Braves 8, Nationals Present

For Julio Teheran, Nationals Park is the antithesis of SunTrust Park. It is too bad for him, then, that he pitches for the Braves, but it’s nice for Braves fans to have him go into Washington and shut the Nationals out time after time. Another shutout performance from him over seven innings earned him his 11th win, and brought his record to .500 for the season. Would that he could learn to successfully pitch at home!

Julio’s mound opponent was none other than Gio Gonzalez, he of the 2.68 ERA this season. With the Nationals in the fine-tuning for the postseason portion of the year (a postseason that will, hopefully, be over in three games), the Braves offense went out and torched Gonzalez for five runs over five innings, and then tacked on three more against the Washington bullpen, just because they could. Three of the Braves runs came on a Freddie Freeman home run, as Freddie proved once again that he loves hitting on his birthday. He ended the evening 3-for-5 with two runs scored, and looked like he was having fun at the end of a lost season. He’s so easy to root for. And he’s in his 7th season in the major leagues and only 28. I feel old.

Because the Nationals clinched on Sunday, this was the first game of the season the Braves have played that literally meant nothing. Stomping the Nationals and Gio Gonzalez is always nice, though, even when it is completely meaningless.

Nationals delenda est.

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  1. The Indians just completed their 21st win in the last 21 games.

    Atlanta has only 20 wins since July 16th, the date they reached 45-45. Since then they have gone 20-33 (and even that is aided by winning 5 of last 6)

  2. Got my wish:

    1 Albies 2B
    2 Swanson SS
    3 Freeman 1B
    4 Kemp LF
    5 Markakis RF
    6 Flowers C
    7 Ruiz 3B
    9 Gohara SP

  3. @5 if they aren’t keeping Snitker, which he’s probably neutral, I’d like to see them go completely outside of the organization and get a hard nosed no nonsense type. Bobby worked well because for a good portion of the time, the Braves had veteran players, etc. My suspicion is a young happy go lucky players manager would be the last thing that we would need with a bunch of kids.

  4. Thank you for the recap, ‘Rissa.

    What was Kemp doing on Rendon’s fly ball? I know defense is overrated, but that double was an out had we a big league leftfielder.

    I guess he’s in the lineup for his bat.

  5. And now in the second Kemp misses an even easier fly ball. The one in the first by Rendon I’d say 90% of ML left fielders would catch. This one by Werth in the 2nd at least 99% of left fielders would catch. Both ruled “hits.”

    This is why even when Kemp is hitting the ball he is barely above replacement level.

  6. Don’t look now, but Gohara looks very sharp so far. Through five innings he’s given up 4 hits, all of which were in the first 2 innings. Two of those were the 2 fly balls Kemp should have caught, and one was a slow roller. Most impressively, he’s only walked one, and thrown only 54 pitches.

  7. How many were predicting that Gohara would out pitch Scherzer? I’m sure it was a majority. Baseball is a funny game.

  8. Well, Kemp did score the go ahead run, so he’s scored one and given away one. That’s about right for him.

  9. never noticed before, but with the new ibb rules, which pitcher does the walk get charged to? does the defense have the discretion to choose? cuz I’m sure scherzer isnt overly thrilled with that 7th earned run.

  10. I’m gonna need y’all to criticize Kemp’s defense every game from now until we win the World Series…

  11. Four for us, two for them. Yep, plus two for the Bravos. May we please trade/release him now?

    You have to love Winkler. It’s the law.

  12. Has anyone suggested calling Winkler The Fonz? Seems pretty obvious to me, but I guess that gives away my age.

  13. CC Lite
    had a really good night
    though he did appear somewhat more portly
    he is weighed after each start so we shall know shortly.

    Scarlett O’Ghara
    can there now be any doubt he will go farther
    the annihilator of Mad Max
    nightmares becoming those bad tempered hacks.

  14. Vasco O Ghara
    has said we Portuguese tend to sail farther
    so discovering Brazil
    we were in a position to draft anyone at will.

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