UPDATE: As mentioned, Chief Nocahoma is the league commissioner, and he’s created the league with 5 spots remaining:


As also mentioned, Chief would appreciate some input on how you’d like the league to be formatted, so if you feel strongly about something with the league format, include those suggestions in the comments.


The Braves Journal Fantasy Baseball League is back and better than ever. Chief Nocahoma is going to be the league commissioner on the Yahoo! platform this year, so stay tuned for league information, draft date, and a more detailed rundown of the league’s format.

More importantly, we need to know who is in. So far, I think I’m reading Edward, Chief, Sean Q, beege, Stu, and myself. So there’s still room for more, but we’ll need to know within the next few days.

Also, for those playing, do you have any preference for the type of leagues, which stats used, specific rules, etc.? No guarantee that it can be implemented, but working the league to the players’ wishes would be great.

Going forward, you should expect the draft to be on a weekend evening, so be flexible, please, for the date that works best for the most players.