It was, it really was. It had been like watching a prize fight all afternoon. Some knockdowns but as many recoveries until the final round was near and we seemed to be out of it, tired and looking it. But then, for a few moments, there was hope. Until there wasn’t. The Toni twins had halved our 4 run deficit in the top of the ninth and before we went down and it was all over we had two men on base. And one of them, Acuna, was at the plate. Fun! But no.

It should be said right away that had we tied the game in the ninth we would have overachieved and not deserved that equilibrium, they had a significantly more potent offense. But more of that later.

Our offense started the game with a bang and were soon 3/1 up.Great triple by a revived Ender and some outrageous base running also. Dansby hit a 2 run homer in the second and we had three on the board early to their one. This lead held up till the 4th.

Sadly we were to get only one more run between that second and the ninth.  Time to break down the offense and name names:

ENDER…much improved after that awful Wednesday. Terrific base running, so aggressive, looked like a real lead off threat.
DANSBY… Yes, Yes, Yes.! Transformed presumably with that wrist healed. Carried over from Thursday, loud contact seemingly every swing. We can’t afford to leave him at 8 which now looks ridiculous. 4 or 5 for me, maybe 2.
FREDDIE… Wow, why not just beat the shift! 4 hits!
DONALDSON…I am already scared to death but that’s me. Weak anemic contact, every time it seems.
ACUNA…0 for 5, doesn’t tell the story. Hit pretty much everything hard but couldn’t get any real elevation. Good assist early to cut down a run at third.
OZZIE..On his way hopefully. Got a hit and a rbi. Still runs the bases like the wind.
Kakes…not today.
Flowers…Yes, looking good. 2 hits, good to have him back.
Camargo. Something must be done here and soon. Smoltz was eloquent in his support of his untenable position and what it might do to his head. He is NOT for a bench. Another reason JD scares me. Like the 23M.

OUR PITCHING. Not my area of expertise till i can see more of them but i thought overall they were pretty decent. Who stirred you the most and why? Unfortunately they laid on a repeat performance of Thursday by giving up 5 runs in two middle back to back innings. Would you believe though that they, overall, held the top 4 bats in the Phillies order to a collective single run in total, Harper’s blast, late.

Look forward to reading your comments on individual pitchers. Cheers.