Anti-climax……Braves 2 Brewers 4

It’s not unreasonable to fear after last night’s heroics and scoring outbursts by the Braves middle order that to expect the same again was pushing it. We did indeed lose this game, late, having been ahead for most of the time and you could say, looking back, we asked for the trouble that was to end up defeating us.

Julio idiotically walked the first batter who of course scored. Acuna took care of that in a hurry with his 14th and for a long time the score was deadlocked at 1-1 and it was here we let the game get away. We got one more in the fourth to lead 2-1 but that was the last of the offense that had been so productive 24 hours earlier.

Miley had been ok but hardly overwhelming going 6 innings, giving up just the two scores. Julio’s final departure also came after 6 but much more controversially. After his bad start he had poor control for another innings or so but then fell into a good groove which never left him. So Verducci was quick to question his departure and events were to prove him correct. Julio’s final line was 6 IP 2H 1 R 2BB 6 K. Pretty darn good and not what you would have predicted early at all. He had thrown 90 pitches 52 of which were strikes. But we were still leading, weren’t we.

Anyway JT’s departure after 90 pitches proved the turning point in the game. On came Brach who had no trouble pitching a scoreless seventh, Biddle, who followed him, was another matter. What started with an error between he and Freddie covering first on an infield squibber ended with just one out, 3 runs in on 3 hits, and a 2-1 lead turning into a 4-2 deficit which ended up being the final score. Winkler came in to bale out Biddle and Jackson did a perfectly good job of handling the ninth.

After all that we still had 6 outs to spend to bridge that 2 run gap. But they had Hader and he pretty much mopped up, Neck offering the only serious resistance with a great at bat.



Lorenzo Cain can sure run the bases heading for home. He got hilariously picked off first later and thoroughly enjoyed the run down melee.

Verducci spoke at length about Dansby’s hitting woes and offered various suggestions none of which i can now remember an hour later. Anyone?

Of all people Braun made the defensive play of the game, late, going full length in the air, several feet it seemed, to catch a slicing line drive from Neck which might have brought home two.

One home run all evening in the game. Tom V says Acuna loves the slow stuff.

Till the morrow and a series win, our two bastard cousins already did.




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  1. Verducci suggested that Dansby adopt a wider stance and lose the scissor kick, which leaves him vulnerable to off-speed pitches. Does that sound right?

  2. @2

    Yes. The one that registered clearly at the time was how upright he stands, his stance so narrow. Seems logical.


  3. For this valedictorian Jock
    at Vandy the girls ran amok
    his hair so enticing
    but while they were dicing
    his stance all too often ad hoc.

  4. Dansby’s problem is that he looks very stiff and his balancing isn’t right at the point of contact. Couple that with lack of confidence and you can see that he is guessing and chasing rather than hunting for his pitch to hit.

    The theme is similar but different people explained it differently. It’s the same problem Frenchy and Jason had. It’s quite fundamental and hard to fix quickly.

  5. Apropos of nothing but a late mea culpa but a night perusing Fangraphs has led me to believe that although he isn’t Rock Raines, Jr., Mallex Smith is pretty damn good. In fact, I’d probably rather have him than Inciarte.

  6. @8 Aw, but then you wouldn’t have Gohara. And, yes, Mallex is good – uses his speed to good advantage.

    This game went about as I suggested. The key was getting Miley to three ball counts and forcing him into the middle of the zone where he is eminently hittable. Elsewise, you get what we got – GIDPs. In 6 innings only 4 three ball counts including Freddie’s walk (and another by Teheran). And Miley only threw 77 pitches. He gave up K’s for GBs. BTW, Camargo’s GIDP was on a 1-0 count and Duvall’s was on the first pitch. You beat Miley by take, take, take.

    Also, I think Snit made a mistake playing Dansby instead of Culberson. Dansby was never gonna hit Miley.

    Biddle’s inning was not as bad as it seems. If they get the first out w/o error then Yelich would not have scored the first run and Mous’ double would have scored one. And the next GB would have been a DP instead of having the throw home. We could have been left with a tie game which would not have been so bad. Would have also saved Winkler for the ninth and Jackson for extras. Just one of those games. I know it happens but it’s kind of hard to be perfect. We needed to score more and should have.

    Not to mention that it took an extraordinary play by Braun to beat us. That scores one and Ender ends up on 3B or even inside-the-park if Cain’s not backing up Braun very quickly.

    Baseball is a game of inches and the Braves came up a few inches short tonight. The Brewers are a good team, too. Tonight feels like one of the 60 inevitable losses. Newk’ll sconk’em tomorrow.

    Oh, and I think still need to keep platooning with Duvall. If he gets enough ABs, he’ll straighten himself out. And Ender’s average is up not only because he’s hitting but because he’s not having to play against as many lefties. Which was the point to begin with.

