We still need to solidify daily recappers for the season, and we’ll hopefully have new and/or old faces doing those, but this has been a long offseason, and while I’ve done my best to be your ship boat captain, I could use some people who have a passion for Braves baseball and a knack for writing to get us through the remainder of the offseason. We would like to keep our posts specific to Braves baseball, so perhaps these topics can provide some inspiration:

  • Past Braves player write-ups (quality or not)
  • Your personal, memorable Braves experiences
  • Positional previews (I plan to do a series on this, but would appreciate some help)
  • Fantasy baseball recommendations
  • Your favorite baseball blog recommendations
  • Almost any other Atlanta Braves topic you can think of

Please e-mail me at bravesjournalrob@gmail.com if you’re interested in writing. Otherwise, consider this an open thread, and thanks for stopping by. Melky is fat.