Baseball America put out a recap that you can read here.

They had this to say about Kevin Maitan:

Maitan arrived at spring training noticeably heavier, and he was listed at 222 pounds on Orem’s Opening Day roster, a gain of 47 pounds in two years. With all the added weight, Maitan’s athleticism, bat speed and explosiveness have slowed considerably. He is batting just .262/.307/.374 playing at elevation in the hitter-friendly Pioneer League, and defensively he has 16 errors in 17 games at shortstop (as well as four errors in seven games at third base). Opposing evaluators say they now overwhelmingly consider Orem teammate and fellow former Braves infielder Livan Soto a better prospect, with some going so far as to say they have zero interest in Maitan.

I would imagine some fans would be happy to hear that the mega prospect we acquired and subsequently lost is moving in the wrong direction. It might soften the blow of losing such a huge piece of our farm system. However, I find no satisfaction in Maitan’s struggles. We scouted him, signed him for $4.25M, and he’s not had one stretch of productive professional baseball since. Would you be happy if he was declining for us?

Also, you’ll see, some of the other prospects we lost are developing nicely outside of our organization.

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