Miami 1, Cap Tippers 0

So, you’ll win a lot of games when your staff gives up only one run. Unfortunately, you’ll lose EVERY game when you score zero. As Our Heroes proved last night.

Mike Foltynewicz pitched well enough to win. Six innings of 2 hit, 2 walk, one run ball. Too bad the hits were precisely sequenced to produce the game’s only run – a bottom of the 4th two out double to Brian Anderson, followed by a Derrick Dietrich single. Otherwise Folty was dominant, if not terribly efficient. He struck out 8 Marlins, but needed 108 pitches to get through six. Normally with this offense that’s more than good enough. But sometimes Dan Straily happens.

Straily matched the Atlanta hurler, going six innings himself, with just three hits and a walk, needing 98 pitches. So, a real pitcher’s duel. Seems like Straily either dominates Atlanta or gets knocked out early and tonight was the former. The pens for both teams held the other side scoreless and that was that. 1-0 Fish.

The good news on this Cap Tipping Night was that Toronto beat the Phillies and the gNats were shut out by IWOTM, so the division lead over places two and three remained the same. Anibal Sanchez tonight against Wei-Yin Chen, so let’s get back on the horse and win.

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  1. I tip my cap to the man who paints the seats. Wouldn’t they look cruddy if he didn’t do it and do it well?

  2. Adam R. at 3,

    When Julio Franco left MLB, he was only a few months younger than me. If he gets a cup of coffee now, he would still be younger, but he is 60. He thinks he could still hit. I think he could tink the ball over the second baseman’s head or draw a walk if they didn’t pitch to him right now.

  3. First player younger than me: Jose Rijo.

    Last player older: Jamie Moyer.

    Why yes, I was born in 1964, why do you ask?

  4. I was laughing last night at the post-game show, I forget who was working with Brian Jordan, but he said: “I always say: ‘I tip my cap’,” and she said, “Yes you do.”

    I believe the first younger than me was Jose Rijo; the last older was Jamie Moyer.

  5. Courtesy of Stephen from WoW: Nick’s offensive production. I think homeboy needs a day off.

  6. This is how old I am:
    Robin Yount is exactly one month younger than I am–he debuted at age 18 in 1974.
    It was 20 years ago that the last player older than I am played. El Presidente Dennis Martinez pitched for the Braves in 1998.

    For many years after that, though, I took solace in the fact that I wasn’t older than the oldest player ever to appear in a major league game. Satchel Paige was 59 when he made an appearance for the Kansas City A’s, pitching 3 scoreless innings!!

    Alas, I passed 59 a few years ago so even that solace is gone.

    (But note that Paige was on the active roster of the Atlanta Braves for a while in 1968 at the age of 62. Fascinating story:

  7. The first Brave who was younger than me was Jarrod Saltalamacchia when he was called up in 2007.

    Only a handful of Braves are older than me now. Moylan, McCarthy, Markakis, Anibal, and Chris Stewart. All of them are free agents, so it’s possible that this is the last season that any Braves are older than me. I am 33, so it is still likely that the Braves will pick up or resign someone who is older than me for next season. But it’s possible they won’t.

    Felix Hernandez was the first player younger than me in all of baseball.

  8. Of all the complaints about the game of baseball, its issues, and how the commissioner is an idiot for focusing on this one thing at the expense of this other thing that that particular fan thinks is more important, at least this is not happening:

    The NFL has players retiring from the sport out of self-preservation to then study the disease that is killing their colleagues.

  9. Charlie has his nickname all wrong. He’s calling himself “Culby”. That’s boring. He should be using Cult Hero. Good story at on the best superutility guys this year. Cult Hero at the top of the list.

    Heck, I’d even accept Fake Dansby. That would at least be amusing. Or Charlie Clutch. Or Clutchberson. I mean, c’mon, too many good choices.

  10. My endcaps – Karim Garcia (remember him? that’s a name I have not heard in a while) and old man Bartolo Colon, so thankful that he is still around, for many reasons

  11. First player younger than me was Andres Blanco (?) in 2004.

    Frenchy was born 2 days after me but didn’t debut until 2005.

  12. floyd @ #11

    I turn 59 on Monday. I shall take heart whenever I think of Satchel Paige, not that I don’t already.

  13. Larry Monroe and Dennis Martinez. Larry Monroe? Three months younger than me… a September callup in 1976 with 0.1 WAR who never saw the majors again.

    But what really gets me is that Ronald Acuna SR is 39 years old.

  14. Kyle Wright pitched an inning of relief today at Gwinnett. Can’t help but wonder if they might use him out of the pen in September.

    Riley hit another HR today. That’s his 4th in his last 10 games.

    Michael Reed went 3-5 today too.

  15. First player younger than me is Edwin Jackson (born a month after me and made his debut when I was a sophomore in college). There’s still a handful of players older than me (though they’re getting fewer). Bartolo Colon is 10 years older than me.

  16. First younger: Aramis Ramirez and older than I am and still actively playing: Fernando Rodney and Bartolo Colon

  17. I’ve been watching the gNatspos-Mets. Say what you will, Bryce Harper is a phenomenal athlete and baseball player.

  18. @24 I know Majors:college is apples:oranges, but Wright was nails out of the ‘pen in high-leverage spots as a freshman at Vandy. That was just 3 years ago so I’m sure the mentality is still there somewhere.

  19. While I never heard of the first guy younger than I to play in the MLB, the last guy older than I to play was a hall of famer. Steve Carlton last played in 1988. Since then, all major leaguers have been younger than I.