  7. @7

    good early morning…

    grammatically correct, certainly…

    but i believe , as written, it conveys a meaning the opposite of what you intended i.e. that you don’t have a very high opinion of Tom V’s judgment. Anyway, fun.

    @5 you guys are a tough crowd…that’s a good limerick and topical to the minute!!

  8. @8

    I would not. After a short slump Ender is now reminding us of what a fine player he is and was and will be. 200 hits and superbly run routes. The grass is always greener, remember.

    My best to you this new season for the Latics. I watched a neutral game yesterday and found myself strangely unmoved. With Arsenal on in a few hours I hardly expect that.

    but…for the very first time in a lifetime i found myself wondering, tribal issues apart, whether as a game, baseball is stealing my emotions. A very strange place to find myself in and i suspect the next few months will prove definitive.

    For now the one area i am aware of that is missing in soccer and is the very basis of baseball is the one on one confrontation, pitcher/batter times 54. Obvious but powerful. And the subtleties, the infinite variations!

    Hope you are well. Cheers.

  9. This was the game that didn’t look good on paper. But I like us again today. Just win the series.

  10. Sam Freeman may rejoin the team at some point this month. I don’t hate it if he’s strictly a long man until he can demonstrate success, but that’s it. He’s a whipping boy, though, so Snit will get killed every time he uses him.

  11. @16 Snit will get killed every time Freeman walks or hits the first two guys he faces. I shudder that he might come back and am still hoping for a DFA, although the Braves do not have a good eighth man for the pen. I’d rather keep trying promising pieces (why was Bell optioned for Kolby?) than relying on retreads that are likely (hopefully) not in the long term plan. Clouse, Mader, Burrows, Pfeiffer – these are all lefties that might be given a shot. And I will certainly welcome Carle back before Freeman.

    One thing I didn’t think of last night is why Snit would want to go 7th = RH, 8th = LH, and 9th = LH. Brach is a top setup man. Biddle is great but I still think he’s more of a 7th inning guy. I dunno. I suppose that’s nitpicking. I guess we really need Viz back.

    I know it’s not fun to see the bullpen blow a one run lead but it’s still better than watching Freeman/Moylan back-to-back blow three and four run leads.

  12. @15 and 16–it does appear that way, and he will likely walk more than either Gwynn or his dad. Which basically makes him Mike Trout.

  13. Riley homered yesterday, apparently the first Striper HR since May 30.

    How can that be?

  14. I think I may just be noticing substitutes more since Joe has had his verbal diarrhea issues, but are we hearing more Glavine, Frenchy, etc in the booth?

  15. Since it’s fairly obvious at this point that Folty, Newcomb, and Gausman have the stuff to be MLB TORs, I find myself more focused on their pitch counts to gauge whether they can reach a 200 IP+ output.

  16. @24 I think he’s throwing a lot of changeups for some reason. He finally got Cain by busting him high and tight.

    But already Anderson is getting calls that Newk could only hope to get.

  17. Seems to me that Acuna gets screwed constantly with called strikes outside of the zone. Even then he got a walk this time to start the game.

  18. That must not have been a straight steal. Acuna kept looking back. He might have made it if he hadn’t looked back.

  19. HAHAHAHA – triple by Neck!!! Neck for MVP!!!

    30 pitch inning for Anderson. And yet he’s still getting favorable calls.

  20. What did Yelich gain by trying to play the corner? It was probably a double either way.

  21. Another low baseball IQ play by Ender. Letting a runner advance on a throw like that isn’t smart.

  22. Even with the pitcher tagging, that ball was too deep to throw him out at third. You are correct, that was bad. He is a strange, strange player. Horrible baseball instincts, soft contact, but can hit .300 and has more than slap pop. He is just a weird player ‘type’.

  23. Ender knows better than to throw to third. He’s trying too hard to prove himself. Make the routine plays, and you’ll shine.

  24. @47 That’s why I don’t understand why they didn’t let Touki pitch on regular rest as opposed to waiting for Monday. Everyone would have gotten an extra day of rest.

  25. The entire rotation appears to do better on 5 days rest. When Fried returns they really should consider going to a 6 man rotation full time. Maybe they should do it anyway if Touki can handle being the 6th guy.

  26. @60 Anderson threw almost 40 pitches in the first and now Newk has thrown more than Anderson. Ugh.

  27. Not sure he’s gonna make it out of the 4th. I bet Allard is up first. Could be a long day.

    Might be Newk’s worst start of the year. Time to get him out of there.

