The last game the Braves played while I was in my 20s was pretty indicative of how the Braves played throughout that entire decade of my life. They played okay, showed flashes of promise for the future, but were not inspiring, ultimately unable to do anything with the promise they showed and meekly going down against the opponent, with the Nationals emerging victorious in the end.

Luiz Gohara looked pretty good again as he pitched, showing he may end up being an important piece of the Braves future. With a little more seasoning and learning on his part, he could pan out. Kurt Suzuki continued to rake against Washington, and he had the at-bat of the night against Scherzer, fouling off multiple full-count pitches until he finally stroked a slider out of the strike zone into left field to drive the Braves first run of the game in. Dansby picked up an RBI on the evening, too. I can’t help but root for him. Hopefully he learned from his first season in the big leagues and will get another shot next year to build off of that.

Perhaps the Braves will be able to start off my 30s tonight in better fashion than they bid farewell to my 20s. There really is never a bad time to delenda those Gnats.

Nationals delenda est.