Astros 4, Braves 2

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. This game featured a passable start by its starting pitcher (he simply pitched more innings than he gave up runs, which is a rare sight nowadays). The bullpen pitched two scoreless innings. The defense turned three double plays. But even with 2 long balls by Freddie Freeman and Adonis Garcia, the bats were cold with RISP (0-5).

As mentioned, Jason Motte and Arodys Vizcaino pitched scoreless innings, the latter with one strikeout. Jaime Garcia struggled to throw strikes, allowing 5 walks in 6 innings of work.

Aside from the home runs, no one on the offense made much of a contribution, though Adonis did get robbed of a second home run in the 9th.

We’re just bad. Very bad.

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  1. As a drunken Larry Eustachy, then the Iowa State basketball coach, said when he crashed a college party, “My team sucks.”

  2. It was the worst, John.

    Ya know, when you establish a precident that you’ll fire a manager after an awful start, kinda gotta do it again when it happens again. Fredi won 96 once. What’s Snit done?

  3. @4 I like Snit. Plus, no reason to fire him until the FO is ready to seriously invest in a winning roster.

  4. I don’t think Snit should be fired either. But if you’re going to hold Fredi accountable, why not Snit? I just perceive an inconsistency.

  5. Goose and gander, six of one, equal justice under law, gotcha. I liked Fredi but didn’t think him the sharp blade in the drawer. I like Snit. He’s an old man like me in our separate parallel worlds. Glad they fired Fredi. I vote to retain Snit a bit yet.

    Today’s game. Oy! (Shakes head slowly to the side). God help me, I love the miscreants but I do so hate the way they’re playing lately.

  6. Snit will manage out this season and then be pushed aside. The one-year contracts given to him and Colon and Dickey established that this season would be a placeholder, defined by the attempt to field just enough of a squad so that it hopefully wouldn’t resemble a toddler with poor bowel control going to the playground after eating Taco Bell. Unfortunately the squad has failed to meet even that meager standard.

  7. Don’t think it’s possible for any of Coppy’s bosses to apply heat, because they obviously have to be on board with another lost season. This season was doomed from the start once you saw the roster.

    The fans frankly don’t care. They tuned out 2 years ago. It’ll take mass callups from AA to rekindle real interest. Until then, you’ll go once or twice to STP, pay 20 bucks for 2 Coors Lights, and then go back to having them on the TV as background music for the summer.

  8. Yeah, I don’t think Coppy is under any pressure until the team makes a “win now” move to signal the rebuild is over – big FA signing, trading a bunch of AA arms for a big bat, etc

  9. I am however, enjoying the commentariat (present company excluded, natch) agitating for some sort of fiery gesture from the manager or the team that will turn this thing around.

  10. Fredi presided over numerous collapses and could’ve been fired after any one of them. He was criticized for awful decision-making by the national press. There was a strong feeling that he was long overdue for his firing.

    I don’t suspect Snit is anything special. Still, Snit got the team to play inspired baseball for 100 games last year. You can’t fire him for 30 games of suckage with a lousy roster. He’s also a Braves lifer and we’d prefer him to stay in the organization in a reduced role. And it sends a bad message to other candidates that we will fire you for any bad small sample. The next manager is going to get a young team and needs a bit of a leash.

  11. Coppy isn’t getting fired, but his seat should be warm. Wasn’t he one saying the could win the east?

  12. I don’t recall anyone saying we could win the East, but the goal was to win more games and be competitive.

  13. Eh, no one’s getting fired. I just wanted to point out that a 9-27 start was the straw that broke Fredi’s back, but an 11-20 start doesn’t have Snit in any hot water with a much improved roster. You’re right, John, that Fredi had the collapses and yes, it was more of a cumulative effect, but this is uniquely bad for this stage of the rebuild, and the roster is indeed much better than it was at this juncture last year.