  28. and yet julio is the main problem in the rotation? except for the near no hitter, newcomb has stunk since a couple of starts before the all star break.

    folty has been mediocre as well.

    edit: oh wow, the whole team is terrible today

  29. To be fair, I think you’re giving Sean Newcomb a little more latitude than what everything tells you about Teheran.

  30. Didn’t Suzuki catch the near no no? Maybe Newk is more comfortable with his pitch calling?

  31. Newcomb has been really good his last 3 starts before today. That followed a lousy 5 start stretch around the ASB.

    The pitches that are being hit today are not that bad. I guess the Brewers are doing well in the standings for a reason.

  32. He has no idea where the ball is going. We should be used to it by now. But there’s always that one great game or two to get your hopes up.

  33. I would guess with Allard having to pitch today that another pitcher will come up with Touki tomorrow with Allard returning to Gwinnett. Probably Freeman off the DL.

  34. 12 hits and 2 walks in 4 innings, woof.

    yet I’m glad they didn’t bring in Allard for that last out…I guess that says a lot

  35. “The Braves invite you to come to Atlanta to watch them play the remainder of their schedule next Tuesday. The first 11,000 will get a Chipper Jones HOF shirt. The Braves also want you to know tomorrow’s games are more important.”

  36. Newk is a northern boy. Probably shouldn’t pitch him on day games in Hotlanta. Still wondering why Touki didn’t pitch today and Newk tomorrow.

    Letting Anderson settle down is not a great strategy. Bottom of our lineup not doing anything again. Unlike the Brewers.

  37. Flaherty? Still? Why?

    At least we don’t have to worry about him coming off the bench later.

  38. Should have let Newk hit for himsel and still replaced him on the mound. Would have been the same result and we could have saved Flaherty to make a key out later in the game.

  39. What a great throw by Tyler!! I didn’t know he had it in him.

    Here’s where the replay booth gets into the conspiracy too.

    Good. They got it right for once.

  40. Luke Jackson doing Luke Jackson things. Walking Yelich in front of Aguiar…got what he deserved

  41. As a Vanderbilt fan it pains me to say this, but Flaherty needs to go. Camargo and Culberson can both play multiple positions, and I don’t even remember the last time he was on base. Unless he really is the Kakes Whisperer. Bour would have made for a nice LH bench bat…

  42. Sam Freeman allowed 3 of 5 batters to reach base in his rehab appearance with Rome today. Sounds about right.

  43. @104 Jackson has not been that bad but Venters doesn’t seem to be doing much better so far.

    It’s a hitter’s day.

    On the other hand, Venters is still looking better than the other two.

  44. C’mon, Johan, we need something to go right.

    I wish they’d shut up about all the Brewers guys on base.

  45. Finally, we got’em back on the strike’em out, throw’em out.

    Yeah baby, that’s what we got Brach for. I tell you that he’s a primo set-up and all his bad numbers come when he has to close.

  46. great grab and tag by dansby

    let’s finish this without having to face aguilar again, please

  47. @119 Did you see those two in the dugout mugging for the camera? I love their youthfull enthusiasm and camaraderie.

  48. Truth is, the Windy Ridge Nine have no business winning this game. Still would be nice to steal it regardless.

  49. And the Padres might take 2/3 from the Phightins. Seems like we’re not the only team that has problems on the road with SD.

  50. Exciting time to be a Braves fan.

    Minter went 98, 98, 99 on those strikes to Yelich.

  51. Venters and Brach – who would have thought they’d look so good in Braves uniform. What a game. Go Braves!

  52. This was one of the more hard-fought games of the year. Good teams win those games.

  53. Would you guys say you’re surprised by the collective performance of the starting pitching? If you are surprised, what were you expecting?

  54. I’m a little surprised they’ve been this solid, today notwithstanding.

    So we’re now 3-59 when giving up 19 hits or more!

  55. I didn’t expect Foltzie to make the Leap. I think the jury’s still out on whether Newk will reach his ceiling — he’s cut his walks but not by enough, and it seems to have been at the expense of some of his strikeouts. Until he can post a K/BB over 2.00, he won’t be able to be more than Gio Gonzalez: a three-win pitcher who alternates his gems with his stinkbombs.

  56. Phil’s lost.

    Except for Anibal, on AVERAGE, this is about what I expected. Teheran is a little below. Folty a little above. I had Soroka as a solid 3, but figured somebody would get the injury bug.
    The scrubs early in the year have the overall offense above where I expected.

  57. Y’all remember the last time we played the Brewers we discussed how the only really good aspect of the Milwaukee team is the bullpen, but that they are truly elite. Well, when this game became a battle of the bullpens after 4 innings, I figured our chances were not good at all.

    This current Braves pen, while not elite, has become pretty doggone good.

  58. As of today, the Braves have still played at least 2 fewer games than anyone else in either league. The DH tomorrow will pretty much bring us back to parity with many teams. We need to sweep both to keep our lead in the loss column. Neither the gNats or Phils are playing so it’s a chance to gain a full game on both.

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