  20. coop, you do realize that the rest of us are following the game from inside the mother ship, don’t you?

  21. Dang. What does Acuna have to do to get this team to score runs???? If he hits for the cycle, will the Braves score more than one?

  22. @37: The whole Players Weekend thing, as well as the other “special” weekends, are a clear sign of lack of confidence in your product.

  23. It’s sort of fun and harmless, but I can’t see anyone who previously thought baseball was stuffy, boring, unapproachable, etc., seeing Players’ Weekend and suddenly saying to themselves, “You know what? I might have misjudged baseball!”

  24. I don’t think they’ll overturn this? This is a pretty classic example of “looks like they should, but they won’t.” He was probably out, though.

    UPDATE: And there you have it.

  25. 32 ABs into Duvall’s time here, this was not at all what I thought would happen. He needs to hit something hard and fair somewhere within the next week or so or Riley and Ender might get some of these ABs.

  26. I’m not sure what it is we’re trying to do, but winning the game doesn’t appear to be at the top of the list.

  27. It’s like Snit decides some games are throwaways. I wish he’d let us all know before investing time and hope.

  28. Also, Realmuto is growing on me. That dude is really good and he’s even better than I thought. I’m not even sure he couldn’t play another position to lengthen his longevity, etc.

  29. It’s almost like you shouldn’t just look at a player’s home run total and use it to make your decision, Chief.

  30. One-zip. Anibal’s not getting lit up. If Snit had hit for Sanchez, we’d be up in arms about him overusing the bullpen.

    Now he can get blamed for both.

  31. @60

    That’s a complete load of crap. No one should’ve or would’ve been up in arms over that for that instance. When you haven’t scored a run in 14 innings, you don’t just give away scoring chances late in the game.

    Also, he already had Sobotka warm. It was potentially the most important at-bat of the game, and we actually had the platoon advantage, for once. Like, that was mind-bogglingly stupid!

  32. The Marlins’ 656 runs allowed this years is second-worst in the NL, ahead of only the Reds.

    The Braves haven’t scored against their amazing pitching staff since the fifth inning of the first game (19 innings.)

  33. @61 Yeah, it was bad and I was sitting here screaming at the computer. And having Anibal pitch the next inning didn’t work out too great.

    Oh hell, I can’t find any way to excuse it so I think I’ll stop trying.

  34. Was that “trying to do too much”? It was clear when Freeman was rounding first he was going to be thrown out, and the ball arrived at second when he was only like halfway there. I can’t help but think Freeman wouldn’t have done that had the Braves offense not scored in so long.

  35. @62 @59 It’s gotta be right to shell out the farm for this guy if even Chief likes him. I feel vindicated in my thinking.

  36. @66

    Yes, it was trying to do too much. But at least he understands that we need to score a run eventually, seemingly unlike our manager.

  37. Well, the good news is the Nationals and Phillies both lost again today.

    Bad news is, the Braves are blowing a golden chance to gain distance from them by beating up on the lowly Marlins, and their offense has gone AWOL.

  38. Anibal was adamant about not coming out of the game when he exited in the 6th – – he clearly convinced Snit that he was good as his AB came up in the 5th.

    Everyone likes a “players manager” – – except in these instances.

  39. If you can’t tell your pitcher, “Tough shit! Your spot in the order came up and we’re trying to win this game. I was gonna let you stay in, but I can’t anymore,” that’s not being a player’s manager, that’s being stupid. Snitker might’ve been absolutely sure that Sanchez was gonna get through the sixth unscathed and it still shouldn’t have mattered.

  40. We were leading the NL in fewest Ks and like third in the majors. After tonight, I think we’ll be worse. 12 Ks is absolutely awful.

  41. #74 – I disagree. Getting a starter from the 5th through the 6th is an important bridge. Especially with a Braves pen that’s been taxed as much as this one has.

    If Anibal convinces Snit that he’s good for the 6th – – I can see how he lets him hit.

    And for the record – – if Anibal shuts down the Marlins in the 6th – – I’m good with his expected terrible AB in the 5th.

    Nevertheless – – it didn’t work out. But the bigger problem is the Braves bats.

  42. If your biggest problem is your bats, letting your pitcher who has absolutely no chance on the face of the earth to get a base hit come up in your best chance to score a run the whole game seems counterproductive.

    I get what you’re saying with the bullpen being taxed, but save it for when it doesn’t involve the most important at-bat of the game.

  43. #77 – yes, on Nintendo, you’d be right and would be able to make a perfect decision. High five.

  44. I just can’t believe this team, as good as it is, can’t take the reins of this race and pull away. We had a chance to go 5 games up on the Phils. We need to do something good before Aug turns into Sept. Prior to these two games, August had been our best month of the year. It’s still gonna be good but you have to win to win.

  45. I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve ever been accused of being a video-game, all-players-should-be-robots, stats geek, so thanks…???

    Seems like a woefully miscast argument when you’re talking about one inning (and one inning of Chad Sobotka, at that) vs. (potentially) the game.

  46. Love being the first.

    You don’t know the “most important AB of the game” until after the game.

    And when you’re trying to maximize your starters’ innings – – you tend to make decisions like Snit did tonight. Obviously, it didn’t work out.

    No accusations that I’m throwing over here – – simply sharing broader perspective. As we both know, it’s not a 1-game season.

  47. I’ve been hoping for a while now that we wouldn’t have to deal with Markakis’ regression to the mean until next year.

    He’s not the only one not hitting though.

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