    I just hope they don’t rush a prospect to appease fans. By the way, with Gohara’s promotion to AA, I count 23 future major league players in AA and AAA, and that includes no surprises and only one of Wisler/Blair making it through.

  14. BA Top 100 update:
    Ozzie #8
    Allard #28
    Soroka #44
    Ian Anderson #60
    Acuna #62
    Maitan #71
    Newcomb #72
    Gohara #94

    Fried, Sims, Weigel, Alex Jackson, Pache, Touki and Riley all outside the top 100.

  15. @19 that is WAY WAY WAY too high for Albies.

    I know you guys love him but his 20(5) power is just not going to be impactful at the MLB level. The game has changed.

    I’d order them thusly

  16. I hesitated to list him at all, as you say. I agree with you probably for the most part. I would yield that me including him that high is probably silly.

  17. Newcomb today: 7 IP, 3 H, 4 BB, 5 K, 2 ER, 1 HR. Got the win.
    M-Cab pitched a solid inning for the save. Guess we’ll be seeing him soon.

    Bryse Wilson had a good start for Rome: 5 IP, 5 H, 0 BB, 4 K, 0 ER.

  18. I just read that in moderation, daily intake of whisky is good for you.

    Congratulations, Braves fans. Enhance your well-being. Be of good cheer!

    It has to be true. It was on Facebook.

  19. Every day brings at least one good start from a Braves prospect. We watch sports because there’s a result to each game. You turn the TV on, a game happens, and someone wins. For us, the major league squad loses a lot, which is miserable. But almost every day, something really good happens at the minor league level, especially when all 4 affiliates throw a prospect, like today. And since today is good as any for Fried to finally get back on track, we might see 3-4 good starts today. That’s what is enjoyable daily about Braves ball right now. At least that’s what I’ll tell myself.

  20. @23

    Since none of our major league starters seem capable of doing this, it’s probably worth noting that he danced around some serious trouble in the first. Three of those 4 walks came in the first, but he allowed just 1 run on a groundout and got out of the inning. His team later came back and won 3-2. Had he allowed a 2-RBI hit in there or whatever and the G-Braves were down 3-0 before coming to bat, they probably would not have won.

    EDIT: And he settled down and was able to stay in the game for 6 more innings, allowing just a run on 2 hits for the remainder.

  21. I’m going to suggest we draft a Uni of Virginia player. Adam Haseley and Pavin Smith look pretty good. I just saw Smith has only 7 K in 212 AB. That’s a special contact rate.

  22. The best part of the season thus far has been listening to Matthew Kaminsky troll opposing players with his organ music selections. The sound comes through much better from STP than it did at Turner Field. I find myself laughing out loud at least once a broadcast. An example: “You Can Call Me Al” for Aledmys Diaz last week…

  23. @12, I think you are dead on about the fans expectations, which are zero at this point.

  24. Austin Riley and Alex Jackson batting 3-4 in Florida is a beautiful sight. They’ve combined for 17 homers already. Either one of them would’ve been our top RH power prospect at any point in the last decade, but they’re on the same team, young for their league, clobbering.

  25. I’m hoping to go see a Fire Frogs game soon. Missed my chance to see Luiz Gohara.

  26. Same here. Had plans to go on a Friday night, and missed him. Big regret; he went 7 IP, 10 K’s. The only consolation to Mallex Smith moving on to his Rock Raines-esque, Hall of Fame career (he’s currently injured, but, ya know, details) will be how Gohara and Burrows turn out. In other news, Shae Simmons got injured in Spring Training again, and has not pitched this season. So he’s basically just like every other Seattle Mariners pitcher. Their situation makes our 2014 Spring Training look like a breeze.

  27. Jim Callis says that we will take Kyle Wright, a righty from Vandy, with our pick. He blanked Florida’s offense last month, so he can’t be all bad. At least we’re not connected to a high schooler.

