Yeah, Folty, Elton, Saturday, WIN! Sweet. Let that tape rip, celebrate with me. Central Park 1980.



11 strike outs, no walks…up against an excellent pitcher, Straily, who had already beaten us twice this year and showed us why tonight again for 5 innings. Folty coming off a poor performance in Philly was superb -totally under control in every sense, composed, deadly. Mano a mano for 5 plus innings, and then..

Don’t think i’ve ever seen a home run like Stanton’s opener in the sixth. It didn’t match his monster 477 last night but that was off a weak ineffective pitch that sat up. Tonight, Folty threw one at 96 right down the middle but UP. Watching the slo-mo replay of Stanton’s swing you could not be but vastly impressed by his fluid, new weight transfer and how he somehow managed to bring his hands up and through the ball. What an athlete now he’s sorted things out, he hit another screamer late off the wall which was hit so hard on a low line that it bamboozled Ender into his second error of the year- he simply wasn’t given enough time to think.


Down one latish was nervy but Freddie settled that quickly driving in Ender and BJ in the bottom of the same innings to take a slim lead. Straily was gone, a little unkindly perhaps but anyway, after him, le deluge. No one else could pitch worth a damn for them.. We added 5 in the 7th including a 3 run FF homer. They picked up a solitary run in the 8th but, comically, they somehow brought the tying run to the plate in the 9th due to some ineffective relief from Motte and Jackson(enough already), So Viz had to be brought on and did an admirable job dispatching the final 2 outs. Back to back, Saturday, nice.


Bits and pieces. The crowd, 40K,  really got into it tonight and created quite an atmosphere. Lots of noise and at one point a multitude of smartphone flashing lights around the stadium. More of both please.

Folty’s final line – 6.1IP/ 4H/ 1 ER/11K’s. His highlight was the 4th inning when he struck out the heart of their order in sequence – Stanton/Yelich/Ozuna. Magnificent to watch.

Freddie is hitting the ball hard again. Ender just missed a 3 run homer to dead center, late, much to his annoyance.,game_tab=box,game=491743