be sarcastic with it. As is often the case, these things tend to get out of control because Sam feels the need to make the situation even more inflammatory. Stop.

  7. Dude. If you honestly believe *I* started yesterday’s debacle, you’re further past gone than I previously thought. Don’t blame the counterpuncher for the fight.

  8. Sam feels the need to make the situation even more inflammatory.

    Never said you did.

  9. As much as I love the Dixie Chicks, I’m willing to forego hearing from them on here if it means Toby Keith doesn’t post either. Such is the wisdom and the beauty of the no politics rule.

  10. Ironically…

    After a contentious day I thought last night’s game was much the most enjoyable to watch of the young season, as a spectacle. All kind of good things were happening for us and eventually the Rockies managed a spirited come back to the point where Nick caught a deep fly right at the wall which would have tied the game. Our bullpen then finished it off and managed to look professional in doing so!

    Rob, the last thing you needed to have to do after yesterday was to stick together a recap this morning for someone else. Next time this happens just post here and ask, I bet there will be someone happy to. Thanks for doing it.

  11. Sam. Just stop, man. Don’t ruin this place with pedantic BS. Rob made a mistake. We all make them. He didn’t kill anyone or commit a felony.

    There’s literally no need to continue this. This isn’t a Yelp review. It’s a free blog that doesn’t owe any of us anything.

  12. I’ve just seen Heisenberg had a decent outing for the Frogs. 4IP 4H 4K

    Asked to comment post game he said overall he was pleased with how he threw except for his curve which was breaking bad.

  13. Raise your hand if you thought this club would be 6-4 after the 0-3 start.

    I was hoping for 15-15 at the end of April, now I think I would be disappointed with that. Funny how 7 games can change an outlook so completely.

  14. I imagine the best way to ensure that Sam doesn’t prolong the agony is to, you know, avoid calling him out by name.

    I’m a big fan of German Marquez. It’ll be interesting to see how the Braves fare against him.

  15. Will the first person to get the joke @17 please raise your hand and take the rest of the afternoon off.

    I must go talk to my parrot who understands these things better.

    We have a winner! KRussell, enjoy your time off.

  16. So apparently the Florida Fire Frogs starting pitcher last night is into meth.

    Did I get it? Did I get it?

  17. It looks like Folty’s AAA rehab outing is in a delay. That’s unfortunate. I’m sure there’s an underground area he can just turn it into a long bullpen session.

  18. I think a lot of people had given up on Travis Demeritte after he had two pretty mediocre years in AA. But he’s 5-14 with a home run and a double and only 1 strike out (strike outs have been his Achille’s heel). He’s also pretty versatile as he had been playing 2B in the low minors but has now worked extensively as an outfielder. And it’s not like he outgrew 2B size-wise; his bio says he’s 6’10”, but I think he’s even smaller than that. I’m 5’10”, and while I think we might have been on slightly different ground levels, he didn’t seem that much taller than me.

    He looks thrilled to be getting a picture with some tool. I don’t care; I know I’m a tool and I still got a picture with Travis Demeritte.

  19. @22, the bad breaking stuff is one thing, but there’s also the uncertainty surrounding his velocity and location.

  20. As far as can be determined: ‘Berg will have great velo but really struggle with his command in one outing, then he’ll flash razor sharp location next time out– but with velocity completely inconsistent. And don’t even bother with the radar gun.

  21. @26–actually, the more certain his velocity, the less certain his location—and vice versa. But doesn’t it always seem that way? I think old Heisenberg understood pitching pretty well.

  22. Could be worse. Could be failing velocity and location with Chris Sale’s contract on top of it.

  23. @25 My early thoughts on Demeritte (when we got him) was that he could be an Uggla who can field. Uggla once came out of nowhere for the Marlins and started putting up good numbers annually by hitting HRs and walking. If you look at some old articles, Demeritte was rated very, very highly as an infielder for his fielding. I assume the change to OF was to give him versatility and give him a path to the majors. I can’t believe that he would not make a decent utility player at worst and great super-utility at best. I am still surprised he hasn’t been picked up on Rule 5.

    He’s certainly looking better than Duvall right now.

  24. @18 Unfortunately, our good play has been against non-division and under .500 opponents. I’m reserving judgment until we can kick some Mets’ butts. And it’s worrying that no one has yet been able to slow down the Phillies.

    Statistically, the Phillies have not been keeping it up. The main difference between them and us is they have slugged a little more and our pitchers have walked 50% more.

  25. Demeritte’s problem is that the Mississippi park takes away everything he does well: power goes there to die and it strongly favors strikeouts over walks. You would think some team would have looked at the trackman numbers and seen that there was talent that didn’t show up in the stats. OTOH, what team is going to pluck a .210 hitter out of AA for your Rule 5 pick?

  26. @33 Yeah, but… it’s so early that sweeping the Cubs is a big part of why they’re under .500.

    Besides, some teams start hot and some do not.

    As usual, FanGraphs does not think the Braves are as good as they are for the simple reason that so many young players can’t possibly be THIS good, right? :)

  27. Acuna Matata!! I guess he only needs to lead off an inning not necessarily the game. Another first pitch shot.

  28. Frenchy is really growing on me. He says, “everyone asks me what’s wrong with Acuña, and I tell them not nothing.”

  29. It hasn’t cost them either time, but what in the hell is the Rockies’ first baseman doing? Twice he’s found himself in no-man’s-land on a ground ball to second base, forcing the pitcher to cover.

  30. See, if Ender wasn’t leading off, then Donaldson wouldn’t be leading off the inning. Snit’s playing chess while we’re all playing checkers.

  31. Fried has walked a lot but he hasn’t ever looked like he didn’t know where the ball was going (ahem, Newcomb). He looks like he’s trusting his stuff, and his stuff looks really good.

  32. To me, it looks like Fried has better command of that curve than his fastball. I don’t know what to make of that. If he could paint the corners or get a little more framing help, the Ks are going to pile up.

    It’s encouraging that we can do this to Marquez.

  33. Dansby Swanson has as many home runs as Bryce Harper, whom the baseball media can’t stop talking about.

  34. Wow Dansby! Great takes on some tough pitches and then smoked the fastball. Got dang!

  35. Flowers is starting to set his target off the plate and Fried is not getting the boll over the plate. Need to get back the throwing strikes. The curve is starting to lollipop a little and I hope he doesn’t groove one.

  36. Apparently, Flowers talked Fried off the precipice. Fabulous job of recovering his composure and stranding the runner at 3rd.

  37. @58 is good commentary. It’s like Flowers wasn’t letting Fried attack. Then they went right after the Rockies 1B.

  38. Lord! I don’t know who these guys who kidnapped and replaced our bullpen are, but whoever they are, I approve.

  39. Finally we are seeing something from the JUpton trade!

    And Dansby’s swing is definitely looking like Chipper’s.

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