Braves 4, Rockies 0

The wind was blowing in at Coors Field, but it didn’t make the Braves shutout any less impressive, as Nick Markakis, Dansby Swanson, and Ozzie Albies all tamed it with solo home runs.  Sean Newcomb went 6+ strong innings, allowing 5 hits and 0 (!) walks, along with piling up 9 strikeouts.

Newcomb started a double play in the first to help him dance around 3 Rockies hits; the Rockies didn’t touch him again until back to back singles to start the 7th.  Shane Carle‘s fun story continues, as he induced a double play and a fly out to finish the 7th, and to keep Newcomb’s line clean.  Sam Freeman got his man in the 8th, plus one more, the first with the help of an into-the-stands diving catch by Charlie Culberson, which you undoubtedly will be able to see on the highlight show of your choice.  Arodys Vizcaino finished up uneventfully in a non-save situation.

Albies also hit a scorching double into the left center field gap accounting for the Braves other RBI.  The Braves take the series, and they raise their record to 6 – 3.

The Braves fast start may slow the brakes on the Ronald Acuna rumors.  It was widely assumed that under the tutelage of our miracle workers at Gwinnett, that Acuna would need little more than a week in order to acquire the seasoning he lacks in order to be ready to join the major league team.  Micro sample size notwithstanding, the day is still fast approaching.

It’s just old Lane, and Lane’s waiting on the judgment day
“Well, Lane my friend, what about young Anibal?”
He said “Do me a favor son, won’t you stay and keep Anibal company?”

At Washington on Monday.  Natspos delenda est.

Author: Rusty S.

Rusty S. is a Braves Journal reader since 2005 and an occasional innings-eater. It was my understanding that there would be no expectations.

47 thoughts on “Braves 4, Rockies 0”

  1. How about them Braves. Woohoo!!! Why does everyone think Lane is low man on the totem pole? It seems obvious to me that Bourjos is lower.

  2. Great stuff, Rusty.

    Why yes, we do have the largest run differential in baseball by a wide margin.

    Interested to see what happens with Bourjos and Adams. Upside vs certainty, I guess.

  3. Bourjos is signed to a one year one million dollar contract. Adams is signed to a one year $575,000 contract. I wouldn’t think the contract differences would mean much, but at the time we seemed to value Bourjos over Adams.

    My bet is that Bourjos would have a better chance to clear waivers – especially with his 0-fer start.

  4. From the last thread – Braves wrestler… I’m surprised no one picked Bob Horner. He always reminded me of Dusty Rhodes.

  5. Bourjos is 0-11 at this point, so if it keeps up, he may very well get through waivers.

  6. I assume we’re talking about Camargo coming off the DL. Acuna is 0-8 with 3 Ks at Gwinnett. Lane Adams ain’t going down for that.

  7. I am not quite ready to say “nah, nah, nuh, boo, boo” to Chief quite yet, but if this keeps up for another week to 10 days, maybe so.

    I still think this is an 80’ish win team with a backdoor chance at WC2.

  8. This isn’t going to last, so my strong suggestion is to mock Chief and krussell now while you can.

    *Chicken dance from Arrested Development*

  9. Anybody still researching the Brave most likely to be a pro wrestler might acquaint themselves (or reacquaint, more likely) with the Padres/Braves brawl from 1984. To be fair, the standout in this sequence was the shirtless Champ Summers of the Padres. He REALLY took on the persona of a pro wrestler.

    I’m reminded how those early ’80s Braves-made documentaries were top of the line. The usage of that Todd Rundgren track was genius.

  10. 10 – No, it won’t last, but you have to like some of what we’re seeing on offense. Dansby Swanson is off to a hot start, which after his struggles last season is reason alone for hope no matter what his BABIP is. In conjunction with Albies hitting well, the Braves are suddenly looking very solid 5 or 6 guys into the lineup. You couldn’t have said that a couple of seasons ago!

  11. We should be careful not to equate BABIP with luck, necessarily, right? Especially with a tiny sample. A high BABIP could mean that you’re hitting a ton of line drives. Like, Freddie’s BABIP isn’t shocking because his skills back it up. It won’t stay this high, but this is probably around a normal BABIP for a Freddie hot streak. Likewise, a low BABIP could mean you’re a slow (e.g. our catchers) and not necessarily hit-unlucky.

  12. All that is certainly true as well. Like you said, it’s SSS. Right now, the only take aways are small details like what kind of pitches a guy like Swanson is seeing.

    I try not to take anything for granted this early, but it’s a sign of hope for Swanson to be among the hot hitters right now and to have a guy like Acuna waiting to come up.

