This is the last post for me this season. In a few days, baseball for the Braves is no more. So, I bring up the scene on the battleship Missouri. We are the delegation in top hats, come to surrender. What about the recaps:

Game 1

The man’s name is Lucas Sims. He was the primary key to game 1. 6 innings with no runs and a little bit of a wobble in the 7th and Winkler let 2 of Sims’ runners score. Two solid starts to finish the season. Is it a mirage or something real. Stay tuned.

Offense was provided by Ozzie with a solo homer in the 4th, and then 3 more in the 6th pushed it out and they didn’t stop piling on runs.

Game 2

This was mostly the Seth Lugo show. 6 innings (why not more, Terry Collins?), 7 K’s, no BB’s, 2 hits. He looked dominant. Max Fried struggled but some double plays bailed him out. The curve looks like Steve Avery‘s. The fastball is fast. There is definitely something to work with here. When Lugo came out it was 3 to 0 Mets. But the last 2 years, the Braves don’t roll over. They keep scrapping out at bats. They got 2 in the 9th before the rally fizzled out.