Well, well. Saturday afternoon in the world of sport with everyone getting ready to switch off the US Open and the World Cup, so they could concentrate exclusively on the Braves bullpen. has developed high drama before we even get started.

You get remembered for things like that. Glad he has a new caddie.


To SunTrust then, putting all this aside. Is our bullpen worthy of such intense examination, we shall soon find out. Nuke’s first innings is spotty with a double, walk and 25 pitches but he survives it. In our half Dansby singled, Freddie flied out oppo deep.

Top 2nd Newk gives up a 2 out single to Ellis, none else, much lower pitch count.Top 3rd he handles the top of the order very economically, 1/2/3, total count 38.

Top 4 1/2/3..Newk  has downed 7 straight..Bottom 4 Braves down 123, insipid hitting, we need Freddie, just misses RF homer, then singles.

Top5   Newk 1/2/3 bottom of the order…tstorm coming? get a run..Charlie C obliges, homers, 1-0,  Newk 123 in the sixth, 13 straight 85 pitches.

RAIN DELAY(turned out to be 25 minutes only) … Can Newk come back out? Nats lose to Jays, Scherzer takes the loss.

7pm…Tarp off…We bat, bottom 7th, Ozzie another pop up. Freddie just misses RF homer, then singles. Nick nothing.

Top 7…no Newk, Winkler in, did not have an easy innings but survived after a FG single with 2 out. When we bat Ender hits a 2 out single, that’s it. It’s all going to get very tight!

Top 8   Minter pitching! 1/2/3 very impressive. Let him finish out?

Yates pitching for SD, Lyles did well. We go down 1/2/3.

Top 9   Viz pitching. I call that a Mistake, AK had few pitches and great control. No dice, Viz returns. K’s Hosner, gives up a single, hits the next batter. Strikes out next, Freddie G grounds out, we win.

The rest of America switches off, says ‘ What’s all the fuss about this Braves Bullpen? ‘

Record crowd tonight, c.42000, good for all them. 1 1/2 games up on the losing Nats. Minter is getting close to the job he has always craved.


Record early recap delivery. My excuse for garbled style. But we won!

Get your clubs ready for the morning!