  13. I leave the country for the week and the Braves all of a sudden become good…

    No complaints.

  14. I certainly hope Bourjos is the odd man out instead of Adams. Lane has some occasional pop in his bat and Bourjos doesn’t offer much other than speed, which Adams also has.

  15. I think it’s more appropriate based on how our roster is constructed to look at their defense. Who is better defensively and thus be better to replace Markakis in late innings?

  16. I can’t find it. It might be back a link.

    Somebody said (could have been before Sunday’s game) Braves were 28th in pitcher WAR. I can’t figure that. As of today, Braves have given up 33 runs, several teams are over 50. 2 in our division (Nats and Marlins). 33 runs in eight games (as of Saturday) would be BARELY over 4 runs per game.

  17. Also and yes, SSS and its early but the massive regression that was expected from the catching position is definitely looking very very likely. So gains that we make in other areas will have to make up for what I’m predicting might be cratering from the catching position.

    Flowers is hurt with a testy injury and Suzuki looks old/bad.

  18. 9 games in you can’t really draw any conclusions either way. I’m definitely sorry I didn’t get to see the Nats series – looks like we beat them down pretty good in our two wins.

  19. Ima go with “Acuna needs to get a hit at AAA this year before we promote him.”

  20. I love your ability to find a black cloud in the midst of a silver lining, Chief. From my perspective I thought Suzuki looked good yesterday. I think he had at least 3 balls that were smoked right at someone. I’m not worried about Suzuki at this point.

  21. @26

    And one more reason why sending him to AAA might not have been nearly as smart as everyone thinks. You take a guy who’s tearing the cover off the ball and take him out of competitive games for a week until the AAA season starts.

  22. @26 Ima continue to ignore your Acuna posts, because we all know it doesn’t matter. At all. He’ll be up when he’s up, and his time at AAA probably won’t mean anything.

    @24 Regression works in both directions, Chief. Some people have enjoyed a high BABIP. Suzuki is only 34 and isn’t going to suddenly forget how to hit. He’s had unfortunate results from contact, evidenced by his .167 BABIP. Couple this with a high walk rate and zero K’s, and I’d say he isn’t getting much to hit in addition to having some bad luck.

    He’ll regress, as you say, but not crater as you’re expecting.

  23. If Acuna is so unstable as a hitter that not playing in a few games totally throws off his hitting for several weeks, he is not ready for the mlb anyway. I don’t think this is the case, but there are a lot of players who tore it up in spring training who are struggling and vice versa. Suzuki batted .357 with an .888 ops in the spring and his ops is now. 542. Swanson had a .200 ba with a 682 ops and he’s now opsing over 1.000.

    There are a lot of ways to try to make a case that Acuna should have started the year in Atlanta, but using an 0 for 8 start in AAA is pretty flimsy.

  24. I almost feel sorry for Julio. The Nationals are his daddy the way the Yankees were Pedro’s daddy.

    Do the facts back that up because it sure feels like it?

  25. @33 Julio has a career 4.18 ERA / 1.48 WHIP vs. the Nats (19 games started). He’s been considerably more successful against our other NL East brethren – 3.49 / 1.28 vs. the Marlins, 2.58 / 1.08 vs. the Mutts and 3.52 / 1.13 vs. the Phils.

    For what it’s worth, Julio has been far better vs. the Nats when playing *at* Nationals Park – 10 starts, 3.46 ERA / 1.26 WHIP.

    B-B Ref Link

  26. After looking at Julio’s home and away splits going back to 2015, I think the guy just finds a way to struggle either at home or away, and he alternates it from season to season. There’s no rhyme or reason for any of it, but he will usually struggle either at home or away no matter where home is and just depending on the season.

    Basically, it’s all in his head. If he ever puts it together, he’ll be a very strong #2 starter.

  27. @2, @6 – Thanks guys.

    Chip used to have a kind of a Jim Carrey thing going on, but now it looks like he’s maturing into more of a Frank Deford kind of thing. So, that’s … good… right?

  28. I will be traveling next Sunday; if anyone can do next Sunday’s recap, please let Rob know.

  29. That’s a cap tipper. To be honest, you hate to lose but the guy is great and at home. I’m encouraged we had a QS and only gave up 2.

    It’s baseball.

  30. First you worried about Ozzie. After yesterday how could he look so lost so soon. Freddie too. Then the penny dropped. It was everybody struggling. Quite a show, put it behind us.

    Max Scherzer
    was reminiscent of a Wimbledon crack server
    stand as far back as you like
    you’ll find CB calling the occasional empathy strike.

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