Not a Second Time, surely? There seemed no way our Freeman-less offense could surmount the early 2 run lead we had given up. Our chances of a second, back to back win against our nemesis Phils seemed remote. A cloud of inevitability was settling over our Park accompanied by a bundle of wasted scoring opportunities. Leaving the bases loaded at least twice, runners on third with one outs stranded etc. It wasn’t pretty, it became dull even, an old song we had heard so many times with the Phils  before over the season.

And then. Rio, who had a miserable evening early sitting on the Mendoza, striking out and making two poor plays at third, surprisingly got into one in the sixth and hit a solo homer to halve the deficit – we were alive. Poor Rio, he had not looked the same guy who took Lester out at Wrigley into a strong headwind. But here he was.

Julio had pitched a great game and departed after 7 in some style. Somehow, with 2 out, the bases had loaded themselves and Snit came out looking exhausted after apparently vacuuming his new house. There was the predictable will he/won’t he leave him in moment, to his credit he did and Julio only took one pitch, his 102nd, to reward his confidence.

Into the 8th we struck. Got 2 on in scoring position but with 2  out, Dansby had driven in the tying run.. My man Camargo came on to pinch hit, from his weak left side, and quickly had two strikes on him . He then went down inches off the ground and cracked a line drive double, his 21st, that effectively won the game as Vizzy cleaned up.Wow. An aside while we’re here. No more sabermetricians please telling us they can’t take this guy seriously as a Major Leaguer because his minor league numbers were so anemic. HE’S NOT IN THE MINOR LEAGUES ANY MORE. As we grow into manhood judge us by our contemporaries at whatever stage we and they have then reached. The past is irrelevant.And then BABIP. Oh Dear. He keeps on being so lucky, doesn’t he? Yes, if you call it luck he hits so many balls so hard on a line that outfielders tend to have to go laterally to the ball or it is past to the wall. His winning hit tonight exemplified that. For pure line drive hitters BABIP is BS. Shoot me.

I’ll tell you what bothers me about Camargo – I believe over 162 games he would be a significantly more productive short stop than Dans and that thought upsets me. At least, if you insist on ‘bringing in’ a proven 3rd basement you are almost bound to have him at short it would seem to me. He can’t sit on the bench.Don’t let’s be half ass about it.

Some bits and pieces.

Ozzie made yet another poor throw under pressure to a base to try and out a runner, this time to home plate from a distance just outside the second bag. It was weak and five feet down the first base line, no chance to get the runner. This now seems to be happening every time, work needs to be done on this specific in the winter (I typed that as minter, Ha!) On his plus side it was good to see him respond with the bat late when he could hit from the right side and hit the ball hard twice.

Dansby’s been struggling going back to hitting everything into the ground but tonight, when it mattered, he elevated to line drive to the off field which were crucial to our comeback. Good on him.

Ender is scrapping hard for 200. My money’s on him.

Flowers    2 hits and a passed ball for their second run. So pleased about Kurt coming back but have quite forgotten – knucklers apart, who’s the better defensive catcher?

Freddie       get well soon

The Adams family     Matt, almost, twice.  Lane, more and more a pinch hitter.


So good night. Stay on if you can or come back and learn something about a song that helped turn the world round when a newspaper article came out 56 years ago in the dry and stuffy, but venerated  by the Establishment, Times of London. It has brightened my life and a few others and you may not know of it. Cheers.


How about the guy on the Rickenbacker??!! He did a job, didn’t he.


Here’s the original article.