  28. @37,

    And KLaw says that Wright will go at 4 and we will take McKenzie Gore who is a high schooler.

    A challenge for Blazon and others. In my younger days there was a “razz” when a pitcher was faltering: “we need a pitcher, not a glass of liquor.” Can we compose one for the Braves to the converse?

    First try: We need competent hitters, not pitchers with baby sitters.

  29. KLaw thinks Wright doesn’t make it to us at #5 at this point, has him going at #4 to Tampa.

    There is a clear 1 and 2 at this point in Hunter Greene and Brendan McKay. If only Ender hadn’t made that catch against the Mets.

  30. It’s still far enough out that I’m going to choose to believe the Braves will select someone closer to the bigs.

  31. I don’t think that actually. Just with the timing of all the prospects we have now mostly arriving by the end of 2018 (with the exception of last year’s draftees and Maitan and Pache) I think we go after another high school kid and restock the lower levels, especially since we will be pretty much shut out of the international market this year.

  32. I wish Seth Beer could play somewhere besides 1B. Maybe we could hide him in LF.

  33. Baseball America Hot Sheet has 3 Braves. ALL position players. NO pitchers. Acuna, Jackson, and Riley.

  34. As if we didn’t have enough reason to mute the TV, Jeff Francoeur is going to be joining some broadcasts as a 3rd moron.

  35. @50 Ruiz is batting. 241 with a 707 OPS at Gwinnett. This translates to slightly below Adonis level in Atlanta. Carlos Franco is batting 266 with an 810 OPS in AA. Being 25, I would just as soon give him a shot as Ruiz at this point. Franco bats left so he would be an adequate platoon partner with Adonis. At 22 Ruiz looks like he could use more work in the minors.

  36. Of course Franco isn’t on the 40 man roster but we have enough worthless pitchers to easily clear a spot.

  37. Even if they don’t call anyone up Jace should be starting at third vs RHP.

  38. Rio’s overall line is misleading. His OPS is .804 against RHP which is how he’d be used. He also started off terribly and has hit very well last 7 days with an .833 OPS. Even factoring in the last month, it’s been .764. He deserves to be the first one to be given a shot. Naturally, he moves up, Franco likely goes to AAA.

  39. I hope you are right about Ruiz, but his hitting in the last 7 days is a pretty small sample size aided by a 3 for 4 night against Toledo on Wednesday. If he’s really putting it together I agree he deserves a call up, but I’m not convinced that he’s figured it out.

  40. I, like Ryan, put stock in small sample sizes at the minor-league level. These guys are young, talented, and based on the collective success of almost every prospect, seem to be under some really good coaching. If I guy shows that he is putting it together, I think it’s more than a Charles Thomas sample size were a blind squirrel finds a nut.

  41. I’m not ready to give up on Ruiz. He’s been very young for his league at every stop (including this year) and very streaky. When the streaks are good, he’s inspiring. When they’re bad, he looks like a AA lifer. It means nothing that he’s had a bad April–he typically does. Now watch him flat out rake for a month. He’s a very athletic guy with complicated swing mechanics. Good chance he develops more consistency over time, and if that happens, he is a major leaguer–not a star, but a useful player.

  42. Hey, just checked the score, and we have a lead! And a good start by a pitcher so far!

  43. we have been in hitters counts all night and cant come thru … folty gets behind Bour and he takes him deep .. we just miss to many down the middle pitches …

  44. Bonifacio is a really great bunter. If he could just learn to pitch he’d be a lock for the Hall.

  45. Freddie beats the shift again. Did he do that as much last year as he’s been doing it this year?

  46. Soroka ended up going 6.2 IP, 1 H, 1 BB, 5 K

    Acuna, Demeritte and Franco all have 2 hits. Demeritte has a homer.

  47. I’m thinking Acuna doesn’t realize that baseball’s supposed to get harder at each level.

  48. @38

    with your entry the contest might be over before it gets off the ground. Kudos.

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